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Chapter 2951: Become the Path

The strong figures in the Devil Imperial Palace of the Devil World saw the figure that had floated over and felt immense pain in their hearts.

“Your Majesty,” they called out, only to hear the Devil Emperor say, “From today on, Yu Sheng will inherit the position of the Devil World’s Devil Emperor. All strong figures of the Devil World must obey the orders of the new emperor.”

The solemn voice resonated throughout the dome of the sky. All the devil cultivators of the Devil World knelt onto the ground and cried out loudly, “Your Majesty the Devil Emperor.”

The Devil Emperor looked at all those figures. Then he turned around and walked toward the Devil Abyss. His backside was filled with bleakness.

After entering the Devil Abyss, he went straight to the center of the Devil Abyss. He had been carrying the responsibility of the Devil Abyss for all these years, and today, he could finally be freed.

His body turned illusory, but it also expanded, becoming larger and larger. The boundlessly huge figure melded into the Devil Abyss, becoming one with the tribulations of the Devil Abyss.

Yu Sheng, who was currently cultivating in the Devil Abyss, seemed to sense something. His dark eyes opened. Then Yu Sheng saw the entire Devil Abyss seemed to transform into a face—the face of the Devil Emperor.

“Yu Sheng,” the Devil Emperor’s voice traveled into his mind, “back then, the Devil Abyss had been a force equal to the Heavenly Path. Similarly, it also contains its own consciousness. However, it lost in the right against the Heavenly Path and was reduced to a prison. It nurtured the Demonic Lord and helped the Devil Abyss fight against the Heavenly Path. Countless years have passed, and I am still unable to control the power of the Devil Abyss. You absorbed the intent of the Demonic Lord and can already resonate with the Devil Abyss. Today, I will help you. After melding into the Devil Abyss, I will become a shred of the Devil Abyss’s consciousness. I hope you can control the Devil Abyss, just like the Demonic Lord, and help the people of the Devil World to stop suffering the hardships of the Devil Abyss. Instead, they can use it for their cultivation.”

Hearing the Devil Emperor’s words, Yu Sheng’s expression suddenly changed. “I can control the Devil Abyss without you,” he said.

“There is no time,” the Devil Emperor said. As he spoke, his body became more and more illusory, as if it could disappear at any moment.

“Uncle!” Yu Sheng cried, standing up. “I do not agree.”


When he spoke, the entire Devil Abyss trembled, his voice resounding throughout.

“This is my destiny. For countless years, I have always been enduring the pain of the Devil Abyss, and it’s time for me to be freed,” the Devil Emperor said. “Yu Sheng, I have never pleaded to anyone in my life, but I must ask something of you.”

Yu Sheng’s heart twisted as he looked at that face.

“For countless years, the cultivators of the Devil World have always carried the shameful status of prisoners. However, the masses of the Devil World are all strong and righteous people. Your father had his own beliefs. I do not blame him for his choice, but he made the mistake of bowing down to the others and bending his spine.”

The Devil Emperor continued, “Not long ago, the Human Ancestor used the Devil World to threaten me into participating in the battle. I was forced to join in, but the Devil World will never surrender. Thus, I finally chose to fight against the Human Ancestor. I do not regret it. This was not for all the beings in the world because the world has nothing to do with me. Similarly, it’s not for your father and the others. Instead, it is for the Devil World. Next, the Human Ancestor and Ye Futian will have an ultimate duel. If you can manage the Devil Abyss, you should also take part. If you are defeated, then you will die in battle. If you succeed, the Devil World will be equal to them and create a new world together. What I ask of you is to never submit under another person. You are the kind of the Devil World.”

Yu Sheng’s eyes reddened. He was a true man, but he still grew tearful. The Devil Emperor had never pleaded to anyone in his life, but he was asking him to be the Devil World’s king. He could die in battle, but he should never surrender.

The Devil World had been known as prisoners for countless years. The Devil Emperor did not wish for the Devil World to continue being the lower caste in the future and be submissive to others. If the king of the Devil World bowed his head, then the cultivators of the Devil World would not be able to raise their heads.

Thus, the Devil Emperor had fought against the Human Ancestor, and he asked Yu Sheng to fight the Human Ancestor. He wanted the Devil World to stand upright and legitimately in the world. If they were to create a new world, the Devil World should be equal to the others as well.

Yu Sheng naturally understood that the Devil Emperor was talking about Ye Futian.

The Devil Emperor asked this of him because he was clear about their relationship.

“I promise,” Yu Sheng said solemnly. The Devil Emperor did not stop him from fighting alongside Ye Futian. He only had one request—for the king of the Devil World to never submit to someone else.

“The Devil World is yours now.” After the Devil Emperor spoke, his body disappeared gradually, melding completely into the Devil Abyss. Horrifying demonic tribulations ravaged inside the Devil Abyss. There was no trace of the Devil Emperor anymore.

But Yu Sheng could feel that the Devil Emperor was still here, guarding him and the Devil World with the Devil Abyss.

Ye Futian’s figure appeared in the void of the Original Realm.

At present, he could sense clearly that the Original Realm was not a complete world. After the Heavenly Path had collapsed back then, it became known as the Void Realm.

And now, he had returned to this land.

To Ye Futian, the Original Realm was his homeland.

Since he would become the Path, he naturally chose his homeland.

The space was empty, and the void was endless. He was the only person here. Ye Futian seemed even more lonely in the darkness.

“I’m sorry.” Many figures appeared in Ye Futian’s mind, and then he closed his eyes. The Micro World in his body started collapsing and caving in like crazy, transforming into a chaotic world. Ye Futian’s consciousness entered it, combining with the world of chaos.

Boom… With a loud boom, his physical body exploded into pieces. Many beams of light appeared in the endless darkness. These countless beams of light radiated out crazily, covering the darkness. In an instant, the light illuminated the entire mass of darkness and radiated out to the entire universe.

The cultivators of the various continents and segmentums of the Original Realm all looked up to the sky. They saw a beam of light. In the faraway horizon, that beam of light illuminated the sky, shocking all of the cultivators. What had happened?

The cultivators on all the continents stopped cultivating and walked out of their rooms. Countless people traveled through the air, gazing toward the dome of the heavens. They seemed to see a tree growing wildly in the universe enveloped in light. The tree seemed to be the tree of the universe, the tree of the world, growing between heaven and earth.

The cultivators of the various continents suddenly felt something blinding. They raised their arms to cover their eyes. It was as if a formless beam of light swept over their bodies. They sensed the aura of the world, and it seemed that everything had changed, but they could not pinpoint what exactly was different.

The tree in the universe gradually became illusory, as if it was fusing into the world, transforming into part of the universe.

The former Gods’ Ruins Continent had become vibrant and full of life. There were many cultivators of the Renhuang Plane here. When they sensed the changes of the world, their hearts started pounding furiously. At that moment, they all looked up to the sky and bowed.

Was this a miracle?

Even a god or someone of the Great Emperor Plane would not be able to do this, right?

Unless it was a supreme figure who completed the Path of the Original Realm today and would now have a complete Law of the Great Path.

Who was doing all of this?