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Chapter 2955: Wind Rises Again

Ever since Ye Futian became the Path, the seven super forces governed the world’s law. Everything seemed to be at peace, but there were still some storms and waves.

Especially for the seven great forces, they knew that the world still faced threats.

Nowadays, as the rulers of the world law, they were responsible for safeguarding it and protecting the current world for Ye Futian.

The City of the Ruins was a free city. It was one of the wealthiest main cities in the universe, filled with strong figures. The seven super forces established a mutual stronghold here, where they could arrive at any time. It was the former Ye Imperial Palace.

There was a huge battle happening in the sky outside the Ye Imperial Palace, above the City of the Ruins.

Two super-strong figures were facing one another in the sky. There were many top figures behind them too. They were all in the Great Emperor Plane.

One of them had an unrestrained aura. It was Gu Dongliu. On the other hand, across from him was an elder in a beastly robe. He had very thick hair and a burlesque figure. He was short but was filled with an incomparably aggressive aura, like a wild beast. This was a Great Emperor of a beast clan.

“Everything is unstoppable now. You should follow the heaven’s orders so that you can be spared. If you continue your stubborn resistance, you will only meet death.” The elder’s voice was like a grand bell, reverberating through the heavens and shaking the sky. Countless people in the City of the Ruins below looked up at the vast sky, feeling shaken inside.

This elder was a super-strong figure who had come to the Original Realm. Two ancient emperors from the Ye Imperial Palace had died in his hands. This was why Gu Dongliu, ruler of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, had come personally.

Gu Dongliu did not speak. Two beams of frightening divine light shot out of his eyes, transforming into battle swords that stabbed toward the elder.

“Hmph!” the elder huffed coldly. Instantly, a huge demonic image appeared before his body. A horrifying demonic dragon walked out of it and ripped the sword apart.

The elder’s gaze swept towards Gu Dongliu. Many demonic images appeared in the sky. In a moment, demonic Qi shook the heavens. These demonic images contained true dragons, divine phoenixes, Kirin, Xuanwu, Taotie, Chaos, and demons. They shrouded the sky and revolved around the land. Violent Qi shook the heavens. Even the Gods’ Ruins Continent that was extremely far away below could feel that overwhelming might, and the people’s hearts shuddered uncontrollably.

Who was that elder? He was like the ancestor of the demon beast world. Every demon god image released an aura at the level of a demon monarch. It was exceedingly horrifying.

Gu Dongliu glanced at him, and, with a thought, a huge grinding disc matrix appeared with him as the center. It covered and blocked out the sun. There were immortal monsters and demon gods on this great matrix. Powerful divine might exploded from the matrix, seeming to have supreme Divine Power from ancient times.

The elder furrowed his brows and uttered a sound from his lips. Instantly, great demons burst out of the demon god images. They shook the world and ripped apart the void. However, at the same time, immortal monsters and demon gods also burst out of Gu Dongliu’s Divine Prefecture matrix.

The great aggressive demons clashed violently, tearing apart each other’s bodies. Some demon gods descended from the sky, killing everything. There were also immortal deities holding sharp swords who stabbed into the sky. Everything was getting destroyed and charging toward the elder.

The elder extended his arms. They were filled with limitless strength. He swung his arms and sent out an attack. The fist intent transformed into the power of ancient demon gods, shaking the heavens. It flattened everything and crushed the immortal demons.

Gu Dongliu extended his hand, and instantly, countless runes appeared before the elder. There were only nine words in these countless symbols: power, direction, harmony, healing, premonition, knowing, dimension, creation, and enlightenment. These nine words became the Path. Every rune contained immense Divine Power as if Gu Dongliu’s silhouette was there.

He lifted a finger, and instantly, the limitless ancient words shot towards the elder. The elder’s fist intent shattered the heavens and blasted toward the words, causing them to disintegrate. However, the words kept growing stronger. They were endless and forced the elder to keep retreating.

Pow! Blood seeped out of the elder’s fist, and his arm trembled. Finally, an ancient word dropped down and ripped apart his fist, passing through his arm. His body wanted to retreat, but countless words fell at the same time, penetrating his body. Every rune contained immense Divine Power.

Countless beams of light penetrated him at the same time. The elder’s body was annihilated at once, turning into dust. Gu Dongliu scanned the other strong figures and said coldly, “All invaders will be killed without mercy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the words started down again. Many of these comers were top figures, but they were all killed on the spot.

The battle ended not long after, but Gu Dongliu’s eyes did not seem relaxed. Instead, he seemed graver. He knew that many strong figures from the outside were hiding in this world. In fact, Super Great Emperors had started appearing among these people. The invading universe was very strong. If they invaded from all fronts one day, what would happen?

It seemed that another horrible war would occur again!

“Send someone to watch the entrance and report up at any commotion,” Gu Dongliu ordered.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” someone said, accepting the order. Gu Dongliu led his group away.

Heaven Realm, Heaven Court.

Two figures stood atop the Heavenly Palace, gazing into the distance. These two were the String Emperor and Book Deity, who were governing the Heaven Realm now.

But even though they were the rulers of the Heaven Realm, they did not feel happy at all.

Everyone they were familiar with had died. The princess had left them that year, Donghuang the Great had been killed in battle, and their young master had gone too. It was like they had lost their emotional support. All they could do now was protect the new world that their young master had created.

Kaboom… Right then, an extremely horrifying aura suddenly appeared above the Heaven Court.

“Who is it?!”

Many figures traveled through the air and looked toward the sky above the Heaven Court with serious eyes.

That horrifying aura shrouded the entire Heaven Court. The frightening might weighed down. The String Emperor and Book Deity’s expressions were shocked, too, as they stared to that side.

Who was coming to invade them?

Boom! A beam of pitch-black divine light penetrated the Heaven Court directly, opening up an ancient path. Then a figure came out of it, hovering above the Heaven Court.

This figure was extremely handsome. His eyes scanned the Heaven Court indifferently. Seeing him, many strong figures of the Heaven Court felt their hearts skip a beat. Many cultivators recognized this person.

He was back!

Yes, they had actually forgotten about him. He had not participated in that apocalyptic world. They did not know that even though he had not attended, he had appeared when the war ended.

“Me!” He scanned the crowd and said, “What, you don’t recognize me anymore?”

Ji Wudao, the former heir of the Heaven Court and known as the modern Heavenly Emperor, had left after losing to Ye Futian. Now, he had returned to the Heaven Court.

Great Skylords Black and White Almighty, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Nine Star Lords, and many strong figures in the Heaven Court had once viewed Ji Wudao as their master. Now that they saw he had returned, they felt very troubled feelings.

The expressions of the String Emperor and Book Deity changed as well. Ji Wudao’s aura was now terrifying. He had been the princess’s disciple, but he had not been willing to aid the young master. His talent and abilities were also very frightening. The Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method that he cultivated was especially horrifying.

“Ji Wudao, why are you back?” the String Emperor asked.

“Naturally, it is to take back what is mine,” Ji Wudao answered, glancing at the String Emperor.

“What you had were all bestowed upon you by the princess, but you were too ambitious, so the later situation happened. The Heaven Realm was never yours,” the String Emperor said, but Ji Wudao cut her off. A horrifying aura appeared in the dome of the sky. Looking at the String Emperor and Book Deity, he said, “Seeing as you were her maids before, I will allow you a respectful death.”

After he spoke, divine light descended from the sky and landed directly on the bodies of the String Emperor and Book Deity. Their Divine Powers erupted in an attempt to fight it off, but the gold divine light annihilated the space instantly. Their spirit souls scattered directly, and they died without being able to resist at all.

The “respectful death” in Ji Wudao’s terms was that he did not swallow them up.

The strong figures of the Heaven Court saw Ji Wudao’s aggression, and their expressions dropped. After returning, he had become even more terrifying. He was practically undefeatable.

Ji Wudao looked down, and everyone in the Heaven Court became fearful. Then the Great Skylords Black and White Almighty bowed, announcing loudly, “I pay my respects to the Heavenly Emperor.”

“I pay my respects to the Heavenly Emperor!” the strong figures of the Heaven Court all said, one after another. Their voices rang through the void. Many people had initially followed Ji Wudao, after all. The situation had changed, and Ye Futian had died. It was logical that the Heavenly Emperor’s position would be returned to Ji Wudao!