Spring has come again to the Frederic Empire.

In the fall and winter of that year, a lot of things happened. The most amazing thing was the generational change of the Duke Artus family, one of the four major Ducal families.

An illegitimate child transcendent, who had once been cut off, appeared and succeeded the Dukedom.

The predecessor, Duke Artus, suddenly died of a chronic illness as soon as he succeeded the title. People whispered that the illegitimate son had taken the Duke’s seat and he died of sickness from anger.

The members of the Ducal’s family, who neglected the illegitimate child, were all replaced. Except for one, Merida Artus.

For a while, the members of the Artus’ family were quiet. However, the new Duke was a very handsome young man befitting a transcendent, and he had incredible communication skill and abilities to be called an illegitimate child.

Thanks to this, the Artus family had successfully taken root again after overcoming an ordeal.

It was Merida Artus who benefited the most from this.

At first, those who criticized her for being like a bat, now also praised her for her excellent political acumen, seeing how the current Duke of Artus increased the family’s power. (*t/n: I tried to search for the meaning ‘like a bat’, it means calling someone who changes sides based on what he can gain from it)

This spring, the Darby-Gatran Treaty between the Frederic and Holy Empire is renewed.

The Darby-Gatran Treaty is a treaty between the Holy Empire and the Frederic Empire, where the Frederic Empire protects the Darby Sea, where the giant Kraken appears every year, with its own sonar technology, and the Holy Empire managing Mount Gatran, where monsters weak to divine power frequently appear.

If the treaty is broken, at least one transcendent must be sent there to stop the monster wave in the Darby Mountain range. The monster wave there wasn’t enough to stop with ordinary swords and guns. (*t/n: I double checked. The raw really said Darby Mountain.)

However, very few people knew that the treaty was about to be renewed. It was a very old treaty, and it’s usually been renewed without conditional adjustment.

But this time it will be different.

Lewayne Blueport, who was training with his eyes closed in the fountain of the Blueport’s estate, thought.

He was the last male lead in the original. He was the one with the route closest to the true ending and the one with the purest love among the three main characters.

He also had the most fans. This was because he was the only character in the story that was based on obsession and impoverishment to have keywords such as knightly, gentleman, and affection.

It was also thanks to his blonde hair, blue eyes, and his appearance that look like a prince in a fairy tale.

But he was now being hit by the fountain.

Mary Blueport, the former Duchess of Blueport, ran out of the mansion as soon as she saw it.

“Lewayne! I told you to please not go in there!”

Then Lewayne slowly opened his eyes. With his wet hair, and in his shirt and trouser that was drenched and clinging to his body, he looked back at his mother.

His eyes flashed for a moment.

“…… Ah, mother. You’re alive.”

“……So you wanted me to die? Just what is this kid……. I keep on telling you until my mouth wears out to at least be like half of Miss Dalia …….”

Although she was an elegant and affectionate Duchess Mary Blueport, her son’s eccentricity was bound to increase her nagging.

People believed that Lewayne had never been to the capital yet because he was busy protecting the sea in the territory.

But the reality was different.

It was because Mary Blueport did not want to send her son away in this state.

If he can’t do his job, she would rather hand over the Dukedom to someone else, but he did a really good job. He led the development of the territory at the forefront, like some kind of prophet, he pointed out what would not go well, it eventually would not work, and what will go well, will indeed go well.

However, his bizarre behavior was serious.

While using the correct manners more than anyone else, on the other hand, he calmly puts the corpse of the beast on the dining table and cleans it.

In the middle of the conversation, he suddenly asks for the current year and month, or he starts a fight by asking ‘you were still alive?’ to a person who was alive without ever getting sick.

She kept on delaying because she was afraid to send him to the capital, but she can’t postpone it forever.

Due to the problems with the Darby-Gatran Treaty, the Blueport Ducal family, who had the related technology, had to participate in the negotiations.

Thanks to this, Mary Blueport’s nagging increased.

“You’re going to the capital soon, what will you do!”

“Ah, the treaty.”

Lewayne walked out of the fountain one step at a time, rubbing his watery eyes. Water dripped down behind him.

“The treaty will be broken. Aceras wants to destroy this Empire.”

Mary was a little overwhelmed every time her son said something incomprehensible. This is because there is a slight madness in his eyes every time.

And that assertive attitude.

“…… You speak as if you foresee the future. That is arrogance.”

“It’s not arrogance. Because I actually saw it.”

Mary Blueport was silent.

Just as Meldon Artus, the current Duke of Artus, has the same traits as his grandfather, there are often transcendent traits or characteristics that were inherited in each family.

In the case of the Blueport Ducal family, it was the power to manipulate time. Every time her son said something like that, Mary thought that the power might really be real and not just a legend of the first generation.

She sighed as she saw the traces of water left by her son everywhere he passed by.

He’ll probably go right into the mansion with confidence. Then the maids, to feast their eyes, would follow and wipe off the water with the mop as if they were competing with each other.

“…… When you go up to the capital, go meet and greet Miss Dalia.”

“I will, even if mother doesn’t tell me to.”

Lewayne Blueport looked confidently at the sky.

‘Dalia Pesteros.’

He really, really wanted to see her soon.

17. Lewayne Blueport

Spring has come to Pesteros mansion as well.

New leaves sprouted on trees that had been silent during the winter. Tulips, crocus, freesia, and muscari were in full bloom.

Meanwhile, Dalia learned a fact about her ability.

Last winter, Dalia and Hikan received an unexpected letter from the Emperor. He said he had something to tell Dalia seriously, and that he would come directly to the Pesteros mansion. No, actually, he’s already on his way.

It was a belated notice, but it was a great privilege for the Ducal family for him to come to the mansion instead of calling them the palace.

If it was not that urgent, the Emperor was not the one to do so.

The Emperor arrived quickly.

As soon as he got off the imperial carriage, he stopped the two who were about to pay his respects and walked quickly.

Next to him was Kelsion. After that day, Kelsion has completely become the Emperor’s loyal dog and faithfully followed him.

The Emperor turned around and beckoned at him.

“You can go back.”

“I understand.”

Kelsion bowed to the two and returned.

Dalia was often bothered by his empty eyes, she was trying hard to look away. Hikan took a step forward and spoke to the Emperor.

“…… Did something happen again, why did you call Dalia?”

The Emperor clicked his tongue a few times before speaking with a serious expression.

“I have something to tell you two before it’s too late.”


Both felt an unusual atmosphere from the Emperor’s expression. Hikan immediately took him to the drawing room.

The Emperor didn’t even pay attention to the tea prepared in the drawing room and immediately went straight to the point.

“Today, I have a confession that I need to tell to the two of you.”


Hikan and Dalia looked at each other. They were taken aback by the sudden confession. The Emperor didn’t care and continued his words.

“Next spring, as we expected, Aceras will come to the Frederic Empire to renew the treaty. Even if he noticed that the information handed over by the former Duke of Artus was fake, he would still come. Because he’ll still be after Miss Dalia. Although I know this, there’s no justification to stop it.”


“If he comes, shouldn’t we prepare ourselves? Of course, the most important thing is to protect Miss Dalia. Do you agree?”

Hikan nodded.

Once the Emperor also nodded, he raised one eyebrow and said.

“There’s actually one thing that I haven’t told Miss Dalia about your ability.”


Dalia asked involuntarily.

What does the Emperor know about her ability? Who knows more about her ability than Dalia herself?

However, the Emperor’s expression did not seem like he was lying. Dalia concentrated with her hands on her knees.

“You know about my ability, right? Miss Dalia, I read emotions through physical contact.”

She nodded. The Emperor looked at the two and said.

“From what I have observed, Miss Dalia’s ability is influenced by her feelings she has toward her opponent.”

“…… What does that mean?”

Hikan asked sharply.

“It’s literally what it means. Well, to explain it in a simpler way…….her power won’t work towards the person she hates.”


“In other words, it means that if Aceras gets Miss Dalia, he will get nothing. If he knew that, wouldn’t he know how it would turn out? Rather, for Miss Dalia so that no one can take advantage……”

“Your Majesty, mind your words. Dalia is listening.”

Hikan said quietly. The Emperor shrugged his shoulders.

Dalia also stared at the Emperor in confusion.

“Your Majesty always talks about important things too late.”

Hikan clenched his teeth and spoke slowly. The Emperor sighed. It seemed that he had something to justify himself.

“Until now…… There was no clear reason to inform on this matter. What do you want to do if you know it? If I had known what Aceras was up to when he was under me, I might have told him this and prevented a greater tragedy. But we’ve already come too far. We can’t go back. Now all we have to do is hide this.”

“Even so, Dalia had to know about her ability.”

“I admit it. I apologize.”

The Emperor raised his hands and apologized neatly.

Both knew in their minds that this was the only right time for Aceras to come to this Empire. Even so, it was a very late realization.

Dalia looked down at her hand.

To think that her ability is affected by her emotions. It was a strange matter that she had never thought of before.

This is because she has never had any ill feelings towards anyone else, so all the purification went well so far.

But not for Aceras. Because of the incident with the previous Duchess Mary Blueport.

‘What would Aceras do if he knew this?’

He doesn’t need Dalia, so will he kill her? No, maybe more than that, he lost all hope and he will run wild?

Dalia was angry and scared whenever she thought of Aceras. But on the other hand, she couldn’t figure out what made him do that, so she kept worrying about him.

Is it because of the strange responsibility of having to change all the characters in the original work? Or because he’s too much of a threat to her?

The Emperor spoke more cautiously as Dalia continued to look at the floor.

“So, Miss Dalia…….”

Dalia replied without raising her head.

“I won’t speak to Your Majesty for a year.”


“Of course there is no purification.”

The Emperor looked sad. But neither Hikan nor Dalia cared.

‘Something like that happened.’

After that, the Emperor sent Dalia a few gifts of apology and messages of love several times, but Dalia stood firm with her decision.

Still, she’s not really going to do it for a full year, and if he tries a few more times, she’ll pretend that she can’t win.

Anyway, it’s already May. Dalia’s birthday is a week away.

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