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Chapter 2953: The Bragging Teacher

One year later, the Original Realm was a complete world.

The Heavenly Path no longer lacked anything. All life was thriving. The Divine Prefecture, Heaven Realm, World of Buddhism, and even the Dark World had combined with the Original Realm. They took up vast territories in the Original Realm, becoming super-forces. They had originally developed in the Original Realm, and when Ye Futian had become the Path, he had enveloped it all. Now, the realms all agreed for them to form a great world together.

Nowadays, the world had many super-forces.

The Heaven Realm was ruled by the String Emperor and Book Deity together. There were many gods below them.

The Donghuang Imperial Palace was ruled by Donghuang Diyuan and had many Great Emperors under her.

The Spirit Mountain was still managed by The Buddha and had many Buddhists under him.

The Ziwei Imperial Palace was ruled by the old forces of the Ziwei Segmentum.

Four Corner Village was a force that had belonged to the Divine Prefecture but now separated from them. They were independent of the Divine Prefecture and ruled by Ye Futian’s four main disciples.

In the Dark Court, Ye Qingyao inherited the position of the new Dark Sovereign.

There was another new super-force—the Heavenly Mandate Court. It was governed by Gu Dongliu and also had many strong figures of the Great Emperor Plane under him. The Heavenly Mandate Court was situated in the original Heavenly Mandate Realm, and they ruled the former 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, which was the homeland that Ye Futian had grown up in.

They were like the eight legions of the former Heavenly Path, known as the seven great forces of the current Heavenly Path.

The legion members who had participated in battle with Ye Futian back then who had not died all became the core members of the various great forces. They were all being trained as future Great Emperors.

However, what was regretful was that the Heavenly Path had gone still. It had not appeared again after the battle between Ye Futian and the Human Ancestor.

Nowadays, news of the battle from a year ago had already spread throughout the world. Ye Futian had become the Path, which was why they now had a new world. In the last moment, the Human Ancestor had returned everything to nothingness, destroying everything, including Ye Futian’s consciousness. In the most critical moment, Ye Futian had sent Yu Sheng and Ye Qingyao out of that dimension. At the same time, he and the Human Realm were destroyed together, ultimately turning into the void.

However, Ye Futian had already become the Path. He was one with the Heavenly Path. As long as the Heavenly Path was not destroyed, Ye Futian would not die either.


Some people guessed that only Ye Futian’s consciousness had been wiped, but he was still there within the Heavenly Path.

Others guessed that Ye Futian was only in slumber and would awaken one day in the future.

No matter what, everyone in the world was filled with gratitude toward Ye Futian. The battle from one year ago was like an apocalyptic battle. The beings of the world had been turned to ashes, and countless cultivators had died. If Ye Futian had not stopped this, the Human Ancestor might have truly destroyed the world.

Ye Futian’s sacrifice for this had been to become the Path and protect the present world.

One could say that Ye Futian had created this new world.

Thus, the Heaven Court, Donghuang Imperial Palace, and other forces called the present world the “Futian Era.” Last year had been the first year of the Futian Calendar.

The top seven forces of the world all believed in Ye Futian, and the people of the world were also filled with gratitude, so naturally, no one objected. They all accepted it.

The current era was a new age. The period after the Heavenly Path had collapsed became known as the Age of Forbidden Gods. With Ye Futian as the Heavenly Path, it was a new era, and the Age of Gods had reappeared.

Within one year, the various realms gradually recovered their liveliness.

Under Donghuang Diyuan’s rule, order returned to the Divine Prefecture. The eighteen domains of the Divine Prefecture all had new rulers. Many of them were strong figures of the Great Emperor Plane. Of course, those who once had conflicts with Ye Futian had all stepped down from power. The Great Emperors of the Ancient God Clans who had not died in battle had all been dethroned by Donghuang Diyuan.

Two huge statues stood atop the steps of the Donghuang Imperial Palace, rising into the sky. One was Donghuang the Great. The other was Emperor Ye Qing. The twin emperors were now guarding the Donghuang Imperial Palace as statues.

Today, a few gods came to visit Donghuang Diyuan, but they were met with a closed door and did not get to see her.

Donghuang Diyuan was rectifying and revitalizing the Divine Prefecture. She had given the order to make the martial arts of the Divine Prefecture prosper. After working on all of this, she rarely appeared in public.

At the moment, Donghuang Diyuan was in the Great Emperor courtyard of the imperial palace. She sat quietly and listened while an elder sat on the ground beside her. He was telling her stories from many years ago.

“That boy was both smart and mischievous back then. The older disciples all protected their little brother. Thinking back now, that must have been the best times,” the elder said with a smile. He was Mr. Du, whom Donghuang Diyuan had brought back to the Divine Prefecture that year.

“Then what? What else happened?” Donghuang Diyuan asked.

“Your Majesty, would you still like to hear?” Mr. Du asked. The majesty in question was sitting on the ground, her eyes flashing brightly. She seemed to be curious about these ancient stories, wanting to know everything. She did not seem like the current ruler of the Divine Prefecture at all.

“Yes.” Donghuang Diyuan nodded thoughtfully.

“Sure.” Mr. Du chuckled and continued telling those ancient stories. The main character of the stories was an 18-year-old boy. That era seemed to be long, long ago.

Outside the Original Realm, in the void, a cultivator suddenly came to a stop. Divine light flashed on his body, and he had a shocking aura. This was a Super Great Emperor from ancient times.

“Should’ve lost her, right?” he thought inside, cold light flashing past his eyes.

But right at that moment, a dark figure appeared out of thin air. The void became even darker. A young girl’s face appeared. There were no emotions in her eyes as if she was one of the living dead. Seeing her appearance, the Great Emperor’s expression changed in shock. “Everything is in the past,” he said. “Back then, the Human Ancestor had controlled everyone, and we were forced to participate in the battle. Why must you kill us all?”

The girl reached out her hand. An illusory black lotus shrouded over the other’s body. In an instant, everything returned to deathly stillness. All the vitality of the Great Emperor from the ancient times evaporated instantly, returning to stillness. He fell quiet and then was swallowed by the black lotus until he turned to nothing.

After killing him, the girl’s figure disappeared into the darkness.

In the battle back then, Ye Futian had sent her and Yu Sheng out of the Human Realm. The Human Realm had been destroyed, and after that, Ye Qingyao and Yu Sheng started on the path of revenge. They killed practically all of the ancient Great Emperors who had participated in the battle. But even so, Ye Qingyao was still not satisfied. She wanted everyone to pay.

Thus, those who had escaped would forever face her pursuit!

The Heavenly Mandate Court controlled the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path and was situated in the original Heavenly Mandate Realm. The Heavenly Mandate Academy was under their control. This was where the Heavenly Mandate Court trained their juniors and disciples.

In addition, the current 3,000 Realms of the Great Path was nothing like before. They would evolve soon.

There was no reason other than the cultivators who had followed Ye Futian out before had all returned.

Many of these people were strong figures in the Great Emperor Plane. Now that they returned to their homelands, they did not only return to cultivate. They were also responsible for teaching the Path. Ye Futian becoming the Path had created this new era, so they would also contribute their strength to the current world.

Lord Taixuan, Emperor Nan, and many others returned to their original places to teach the Path. In addition, Dou Zhao, Xiao Muyu, and the others cultivated in the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms while taking up the position of Elder in the Heavenly Mandate Court.

It went without saying how powerful the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms were.

At the same time in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, Emperor Xia had also returned to Emperor Xia’s Realm, continuing to sit on the royal throne. He had wanted to pass it on to Xia Qingyuan, but Xia Qingyuan disagreed.

Thus, a legend began to spread in Emperor Xia’s Realm that the princess of the realm was now a strong figure of the Great Emperor Plane. Over this past year, it was said that Xia Qingyuan had saved many people. She was the god of life and could revive people from death.

In addition, there was another sword emperor in Lihen Palace—Swordmaster of Lihen.

One could imagine how strong Emperor Xia’s Realm was.

Furthermore, Emperor Xia’s Realm also had the Nine State Continent. According to legends, that was the homeland of Ye Futian, the master of the Heavenly Path.

Dou Zhan and his group also returned to their homeland and rebuilt the Ultimate Holy Palace, continuing to teach the Path in the Nine State Continent.

Even the Sword Saint returned to the Eastern Barren Territory, returning to the Cottage of Book Mountain. Fourth and fifth brothers returned as well, accompanying the First Brother. Second Sister and Third Brother stayed in the Heavenly Mandate Academy to govern the entire Divine Prefecture, so they were unable to return. They could only visit occasionally.

The sounds of book recitations streamed out of a classroom in Qingzhou Academy of Qingzhou City.

The youths were reading and writing in one of the classrooms. There was an extremely handsome middle-aged man at the lecture podium, though he already had white hair.

“The lesson ends here,” the man said now with a smile.

“Yes, Teacher.” The youths stood up and bowed. Then a mischievous boy asked the middle-aged man, “Teacher, is the person in the legend you told us real? If I cultivate to the pinnacle, can I really move mountains and fill the seas?”

“Not only will you be able to move mountains and fill seas, you can even become the sun and moon,” the man said with a smile.

“Teacher, have you seen it before?” someone asked.

“Of course. One of my former students could do it,” the man said, chuckling. “His one eye could turn into the sun and the other could turn into the moon. He could spit out divine thunder from his mouth.”

Hearing his words, uproarious laughter filled the classroom.

“Teacher, you’re so imaginative!” a youth said while laughing loudly. His voice was innocent.

“You’re bragging too much.”

“Then Teacher, where is your student now?” a girl asked innocently.

“He is omnipresent,” the middle-aged man answered. The younglings obviously did not believe them. Even though their teacher was very attractive, his words were too exaggerated.

“Sister Nianyu!” someone called to the figure outside the school. Hua Nianyu smiled and nodded. The children all swarmed over, surrounding Hua Nianyu. Hua Fengliu chuckled and then left the room alone.

Outside, a white-haired elder looked at Hua Fengliu’s backside with ineffable respect in his eyes. It was even reverence. As the helmsman of the Qingzhou Academy, he had heard some legendary stories, while Hua Fengliu’s student was the creator of these legends.

Nowadays, the teacher had brought his daughter back to Qingzhou Academy to teach the younger generation of disciples. He naturally understood what kind of honor this was.

But could he still create another legend in the future?

It was probably impossible. Perhaps, this was also the sustenance of the soul for the teacher!