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What they didn’t expect was that this photo would one day be turned up again on the Internet, attracting a group of people’s comments.

Gong Zisheng: [Xuxu and Duoduo have been friends for more than ten years. The songs that became popular after Xuxu’s debut were written by Duoduo and Duoduo is the person who understands Xuxu’s timbre best. Perhaps it could be said that there is no Duoduo, there wouldn’t be the Xuxu today.]

Yubao: [Brother! When will brother Yi create his own account so that I can replace Duoduo in my heart. I don’t want to be in a one-sided relationship any longer.]

Black Sakura’s Sakura: [Standing beside Yanyan is Xuxu’s rumoured boyfriend, right? What was his name again? Wei Lan?]

Wuqing: [I used to look forward to big brother Yi’s debut, but I didn’t think that after so many years of a booming career, he revealed that he never meant to debut.]

Little Star: [Brother Yi and Brother Hehe really have too high of standards. The two of them have been single for longer than anyone else!]

My Hands Tremble Not From The Cold: [Where did I hear that brother Yi and that short girl have some sort of ambiguous relationship?]

Chunxi Chang: [The couple who once disliked each other have been dating for ten years? They haven’t broken up yet? And they are still engaged?]

A Painting Opened The Sky: [Congratulations to Duoduo and Tong Yan on their engagement, and congratulations to Duoduo for being the opening act of the international show.]

Constance: [Oh, Xu Xinduo, she’s nothing special. It’s not just walking the catwalk, being a model, composing music, occasionally performing a piano solo or participating in international concerts. She also studies well, looks beautiful, is a model and has become the first-rate model of Star Entertainment? In general, that’s what happened.]

(T/N: She’s speaking sarcastically by the way, this is by no means condescending)

Ye Xinguo Loves To Eat: [I found that there is only one brother who is ignored and no one even knows his name, but I’m so interested in him. I want him to be my boyfriend so I can get to know this group of people!]

Unexpectedly, this Weibo was replied to by Xu Xinduo personally: [He is the only one among us who is married.]

In the WeChat group, everyone was still in a chaotic mood.

Lou Xu: [When will we meet! When?!]

Wei Lan: [Will you die by having two less concerts? You are the one who is always unavailable every time.]

Lou Xu: [Too bad, I’m famous, hah!]

Xu Xinduo: [I have three days off this month.]

Tong Yan: [We don’t have to get together, a world of two is fine.]

Liu Yating: [Tong Yan, don’t try to monopolise Duoduo.]

Tong Yan: [Scram, scram, scram.]

Shao Qinghe: [I’m on holiday 365 a year, how boring…]

Mu Qingyi: […]

Lou Xu: [People like you who make money while lying down are really shameless.]

Shao Qinghe: [I heard that brother Yiyi has lost weight recently? I thought you have already gotten your company back, so why are you still so tired?]

Mu Qingyi: […]

Liu Yating: [Will it tire you out if you type one word?]

Mu Qingyi: [Yes.]

Su Wei: [As long as you guys avoid my wife’s pregnancy test.]

Wei Lan: [Go away.]

Lou Xu: [Go away.]

Liu Yating: [Scram.]

Su Wei: [Gong Xi Fa Cai, I bless that you all have good luck.]

Xu Xinduo: [Thank you, boss.]

Tong Yan: [For that much money only? Really? Are you not ashamed?]

Su Wei: [Hahaha.]

Mu Qingyi: [This month, on the 27th, we get together. I’m sleepy, night.]

Xu Xinduo: [Mm, rest early, don’t be too tired.]

After a few minutes.

Xu Xinduo: [I think my brother probably fell asleep.]

Tong Yan: [Let’s go to sleep too.]

Everyone except Mu Qingyi: [Get out.]