It was the day of Dalia’s actual coming-of-age ball.

Hikan had no choice but to make Adrisha his partner again.

Unlike Cedric and Dalia, the two denied it more intensely than anyone else when rumors of their love affair came out, so no particular word spread.

Then rumors spread that Lewayne Blueport had arrived in the capital.

She was excited to see if Mary Blueport would come with him, but unfortunately she didn’t. It’s probably because there are still many bad rumors about her in the capital.

There are widespread belief in the capital that once a transcendent ran wild, they might go wild again.

Thanks to that, even Lewayne Blueport was receiving such attention.

Why did the mana explosion start again from Duchess Blueport, when no transcendents went crazy under the strict supervision of the Imperial family?

Could it be there’s something wrong with the Blueport family’s traits?

The Blueport family is not based in the capital, so it was difficult to correct such prejudice.

Thanks to this, Lewayne’s arrival in the capital was rather lonely for a Duke.

Anyway, when he came to the capital, Dalia started to get worried.

It’s not just because it reminds her of the Darby-Gatran Treaty and Aceras, which are about to be broken.

The appearance of the new and the last male lead itself was a stress for Dalia.

The male leads here were great men who easily destroyed a country in the original work if they were left as they were.

‘Cedric always dies at the end.’

In addition, Lewayne sent a letter saying that he really wanted to participate in Dalia’s coming-of-age ceremony.

It wasn’t polite to refuse, and she agreed, thinking it might be because of Mary Blueport, even though she felt slightly uncomfortable.

When Lewayne first saw Adrisha, he fell in love at first sight. However, next to her is Hikan, the final villain of the original, and if a sparks fly out.......

‘No, it can’t be.’

Dalia shook her head.

Lewayne Blueport was more arrogant and chivalrous than anyone else. He is blunt like the male protagonist in a romance novel, however he has a deep affection for cats.

At the same time, he was the closest to the ‘true’ male lead role in the original game <The Labyrinth of Ouroboros>. In other words, he is the one who achieved the most emotional connection with Adrisha.

Nevertheless, he ended up killing all the other male leads and broke Adrisha’s last wing.

The method of forcing her to sit next to him is no different from other male leads.

However, his difference from the other male leads was that he regretted his past sins and ended up leaving a lingering impression that he could be different in the future.

His last scene was like this.

『Lewayne saw Adrisha crying. Regret came belatedly, but everything was already over.

「No, it’s not over yet.」

He can do it again.

Again, he can start again from scratch.

He constantly repeated those words, embracing Adrisha’s weak shoulders.』

There is another important difference.

His transcendent trait that never appears in the original work until the end.

This unknown trait made Dalia feel uncomfortable.

No one knows what kind of consequence will happen if he hides something and turns to the enemy.

‘Wouldn’t it be possible for this to end peacefully if he wins Adrisha’s heart when there’s no competitor like now?’

Dalia suddenly thought of that and shook her head in a hurry.

What crime did Adrisha commit for her to have to deal with such a person!

Dalia hated all of the original male leads. It was a very deep-rooted distrust.

Anyway, the ball has started, and Dalia has to leave.

She checked her outfit one more time, and headed toward Cedric, who was waiting for her.

Cedric smiled as he took her hand.

Looking at his appearance that shines even more today, she made up her mind.

‘I’ll protect you at any cost.’

Cedric also felt her gaze and stared at Dalia. Then suddenly, he lowered his upper body and raised his hand to rub Dalia’s eyes.

“Did you cry? Your eyes are red.”

Dalia cried three days ago.

It was a frightening observation.

She shook her head, but Cedric held her face in worry and continued to look around.

“Who did that to you again?”

‘Where can you find a friend like this?’

Shaking her head, Dalia thought.

* * *

Perhaps it was because it had gone through Merida’s hands once, everyone who came did not praise Dalia’s dress.

The Emperor looked at Dalia and continued to shake his head with a fatherly smile. (It was said that it was the first time for the Emperor to appear at a noble lady’s coming-of-age ceremony during his reign.)

Cedric, on the other hand, glanced at the open part of Dalia’s dress with an anxious expression every time. That look was rather pleasant.

However, Dalia’s nerves were focused on Lewayne, who had not yet arrived.

She continued to monitor Adrisha and Hikan’s movements.

The two sparsely exchanged a word or two, and then dispersed, each looking for someone with a business.

It would be better if Hikan or Dalia was next to Adrisha at a time like this when Lewayne might appear, but she said she should help the Emperor at the ball to negotiate a mining contract with a certain viscount.

Just in time, she saw Adrisha was talking to a middle-aged man and going out to the balcony.

Dalia chewed her lips.

‘I feel uneasy.’

The first meeting in the original story, in which Lewayne falls in love with Adrisha at first sight, is not far away.

In the original story, Adrisha’s negotiations did not go as planned.

She doesn’t remember what the reason was, but she ends up fighting with the other party and eventually thinks about whether or not to take her weapon out in the ballroom.

At this time, Lewayne appears and mediates the situation.

To prevent that from happening, Dalia told Hikan to watch over Adrisha when she went to negotiate.

Hikan, however, was not particularly inclined to do it. Dalia’s request was uncharacteristic of him, who always listened in any case. Oddly enough.

In the end, it looked like it would go that way this time as well.

Just like Duchess Blueport went wild. Just as Aceras gave Dalia the line he should have spoken to Adrisha. Just like Meldon and Adrisha reunited.

The beginning doesn’t always change.

In the end, Lewayne will fall in love with Adrisha at first sight. If Dalia doesn’t interrupt, he will obsess over Adrisha and make it hard for her.

She had gotten used to the restraint of the original to some extent, but whenever it happened, she really felt that she had fallen into the world of the game.

Not real, just a virtual world.

However, Dalia’s efforts for many people, helping them, and receiving help from them were by no means fake.

The warmth that came from Cedric’s arm that she was holding was truly not to be doubted.


She held Cedric’s arm tightly and strengthened her will.


“His Excellency Duke Lewayne Blueport is coming in!”

It was finally the appearance of the last male lead.

Dalia forgot about Cedric and turned around to look at the lobby of the hall.

Lewayne Blueport, dressed in his Ducal family cloak and sword, entered, looking very chivalrous.

She remembered that among the many vocabularies used to modify him, the word ‘dignified’ was not omitted.

With his bangs pulled back to reveal his forehead, he was a strong-looking man.

Even Dalia could feel the envious glances from the young masters imagining his hard muscles under his clothes.

Unlike the nobles of the capital, who were far from all kinds of threats, he was the one who faced the giant Kraken at the front line.

He was also the one who directly slaughtered dangerous beasts and faced the threat of the Holy Empire at the border every day. That kind of reaction from the boys was natural.

He strode forward, ignoring all the voices around him.

Dalia hurriedly checked the balcony door where Adrisha had entered.

Even if the negotiations went well, there would be no way for them to come out already, but the door was firmly closed.

Now, Lewayne will open that door and get Adrisha out.......

“Dalia, Duke Blueport is coming this way.”

Then Cedric lowered his body a little and whispered to Dalia.

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