The moment Argel uttered those words, the wind blew from where Kelsion was stepping.

“……Right. But I needed confirmation.”

Kelsion did not move any further from the spot upon hearing the answer. And as if dealing with something very precious, he put Argel on the floor and opened the prison door on the floor where he stopped at.

“What, what are you doing? Why aren’t you going further up?”

“His Holiness will not leave us to die on this land.”


“God will not let us die.”


“He said he would save us. And he said that he would send us back to the Holy Land one day since he could not promise the right time.”

“What are you talking about! Kelsion, did you betray the Holy Land?”

“My God will not let me die in a foreign land.”

At the same time, a man walked out of the pitch-black darkness of the prison.

Kelsion knelt before him and submitted. The man stroked Kelsion’s head as if he were dealing with an animal.

Argel cried out with hatred.


“It’s been a while since someone called me so disrespectfully.”

Emperor Alexandro burst into a delightful laugh. And said.

“Now do you know what is the price for touching the young lamb of the Empire?” (*t/n: tbh, I’m not really sure about this one…the actual meaning might lost in the translation though)


“Argel, you are of no use now, so you can kill yourself. I’ll transfer you to a regular prison.”

Argel gritted his teeth in anger.

However, his body, which had been imprisoned for more than half a year, did not have the strength to even lift a finger.

The Emperor, who was delighted to see him crawling on the floor, stroked Kelsion’s head again.

“Okay, and now Kelsion must fulfill his responsibility for putting my wife in danger.”

“My will is the God’s will.”

“Aah, the people of the Holy Empire really say the same thing with dirty twists windingly.”

Despite the criticism, Kelsion’s hazy discolored eyes did not return.

Alexandro thought as he looked down at him, who had become a meek sheep.

‘Miss Dalia is really……amazing. With the idea of reverse brainwashing.’

He never intended to forgive anyone who touched the Empress.

Whatever it was after some internal conflict, the Empress was on the verge of losing her mind. That sin could never be condoned.

But what will Dalia say when she sees this?

Fortunately, his aides were intelligent enough not to convey the situation here to headquarters.

The Emperor glanced at Kelsion. He felt slightly bitter.

He wanted to protect Dalia’s innocence as much as he could. No matter what dirty things happened behind her, he hoped that she would have those sparkling eyes forever.

Hikan, Adrisha, and everyone involved in this incident shared the same feelings.

‘We have to protect Dalia as much as possible.’

Ironically, however, it was Dalia who always protected and saved them.

In this case too, it was Dalia herself, not anyone else, who rescued the Empress from that hell.

It was also thanks to Dalia’s idea that they found a way to block the only card the Holy Empire had.

Everyone was greatly indebted to her.

‘In other words, we are all overly dependent on her.’

He stared at his hand. The gentle and peaceful purification power transmitted to this hand.

But she gave them more than that. So even more so, he didn’t want to lose Dalia to the Holy Empire.

‘Is Duke Artus the only one left now?’

He must pay the price for betraying Frederic.

There was still a final stage left for him. The Emperor revealed his teeth and laughed.

* * *


Three hours after Kelsion and the Emperor met in front of the underground prison.

One of the aides called Hikan urgently and whispered something in his ear.

Hikan listened seriously for a long time and quickly got up.

“Okay, it’s over. All the plans were successful. Argel confessed.”

Dalia didn’t even know what was going on after he went to the prison.

Even before that, whenever the aides reported something, Dalia tried hard to defend and barely able to heard anything whenever Hikan tried to cover Dalia’s eyes or ears.

It seems to be over though…….

“Let’s go. It’s not good for your education.”

Hikan quickly grabbed Dalia’s arm. Adrisha listened intently, nodding her head. And as she stood up, she put her arms around Dalia’s other arm.

“That’s right, Dalia. Now let’s go back to the mansion.”


‘What’s wrong with these people?’

Dalia stood up in confusion.

And with one arm held by Hikan and the other by Adrisha, she was carried to the carriage as if being taken away.

Only after getting into the carriage did the two swept their chest in relief.

“……That’s a relief.”

“We protected Dalia.”

‘Why are the two of you feeling proud!’

Dalia didn’t know what was going on, so she looked at the two alternately.

Hikan noticed Dalia’s gaze and mumbled awkwardly while avoiding her gaze.

“……Brainwashing. It doesn’t look good. That’s what a villain would do. I didn’t want you to see that.”

Said the original greatest villain.

“Me too.”

Said the owner of the gun store.

They both lowered their gazes helplessly. Dalia was dumbfounded.

How innocent do they think she is?

She declared proudly.

“What are you talking about? I also know everything.”


“He’s the one who did that to Her Majesty. I think the price he paid is still cheap.”

She doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, but they must have deceived Argel using Kelsion.

It was obvious. Why are they so bad at hiding things like that?

Only then did the two look a little relieved. Adrisha hugged Dalia tightly from the side.

“Still, I don’t want Dalia to know what we’re doing. I just want to be nice next to Dalia.”

‘Then we need to clear up the gun store first…….’

Dalia couldn’t bear to get the words out of her mouth.

It was already late at night when she returned to the mansion.

Nevertheless, the two seem to be extremely conscious of Dalia’s reaction.

Whether it’s coming up with the ridiculous idea to roast marshmallows in the fireplace right now, or talking a lot of lame jokes.

After spending time like that, they reluctantly took Dalia to the front of the bedroom after a long time later.

Dalia asked half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“Why did you take me with you if you’re going to be so worried?”

“Since it was still related to you, I thought you should know……. Even now, even though it’s your matter, we were only talking between us without you.”

Hikan answered in a low voice.

Even though it was not a big deal, the words touched Dalia’s feelings. She now feels sorry for him instead of being dumbfounded.

‘This is nothing much though.’

It was even more so because she knew he had interrogated one person for more than half a year.

Adrisha and Hikan went through a lot of things in the meantime.

Even when Dalia doesn’t know. In the meantime, there must have been many conflicts of conscience and there must have been many occasions where they inevitably had to hurt others even if they were enemies.

They don’t want Dalia to know of the cruelties of the world, but at the same time, they always felt sorry for meeting without Dalia.

Dalia thought that she was surrounded with such good people.

She opened her arms and hugged Hikan and Adrisha one after another.

Hikan was surprised at first, but immediately hugged Dalia tightly, and Adrisha smiled and rested her cheek on Dalia’s shoulder for a while.