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[Note: This is the start of . Xu Xinduo’s name has changed to Mu Qingxin in this episode. This is a scenario of what if she was never switched at birth]

Mu Qingxin threw the phone on the table and it made a heavy ‘thump’ sound. Her lips were pursed tightly and she was obviously furious, but her eyes were reddish.

She originally had a world-weary face and a stern smile, so this expression made her already dominating presence even more intense.

“Don’t even think about breaking off the marriage,” Mu Wenyan didn’t care when he saw Mu Qingxin’s angry expressions. Instead, he answered with a strong attitude, as if raising the volume could overwhelm her daughter.

Mu Qingyi also sat on the side, dissatisfied with Mu Wenyan’s dominance and commented, “Don’t you think this engagement is ridiculous? In such a modern era, how could arranged marriages still be a thing?”

The siblings joined forces to fight against him. Mu Wenyan was panting with anger as he replied with a strong attitude, “This is something that was set a long time ago, so we have to keep our word.”

Mu Qingyi also continued to defend Mu Qingxin, “But the parties do not like this marriage and your credibility is built on Xinxin’s pain.”

“This matter is non-negotiable,” After Mu Wenyan finished speaking, he turned around and prepared to leave the house. He was huffing as he exaggerated his movements on the way to vent his emotions.

The reason for today’s quarrel was because Mu Wenyan arbitrarily decided Mu Qingxin’s high school enrollment.

Shen Zhuhang, who had a marriage contract with Mu Qingxin, studied in the International Class at Jiahua International School.

Mu Wenyan felt that Mu Qingxin should cultivate a relationship with Shen Zhuhang, so he asked her to go to this high school as well.

Originally, Mu Qingxin’s grades were enough to go to a provincial high school, but she had to go to this private school, so Mu Qingxin simply made a scene. Later, she proposed to break off the marriage, but Mu Wenyan completely disagreed.

When Mu Qingyi also saw that Mu Wenyan was gone, he walked over to comfort Mu Qingxin, “It’s okay, I will accompany you to Jiahua. I have inquired about Jiahua’s Advanced Class teachers and I heard that they aren’t bad.”

Mu Qingxin was so angry that she was about to cry, “I felt disgusted whenever I see Shen Zhuhang.”

“I hate him too, but I’ll help you find a way about the engagement. Besides, mother is also planning recently… we will follow our mother when the time comes.”

Mo Yinxun had always protected this pair of siblings. Seeing that Mu Qingxin never liked this marriage, her daughter was really aggrieved and was rather shaken.

At the beginning, she would persuade her, but later she made up her mind that if Mu Wenyan continued to be stubborn, she would probably divorce him.

In her opinion, her children were more important than her husband.

Not only was Shen Zhuhang in the same community with Mu Qingxin, but also Shao Qinghe and Lou Xu, who both grew up with her as well.

After they heard about it, Shao Qinghe stared at Mu Qingxin for a while and said, “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you too.”

“I’m going too!” Lou Xu immediately raised her hand, “I have to go if all of you are going! Otherwise, I’m really afraid that other high schools don’t have any good-looking people and have tacky tastes. How will I live for the next three years?”

Mu Qingxin was still not very happy as she sat on the sofa with her arms crossed.

Shao Qinghe walked over and pinched her cheek, “Okay, sister Xinxin, don’t be angry. You are the king, so you will be amazing everywhere.”

Before Mu Qingxin could react, Mu Qingyi patted Shao Qinghe’s hand away and glared at him.

Shao Qinghe shrugged innocently.