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Chapter 2952: To Nothingness

The people of the Original Realm gradually realized the changes of the world too.

Meanwhile, Ye Futian perceived all of this. Of course, he no longer had a solid shape.

After becoming the Path, he had no physical body, no cultivation plane, no life or death.

He could truly sense the “Path” now. He was the Path. Everything in the world was him.

He breathed with the universe. Every beam of light and every gust of wind were his breaths.

He perceived all the beings and saw their surprise and joy.

Quietly feeling all of this, Ye Futian gradually understood why he must become the Path. After becoming the Path, he became one with the heavens and one with the universe. Every strand of Qi flowing through the universe was him and the Path.

Ye Futian sensed Qingzhou City. The Qingzhou City that had been hidden before reappeared now. A breeze blew by. Ye Futian seemed to have come to Qingzhou City. With a thought, a tree appeared beside Qingzhou Academy. It was full of vitality and had spirituality.

If he were still defeated, this tree would be the trace he left behind.

After that, Ye Futian continued to feel for everything in becoming the Path.

Time passed bit by bit.

The Human Realm, Human Ancestor, and entire Heaven Realm were trapped. They were still trapped in Time by his master.

In the Human Realm, the Human Ancestor continued to absorb all the energy in the world, refining the Human Realm more completely. Even the Time Walker could not hold him back for too long. At that time, the Law of the Great Path in the Human Realm seemed to have melded into Time, slowly homogenizing. At the same time, a voice traveled from within, “Walker, you and I are both ancient Great Emperors. Why must we fight? You cannot hold me back for long. Why don’t you rule this world with me?”

“Your fate has long been decided,” Master said.

“What do you mean?” the Human Ancestor said.

“To be annihilated or be swallowed,” Master replied.

“I never believe in destiny or gods. I only believe in myself.” The Human Ancestor’s voice was frigid.

“This is not destiny. It was what Time told me. Do not forget who I am,” Master said quietly. His voice was calm. He was the Time Walker.

The Human Ancestor suddenly lost his temper. The aggressive Law of the Great Path hit against the Time.

“You cannot stop me,” the Human Ancestor said coldly. His aura spread toward the outside world.

Right then, beams of tribulation light seeped into the space passageway between the Devil World and Human Realm, entering the Human Realm.

The Human Ancestor sensed the situation on that side. Then countless beams of red light surged in from that direction, continuously entering the Human Realm. They were tribulations—tribulation forces of the apocalypse.

In a concise time, endless blood-red tribulation light appeared in every corner of the Human Realm, rushing toward the Heavenly Path.

Crack… The apocalyptic attack rained down, and the Human Realm shook.

“The power of the Devil Abyss. Devil Emperor?” the Human Ancestor said coldly. Even if he had control of the Devil Abyss, this was still suicide.

The Human Ancestor’s mind twitched, and then countless beams of destructive light also rained down, countering the tribulations of the Devil Abyss. The entire Human Realm instantly transformed into a hellish world. All of the cities on the continents were filled with tribulation light.

Yu Sheng’s figure appeared in the Human Realm. He was shrouded with limitless tribulation light, hefting the Divine Battleaxe of Creation. The battleaxe was wrapped in tribulation light, and his body was thousands of meters tall. He loomed over the world and hacked down at the Path that the Human Ancestor had become with his battleaxe.

The battleaxe split apart the sky. The heavens were hacked apart, turning into two halves.

But at the same time, a beam of destructive light dropped down, landing in the area that Yu Sheng was in. It made Yu Sheng’s spirit soul shake viciously as if it was about to disassemble.

The battle shockwaves of the Devil World and Human Realm were so horrifying that even Ye Futian, who had become the Original Realm Heavenly Path, could feel them.

“Yu Sheng!”

Ye Futian was still meditating, but he understood that he had to attack now. It would be impossible for Yu Sheng to defeat the Human Ancestor.

Just as Ye Futian had predicted, Yu Sheng had come to fight in the Human Realm battlefield with the power of the Devil Abyss, but he still could not destroy the Human Ancestor. When Yu Sheng attacked with the Divine Battleaxe of Creation, countless pairs of eyes seemed to appear in the heavens. Each pair of eyes stared at Yu Sheng, locking onto him. Yu Sheng felt time and space become disorderly. He continued to hack down with his Divine Battleaxe of Creation, carrying the Devil Abyss and sweeping up to the heavens.

However, a huge god appeared in the heavens. He sent out a punch, and the strength of an entire world was gathered on this fist. There were no additional movements, but this one punch could shatter a part of the sky.

This punch passed through the world and sent Yu Sheng’s body flying back into the passageway and Devil World. Yu Sheng’s body was about to explode, but he had formed the Super Demonic Form, which was known as an undying form, and that was why he did not break apart. Even so, he still spat out a mouthful of blood. He was badly hurt.

However, how many people in the world could survive a hit from the Human Ancestor?

The Evil Emperor—one of the former Six Emperors—could not do it. The Devil Emperor could not do it quickly either, and Donghuang the Great had become the Path to fight but still died.

“If the Devil World wants to be wiped out, I can help you,” the Human Ancestor announced. Mr. Time had left when Yu Sheng attacked, so the Human Ancestor was no longer restrained. However, while he was nurturing his strength, a loud explosive noise suddenly appeared. The entire Human Realm seemed to be collapsing and breaking apart continuously.

A supreme and peerless Path was invading, wanting to destroy the entire Human Realm.

The heavens of the Human Realm were being destroyed madly. The Human Ancestor knew that Ye Futian had become the Path and had returned to fight again. Ye Futian had become even more dangerous now. He was even stronger and had advanced further than his mother had.

Countless beams of light from the Path penetrated the Human Realm, destroying all existences, destroying everything in this dimension.

The Human Ancestor’s face appeared. His cold eyes stared at that side. With a thought, countless beams of destructive light also shot out murderously and clashed against the other lights. The world started cracking apart instantly. The Human Realm shook violently, and many frightening spatial cracks appeared.

Earthquakes and tsunamis burst forth on countless cultivation continents, and the Tribulations of the Apocalypse rained down.

Two faces appeared in the heavens—Ye Futian and the Human Ancestor’s faces, respectively.

The entire Human Realm was collapsing and caving in crazily. That was the force that Ye Futian brought over. The power that could annihilate Time wanted to utterly destroy the Heavenly Path.

“Do you think you can destroy me like this?” The Human Ancestor stared at Ye Futian and said, “I came from the ancient times and had transformed into the Heavenly Path many years ago. I am an undying god.”

“The Human Realm has collapsed, and you will die too,” Ye Futian replied.

“Really? My strength comes from the entire Human Realm.” The Human Ancestor’s voice was cold. After he spoke, the collapse of space slowed down, and the entire world seemed to coagulate. A frightening world force was blocking everything.

Kaboom… Right then, Yu Sheng came again with the power of the Devil Abyss. Carried by the Devil Abyss, he hacked down at the Human Realm. The tribulations of the Devil Abyss instantly swept through the Human Realm, causing cracks to appear in the coagulated world.

The Human Ancestor’s eyes were icy. He took a deep breath, and abruptly, every being and item in the Human Realm turned into energy that he could use.

“Annihilate!” the Human Ancestor uttered. As soon as he spoke, an immense quaking swept forth, and all forces destroying the Time were extinguished. He carried the energy of the entire Human Realm and unleashed destructive shockwaves. Ye Futian felt that he was undergoing a powerful attack. The Path that he had become was shaken apart and destroyed. This god that had existed since the era of the Heavenly Path’s collapse was frighteningly strong.

However, Ye Futian was also undying nowadays. He had returned as the Path and was practically an endless and undefeatable existence like the Human Ancestor.

At this time, a beam of black light suddenly projected out of the Human Realm. It was an extreme black. It seemed as if it came from hell.

This beam of black light hovered above the Human Realm. On the battlefield, the Human Ancestor seemed to sense the energy contained within and glanced at it. It was a black lotus. Strands of Qi emanated from the black lotus, transforming into a pitch-black figure. It was a young girl.

When she appeared, she chanted words, and the surrounding world instantly darkened. It kept expanding, extending throughout the vast space until the entire world transformed into darkness. It was like it had been cursed.

“Qingyao.” Ye Futian did not expect that Ye Qingyao would come to the battlefield. Had she already inherited the Power of Darkness?

Plus, the power of death that Ye Qingyao carried was no longer the simple Divine power of Death. It was absolute darkness and destruction. She had belonged to darkness and destruction since birth, standing opposite of life and creation.

The Human Ancestor sent down a beam of destructive light towards Ye Qingyao, but when it approached her, the destructive light actually faded and was extinguished.

With Ye Qingyao’s body as the center, everything in the world fell into silence, returning to stillness. There was no vitality and everything was about to be annihilated.

She walked forward. Everything in her path sank into absolute deathly stillness.

She was going to bring death to the entire world.

The Human Ancestor discovered that, under the patch of death, he was no longer able to borrow energy from the world. Everything returned to stillness. There was no energy that he could borrow.

Boom… Countless beams of apocalyptic light shot down murderously at Ye Qingyao, but a similarly frightening intent of the Path swept forth. It shrouded his power. Ye Futian had acted, causing the Human Ancestor’s attack to be shattered and destroyed.

Soon, Ye Qingyao had walked to every corner of the world, spreading death across the vast world. Every place that had life was now under death and stillness.

The tribulations of the Devil Abyss pierced into the Heavenly Path, dyeing the entire dome of the sky blood-red. Ye Futian’s mind twitched. The sky continued to collapse and shatter.

The scene right now was like how the Heavenly Path had collapsed in the War of the Heavenly Path in the ancient times.

“How can you surpass death?” The Human Ancestor’s voice filled the void. He was speaking to Ye Qingyao.

“I use darkness as my sacrifice and surpass darkness. Human Ancestor, you bestowed this upon me,” a voice said. It was not Ye Qingyao’s figure, but the Dark Sovereign. She had sacrificed herself.

“Bastard!” the Human Ancestor bellowed. Clearly, he also sensed the danger.

“You planned everything well, but today, it will come to nothing. Today, you will be destroyed,” the Dark Sovereign’s voice rang out once again. Ye Futian descended madly with the Path, causing the Path created by the Human Ancestor to continue crumbling.

The Human Ancestor’s face in the heavens twisted. He finally realized that he was not truly undying or undefeatable. He could also die. If the Heavenly Path shattered and everything returned to stillness, then he would also stop existing.

The ancient Heavenly Path had collapsed in the Battle of the Gods. Naturally, he could as well.

“Ye Futian, I will rule the Human Realm and you will rule the Original Realm. We will not interfere with each other,” the Human Ancestor’s voice streamed out. He seemed to be compromising, wanting to take a step back.

Ye Futian ignored him. He was still destroying all of this.

“I control the most primitive power of the world and I’m extremely familiar with the nature of power. If you continue like this, you will accompany me in death,” the Human Ancestor continued to say, but Ye Futian’s group was still unmoved.

The three of them did not stop. They continued to destroy everything crazily. The Human Ancestor felt his power weakening continuously. His face became more twisted; he was seemingly struggling.

“Ye Futian, have you thought about the consequences if we all die here today?” the Human Ancestor continued to threaten them.

“You must disappear,” an unrefusable voice replied. Suddenly, the Human Ancestor started laughing uproariously. “I plotted for so many years and thought it was just a game. I did not expect to be defeated today. But in this case, let everything be destroyed.”

“To Nothingness!”

The instant the Human Ancestor spoke, Ye Futian suddenly felt extreme danger. All the remaining energy of the Human Realm exploded simultaneously in that instant. He could feel that when that energy exploded, everything would return to nothingness.

It seemed to be the final state of his father’s ultimate Divine Power.

The Human Ancestor’s face closed his eyes. Everything in his surroundings also turned to nothingness. That moment, he seemed to return to countless years ago when his mother and father were still there, raising him, and his master was teaching him cultivation.

All of this had been destroyed in the war of the gods. He had lost everything.

And now, everything was finally ending.

Without Ye Futian having to attack again, everything in the world was reduced to nothingness. The Human Ancestor controlled the Heavenly Path. He comprehended creation and also comprehended destruction. Once he unleashed To Nothingness, everything would transform into nothingness, including himself.

Ye Futian felt that his Path was scattering wildly too, turning into the void. He could not help but feel fear.

Yu Sheng and Qingyao.

The Power of Time enveloped the entire world, but it was useless. When everything was transformed into the void, there would be no time.

Ye Futian used all of the intent from his Path to envelope Yu Sheng and Ye Qingyao. In the span of a thought, he made his last-ditch effort. The next moment, his consciousness was also reduced to nothingness.

The entire Human Realm disappeared. Under the Human Ancestor’s ultimate destructive force, everything was turned into the void. Everything in the Human Realm no longer existed. It was as if this universe and world had never existed.

A long while later, a group of figures suddenly traveled through the air of this dead world, appearing in the void. Strands of Qi flowed from their bodies and gathered together, forming the Human Ancestor’s figure.

“I will return,” the formed body said coldly. Ye Futian and the others should have gotten destroyed too, right?

Only a sleeping consciousness should remain from the Heavenly Path of the Original Realm too. Who would be able to stop him in the future?

“You will not return again,” another voice streamed out at this time. The Human Ancestor’s expression changed in shock. Then he saw a handsome and extraordinary figure appear before him.

“It’s you?” the Human Ancestor said coldly, staring at that figure. He watched as the youth extended a hand. Instantly, a horrifying windstorm vortex appeared. The Human Ancestor and those figures were all swallowed into the windstorm.

Watching the Human Ancestor disappear, the youth raised his head and glanced at the endless void. “Avenging you has been my long-term obsession,” he murmured to himself. “Today, I returned it all to you!”