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Chapter 2954: I am Willing to Become a Tree

There was a simple residence beside Qingzhou Academy. Rich vegetation grew beside it. One of the trees was more eye-catching than the rest.

According to the people of the academy, no one had noticed this tree before. It had not been attractive at all, but one day, it suddenly grew into a tree that reached for the sky. It was extremely leafy, and when a breeze blew past, the branches and leaves swayed as if they were alive.

At the moment, graceful music streamed out from under the tree. It was lovely to the ears and every note pulsed, seeming to be full of emotion. The woman playing the instrument looked perfect and flawless. She seemed to be otherworldly, like one of the nine heavenly maidens, not mundane.

Right then, another woman came out of the academy and came to this side. It was Hua Nianyu.

She stopped and sat on a stone, supporting her chin with both hands. She listened to the music quietly. As if entering that beautiful artistic conception, a gorgeous image appeared in her mind. In the image, there was a peaceful little city, a beautiful lake, and a small boat swaying in the lake. A young man and woman were on the boat, hugging one another. Moonlight showered down, illuminating their bodies like a beautiful painting.

A long while later, the music gradually stopped. The performer—Hua Jieyu—had a faint smile in her eyes. Her smile was extremely brilliant as if she had put herself in the artistic conception.

One year ago, the String Emperor had wanted her to rule over the Heaven Court, but Hua Jieyu left instead. She returned to her homeland, Qingzhou City. Their most beautiful memories were here. After arriving in Qingzhou City, Hua Jieyu naturally discovered this large tree. She could sense Ye Futian’s aura from this tree.

She knew that Ye Futian must have come back here too.

Ever since then, Hua Jieyu built a yard here and would play her qin under the tree every day, living a life of seclusion and peace from the world.

“Sister,” Hua Nianyu called with a smile, “do you think Brother-in-law can hear your playing?”

“Of course he can.” Hua Jieyu nodded seriously.

“Then he must be very happy too, knowing that you think of him so much every day,” Hua Nianyu said, laughing.

Hua Jieyu chuckled and said, “Nianyu, you do not have to visit me every day. I feel peace here, and I am content.”

She did not feel lonely while playing her instrument here every day because she knew that Ye Futian was here.

“Okay, I got it.” Hua Nianyu nodded with a smile. She visited every day because naturally, she was worried that Hua Jieyu would feel lonely or sad. Even though she also felt sad, she never revealed it before her sister. She hoped that her sister could be happy.

After Hua Nianyu left, Hua Jieyu continued to play her music. The pulsing music notes were like songs from heaven. They streamed into the tree, and the leaves on the tree rustled, seeming to dance with the music.

But right then, the music came to an abrupt stop.

Hua Jieyu looked to the front and saw a figure float over before her. It was also a beautiful woman. She landed softly, her eyes staring at the tree. She walked forward slowly, moving step by step toward that tree.

When she stood under the tree, there were already translucent teardrops in the corner of her eyes.

The woman reached out and touched the tree trunk. “Is it you?” she asked, voice trembling.

Hua Jieyu watched this all quietly. Her gaze fell upon the woman who had arrived, and sadness also rose in her heart. “Qingyuan, it’s him,” she whispered.

She naturally knew the feelings Xia Qingyuan had towards Ye Futian. Right now, she could feel that Xia Qingyuan’s emotions were the same as hers.

Hearing Hua Jieyu’s voice, Xia Qingyuan’s tears started streaming down uncontrollably. Her hands trembled slightly as she seemed to caress Ye Futian’s body. Xia Qingyuan had been hiding her emotions and had never shown her feelings before Ye Futian. She had always loved him wordlessly and hid it in her heart.

She could accept all of this too. Once, she had thought that when all of this ended, she would return to Emperor Xia’s Realm. She would be satisfied to watch Ye Futian reach the top and for all to be well.

However, when everything ended, it had not been what she had imagined. Ye Futian had disappeared. Everyone said that he had died.

Xia Qingyuan could not accept this result. This past year, she returned to Emperor Xia’s Realm and performed acts of kindness, saving people, but it was a way to numb herself. She was like a soulless body, only wanting to spread Ye Futian’s faith in this way.

Not long ago, she wanted to come to visit Ye Futian’s homeland, see where he had grown up, and follow in his footsteps.

However, after arriving here, she sensed a familiar aura. Thus, she came and saw the tree before her eyes.

At this moment, she finally lost control of all the feelings built up in her heart. They burst out violently. She had kept these emotions hidden for years, not only one or two days.

“When did he come here?” Xia Qingyuan asked Hua Jieyu, tears streaming from her eyes.

“He was here when I returned,” Hua Jieyu answered. She walked to Xia Qingyuan’s side and hugged her gently. Xia Qingyuan did not recoil. She leaned into Hua Jieyu’s shoulder and cried. Only they could understand this kind of emotion. At this moment, their feelings were the same.

“Has he appeared before?” Xia Qingyuan asked softly.

Hua Jieyu shook her head. She worked hard to control her emotions as she smiled and said gently, “Qingyuan, we can accompany him here together.”

Xia Qingyuan looked at the big tree and asked, “Can I?”

“Of course.” Hua Jieyu nodded.

“Jieyu,” Xia Qingyuan gazed at Hua Jieyu and said, “I am willing to become a tree and accompany him here. I can withstand the wind and rain with him until he returns.”

“And if does not return?” Hua Jieyu asked, voice trembling.

“Then I will accompany him forever.” Xia Qingyuan’s teary eyes were so resolute.

Unshed tears also appeared in Hua Jieyu’s eyes. She could no longer hold back.

Looking at Xia Qingyuan’s eyes, tears flowed out, and she nodded, saying, “Okay.”

“Thank you.” A faint smile appeared on Xia Qingyuan’s lips. Then she walked to the tree’s side. Her body gradually dissolved, transforming into a tree of life to keep Ye Futian company.

The branches of this tree of life kept swaying without stop, going toward the tree on its side. They intertwined, accompanying one another. Rustles came from the tree of life, seeming to cheer or sing. There was no sadness—only company.

She was willing to become a tree and stay by his side, accompanying him as they experienced the wind and rain, experiencing the blazing sun and lightning. She felt no regrets at all. She could not stay by his side in life, but now, they could be companions for eternity. Was this not beautiful?

Seeing all of this, tears flowed from Hua Jieyu’s face endlessly. A moment later, she sat down to play her instrument. The music notes pulsed as she began playing music again. But this time, the music was filled with sadness, throwing one into depression!