The last two methods were the most suitable, the first manipulated Soul Points in a finer manner, and Rowan decided to call that method the Minutiae Realm. It made a single needle of Soul Energy and he would be able to use it to perform works that required a firm and dexterous touch.

With Minutiae Realm Rowan should be able to thread Soul Energy through the eye of a needle and work with Soul Energy on the Cellular level.

He had not forgotten his dreams of becoming a Mobile Alchemy Forge. He shuddered to think what he could forge using Soul Energy while using Minutiae Realm.

With every experiment he made using Soul Energy, his Knowledge Well would gather data and improve the methodology, until he could manipulate Soul Energy on the atomic level and even smaller than that. In time he may be able to access the quantum realm and use the Minutiae Realm method to introduce changes to it.

The second method used Soul Energy like a hose, controlled but released in massive amounts. He called this Method—the Big Bang. There was nothing subtle about this method, he only needed control, direction, and a massive amount of Soul Energy.

His experiments used up the ten seconds, and he drew forth another ten seconds leaving him with seven-ten seconds left.

It was the Big Bang Method he required at this time, and so he directed his sight towards all 140 World Seeds and he sacrificed six out of the seven ten seconds he had until time became a bit linear, leaving him with the last ten seconds.

He pushed all his concentration into the single consciousness pillar he had available to him, and he called forth the full might of his Knowledge Well for control, as he unleashed 140 Big Bangs!

Instantly ten Soul Crystals were crushed and his opened right palm began to glow red-hot, 140 thick purple tendrils made of Soul Energy grew from his palm and waved around like serpents looking for prey before pouncing on the hovering World Seeds.

"Eva, cover my hand with a shield, to reduce the fluctuations of my Soul Energy," Rowan whispered with his last breath before falling into slumber.

Eva already understood her instructions, and gathering thirty Angels she began to create a formation over Rowan's right hand; it was made just in time before a massive pulse erupted from the World Seeds, cracking the formation but it barely held.

They hastily began repairing the formation, as Eva watched the World Seeds begin to expand. Another stronger pulse erupted, but now the formation was strong enough to contain it.

One hundred and twenty-three pulses erupted from the growing World Seeds before it settled, and now each of them was as large as a story building with countless golden filaments surrounding them like hair.

The World Seeds resembled massive dandelions, and each waving tendrils left clean slices in space. Whatever they were made from was very sharp.

They pulsed slowly as if they were a beating heart inside them, and the Aura they gave off was filled with mysteries. These were all fully matured World Seeds!

A World Seed would need to drain a planet of consciousness and massive amounts of resources before they would be able to begin transforming the planet, but with a single Soul Crystal, Rowan had become able to accomplish this task.

Apart from creating dozens of Angels, this was his single biggest expenditure and it was worth it.

Eva turned to the Angels, her eyes shining with a bright purple light, they rotated in their sockets as she made millions of calculations every second.

She had finished checking the status of all World Seeds, and all of them were perfect and without any defects. These steps were necessary because any World Seed here was a powerful force for change, that any god or great power in the universe would do anything to get their hands on.

Every World Seed was both powerful and incredibly delicate, with trillions of connections and pathways inside that any single deviation from the norm would lead to disaster.

An Empyrean with this ability was both a bane and a curse, for there could be unknown mutations in their World Seeds while they develop due to factors they could not control, making all of their World Seeds different, and so their qualities were naturally different, with some World Seeds being superior to others.

Most of the time they had to destroy the World Seed they created because they rebelled against their creator, making each seeding of any world a dangerous and cumbersome task for any Empyrean with this ability.

Although this ability was broken, most Empyreans would not willingly select it from their bloodline source, because of the unknown factor that could arise during the process. Besides most World Seeding Abilities could only seed perhaps a dozen worlds.

Every World Seed Rowan created was perfect. He did not have to depend on the messy energies inside the worlds he was seeding to feed them to maturity, they were all superior-grade World Seeds with enough vibrant energies that they could light up a star.

"Are the worlds to be seeded fully monitored?"

Erudiel the Sovereign replied by opening his palm and realistic models of 140 worlds floated above it, Eva's eyes went through each of the worlds in excruciating detail one more time before nodding,

"We shall be seeding worlds, ten at a time, starting from the edge of the star cluster. Each World Seed is going to be accompanied by three Angels. The Space routes have been calculated, go with haste."

Three Angels encircled a single World Seed and shielded it with a circle of flames and they shot into space like golden beams of light.

The full attention of the Scribes, Spell Weavers, Angels, and the Entire Divine Palace was focused on this task and Eva created a large two hundred feet realistic hologram of the ten World Seeds being escorted by the Angels, as the entire Divine Palace seemed to be holding it breath.