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Chapter 2957: Empyrean

The battle of the Heaven Realm shocked the world.

After Ji Wudao returned, he showed immense strength.

Donghuang Diyuan of the Divine Prefecture was able to control the Divine Power of the Ancestral Dragon and Ancestral Phoenix. She was not any weaker than the strongest of the former Six Great Emperors. However, she had been forced back and injured by Ji Wudao’s one attack. Ji Wudao’s power crushed Donghuang Diyuan.

Similarly, The Buddha’s Buddhist techniques could not restrain Ji Wudao either. Gu Dongliu summoned a flood of spiritual demons and monsters, but they had all been defeated. Ye Futian’s four great disciples could not hold up either.

In that battle, Ji Wudao had defeated the strong figures from all the forces under the name of the Heavenly Emperor. He wanted to make them surrender, submit to the Heaven Realm, and view it as their master.

He was not forced back until Devil Emperor Yu Sheng arrived with the Devil Abyss and fought against Ji Wudao.

That battle had shaken the entire Heaven Realm, splitting the ground and sky. It had been like a duel of pinnacle features. Finally, the two called a truce. Neither could get an advantage over the other. Devil Emperor Yu Sheng led the strong figures from the various forces and retreated. Ji Wudao continued to guard the Heaven Realm. Both sides had their concerns.

Thus, the Heaven Realm—led by Ji Wudao—and the great forces who protected the Heavenly Path formed an equilibrium.

After the battle, Ji Wudao became the number one figure of the current world.

Devil Emperor Yu Sheng was second.

Even though the Devil Realm had not entered this world and was its own world, the Devil Emperor still cared for this world and came to reinforce them at the critical moment. After all, he was brothers with the Heavenly Path and went through life and death together.

In the Heavenly Court, Ji Wudao was cultivating with his eyes closed at the Heavenly Palace’s top.

He had swallowed a lot of strength while visiting the other universes and then swallowed the Human Ancestor. He had not fully digested the strength and combined it into his comprehension yet. Otherwise, he would not only be at this level. This also meant that he would become stronger and stronger. This was also why the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method was so terrifying.

However, Ji Wudao did not expect Yu Sheng to have control over the Devil Abyss’s power and become the Devil Emperor. Even the Chaotic Heavenly Swallowing Method had trouble swallowing the billions of devil tribulations and would be penetrated and destroyed. Thus, they ended in a truce. Both stops discontinued the battle.

Yu Sheng’s abilities in this battle were probably close to the previous Devil Emperor now. This also pushed Ji Wudao to continue cultivating. It seemed that he had to wait some time to become stronger.

“Your Majesty,” someone came to report to him at this time. Ji Wudao furrowed his brows and opened his eyes to scan the other. The person who came quickly lowered his head and knelt on one knee, saying, “Your Majesty, someone came from the outside world, requesting to see you. I told him to leave, but he said that there’s something important related to the possession of this world. I don’t dare to delay this.”

Ji Wudao nodded slightly after hearing his words and said, “Bring them here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The person bowed and retreated. A moment later, some strong figures of the Great Emperor Plane with extraordinary temperaments arrived. They bowed slightly after seeing Ji Wudao. “Greetings, Heavenly Emperor.”

“What is the matter?” Ji Wudao asked.

“We come from the Empyrean. The Immortal Emperor of Empyrean will arrive soon and unify this world. The Immortal Emperor’s divine order is that if the Heavenly Emperor wishes to submit to him and help His Majesty uniting this world, you may become an Immortal King of this world,” the newcomer said. Ji Wudao listened quickly. When he visited the other universes, he learned of the Immortal Emperor of the Empyrean. He ruled over many universes and was known as the Immortal Emperor of Empyrean.

And now, he wanted to take over this world as well.

He also wanted Ji Wudao to govern this world and give him the title of Immortal King.

“The Heavenly Emperor already wished to unify this world, so the timing is perfect. We can help you,” the other party continued to say.

“That is logical.”

Ji Wudao nodded, and the few who had come quickly smiled, seeming extremely confident.

“However…” Ji Wudao looked at them, and instantly, a horrifying aura shrouded the others directly. Their expressions dropped, and they stared at Ji Wudao.

“Heavenly Emperor, what do you mean by this?”

Ji Wudao extended a hand. The horrifying swallowing of Divine Power shrouded them. Instantly, their expressions turned to shock. They could feel their spirit souls being tugged out to be swallowed. They could not resist this force at all.

“It is not your place to worry about our world matters!” As soon as he spoke, the people let out pained cries. They were swallowed into the horrifying black vortex. They were immediately annihilated and disappeared.

After Ji Wudao swallowed those people, he frowned and said, “If you meet cultivators from the outside world again, kill without mercy.”

His voice spread throughout the Heavenly Court, shocking the cultivators of the Heavenly Court.

Countless months later, the City of the Ruins was now the most prosperous main city in the world.

At the moment, many strong figures were gathered in one part of the city. They were strong figures from various emperor-level forces and were all watching this area. This area had been sealed off because cultivators from the outside world entered this world from here.

Recently, strong energy waves had come from this area. Strong figures from various forces all came to investigate. Someone suggested tearing the void and exiting, but it was rejected. If there were something outside, it would be too dangerous. It would be no different from suicide.

However, the energy waves from this area were getting more and more frightening now. The sealed space here seemed to be getting unstable as if an extremely frightening force was about to be unleashed.

Right then, the sealed space shimmered with scary light. It looked extremely demonic, and all the strong figures of the emperor-level forces were affected. “What is that?” someone asked.

“I don’t know. It seems that an outside force is going out of control.” Some people’s expressions were horrified.

Just as they were speaking, a beam of blinding light descended. Then the horrible divine light destroyed the sealing power of this place directly.

There were muffled booms, and the sky broke apart. A huge figure descended from the sky, passing through the broken space and coming to this world.

The strong figures were all forced back. The blinding divine light made it practically impossible to open their eyes, but at this moment, they still withstood the stinging pain to stare at the monstrous figure that had descended. Their hearts pounded incessantly.

That monstrous figure was like a city that came from the outside world. It was also like a boundless altar that had many super transmission matrices. It landed with the piercing divine light. The transmission matrices opened the world up, and many Heavenly Emperor figures descended from the sky. The gods of another world descended, coming to this world.

The strong figures immediately sent what they saw back to their emperor-level forces. At that moment, all of the great forces were shaken.

After Ji Wudao had returned and taken back the Heaven Realm, strong figures from the outside world had invaded them, wanting to conquer this world.

The City of Ruins was the first to be affected. The incoming strong figures controlled the main city with unstoppable speed, turning this city into their base in this world. It shocked the entire world.

Since then, the world seemed to return to that chaotic era.

Of course, they all realized that the strongest threat was from the outside world. The world that was invading them was known as the Empyrean and the god they believed in was the Immortal Sovereign of Empyrean!