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Chapter 2956: Ji Wudao’s Obsession

Ji Wudao had returned to the Heaven Court and killed the String Emperor and Book Deity who had been ruling the Heavenly Realm. Afterward, he reorganized the forces of the Heaven Court, aggressively killing the people who were not willing to obey him. They had to choose to either follow him or die.

In one night, the Heaven Court’s master changed. Ji Wudao became the new master of the Heavenly Realm, snatching back the position of the Heavenly Emperor.

The other forces naturally received the news too. When they learned that Ji Wudao had returned and taken the Heavenly Realm, all the forces were shaken up.

Ji Wudao had already been extremely strong back then. He had once attacked the Human Realm and was known as the monstrous figure of the world, equal to Ye Futian. Now that he had returned, he had killed the String Emperor and Book Deity easily, so he had definitely gotten stronger, but it was hard to guess what level he was at.

“Your Majesty, all the top figures of the Heavenly Realm have arrived,” Black Almighty said.

With his hands behind his back, Ji Wudao gazed into the distance and said, “Those who died all contributed their strength to this world. They fought for their ideals and did not surrender today either. Their families and friends will not be affected after their deaths.”

The strong figures behind him were shaken. With extreme fear, they lowered onto one knee and said, “We all followed Your Majesty into war before. We always believed that the position of the Heavenly Emperor belonged to Your Majesty.”

Ji Wudao said that those people did not surrender and seemed to vaguely respect them. Meanwhile, they were the traitors who were now obeying Ji Wudao.

“I know. I do not intend to blame you all,” Ji Wudao said in response. However, Black and White Almighty knew why Ji Wudao was unwilling to approach the people who came to visit. Many of those people were not part of Ji Wudao’s old forces. Instead, they had surrendered. Clearly, to Ji Wudao, these people did not have the spirit that cultivators should have.

“I did not think that so many things happened after I left this world. The seven realms encountered such tribulations,” Ji Wudao murmured, looking into the distance. After the defeat in battle that year, he used the passageway to the outside world and left this universe, going towards another world. After he returned, he witnessed the ultimate battle. He also saw that the Human Ancestor still wanted to be reborn and got swallowed by him.

“Your ploy was correct, and your choice was correct too. He did well—much better than I had imagined,” Ji Wudao said, looking up to the sky. Behind him, Black and White Almighty and the others all felt shocked, but they remained in their kneeling posture and did not rise.

The Ji Wudao that they knew was extremely arrogant and talented. He always saw himself as the future Heavenly Emperor and wanted to inherit the intent of his master. What he never imagined was that none of this was for him. Instead, it was for Ye Futian. Thus, he lost his mind. With Ji Wudao’s arrogance and pride, he was unable to accept this. That was why everything that followed happened.

But today, Ji Wudao actually admitted with his own words that her choice had been correct. He gave recognition to her choice and to Ye Futian.

Naturally, Ji Wudao also realized by now that she indeed was not selfish. She chose Ye Futian to be her own descendant because Ye Futian was the most suitable one. In the end, he had to become the Path to do it all. In a way, her choosing him had led to his death.

After knowing all of this, Ji Wudao did not feel as much hatred anymore.

His mindset had become calmer and more aloof. He seemed to understand Ye Futian.

“However, he didn’t cut everything off cleanly and left behind many problems,” Ji Wudao continued to say. “In that case, I will take over and complete everything after this. I will do better than him, and you will see it!”

Black and White Almighty felt speechless inside. Ji Wudao’s obsession truly ran deep. All this time, he just wanted to complete her dying wish and was incomparably respectful towards her. It had long been carved into his bones, carved into his soul. Until today, when she had already disappeared, he still wanted to receive her recognition.

Why bother!

“Notify the other forces to meet me at the Heavenly Realm in seven days. The Heaven Court of the Heavenly Realm should stand at the peak of the present world, standing above all the gods and rule everything in the world.” Ji Wudao spoke calmly, but his voice was filled with boundless aggression.

The people behind him naturally understood which forces he was talking about.

Nowadays, the seven forces ruled the world law together, and there was no hierarchy. But Ji Wudao had returned, and he wanted the Heaven Realm to stand at the top, becoming the absolute ruler. The other forces all had to come to bow down and submit to him.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The people behind him left after accepting the order. They knew what they had to do.

Seven days later, the Divine Prefecture Donghuang Imperial Palace, Heavenly Mandate Academy, Spirit Mountain, and other places all received news that Ji Wudao ordered them to travel over in seven days. They had to bow down to Ji Wudao and take him as their ruler.

This news quickly spread through the cultivation world and became a hot topic among the cultivators.

After Ye Futian fought against the Human Ancestor and died, the seven forces governed the world law together. They did not expect Ji Wudao to appear and take the Heaven Realm back. Now, he even let out the news, demanding the other forces to make obeisance. They had to view the Heaven Realm as the ruler of everything in the world.

The power of this news was imaginable. It swept through the entire world with frightening force, spreading with the fastest speed. The catastrophe one year ago caused the world’s information channels to be more connected. Now, everyone knew about the current situation of the world.

But those forces were all helping Ye Futian manage the world law. How could they submit to Ji Wudao?

If they did not submit to him, what would happen?

Would there be another large battle in the Heaven Realm seven days later?

Would another worldly catastrophe happen this time?

Ji Wudao probably was not like the Human Ancestor. He only wanted to govern the world law.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye.

All of the cultivators in the world were paying attention to the Heaven Realm today.

Meanwhile, in the Heaven Realm, countless powerful cultivators were gathering toward the continent where the Heavenly Court was located.

That day, dazzling divine light flashed in the Heaven Realm, outside the Heavenly Court. A group of powerful figures appeared. They were all in the Great Emperor Plane.

After that, more divine light flashed in different directions. The strong figures of the six great forces had all arrived.

They had no choice but to come.

Since Ji Wudao had returned, they were destined to have this battle.

Frightening divine might enveloped the Heavenly Court. Brilliant divine light descended from the Heavenly Court. Then a mighty group of strong figures arrived and scanned the six great forces. A brilliant figure appeared above the Heavenly Palace, bathing under the light of the world. He was incredible—it was Ji Wudao.

“Have you all thought carefully?” Ji Wudao stood in the sky and looked down at everything. He spoke to the strong figures of the six great forces, not caring at all that there were seniors like The Buddha among them.

Of the rulers of the six great forces, only Ye Qingyao, ruler of the Dark Court, had not come. Everyone else had arrived.

In Qingzhou City, Hua Jieyu did not know anything happening in the world. No one told her either because they could not bear it. No one could bear to disturb her again.

Graceful music continued to float above the serene Qingzhou Academy, sounding every day without stop.

Hua Jieyu played the music quietly under the tree. She did not ask about the outside world, nor did anyone disturb her. She even put up a Colorless Realm barrier.

This place belonged to her and the two trees.

The two trees behind Hua Jieyu kept swaying extremely joyously as if they understood the music. The two trees were now entangled with each other. The tree that Xia Qingyuan had become was the tree of life. She kept pouring the power of life into the other tree.

The days passed one by one. The vitality of Ye Futian’s tree had become heavier, too, and it seemed to have a spirit now.

When Hua Jieyu played, she could even hear the tree swaying. They were like pulsing music notes—a reply to her.

Of course, this could also be Hua Jieyu’s imagination.