Inside the Cerulean Galaxy were vast amounts of worlds numbering in the billions, but few of them had the required resources that Rowan wanted.

Aether could be found in every corner of the universe, but it was not distributed evenly. For the planets that were lucky or some would say unlucky to have a suitable amount of Aether in their vicinity, changes would begin to develop on these planets, giving the world a consciousness and creating various mystical resources.

These resources included magical metals like Davross, Adamantite, Silverine, and many others. There were also magical plants, locations, and most importantly, an indigenous population that had potential and was in sufficient numbers to feed him a vast amount of Soul Points when they died of natural causes, or due to war and sickness.

The Cerulean Galaxy was mostly filled with humanoid populations, and they had worlds that were filled with such resources, but among the many billion worlds, barely three thousand of these worlds had the requirement Rowan needed, and such worlds inevitably drew the attention of the strong.

The challenge, therefore, was to find suitable worlds that did not have the presence of gods or guardians more powerful than the Third Great Circle. Vraegar and the two Sovereigns had powers on this level but any battle of that scale would draw attention.

They had to avoid all confrontations at this delicate period of time.

This was the restriction Rowan gave, at least until he woke up, at that time he would begin a wholesale hunting of the gods of the Cerulean Galaxy. He would have enough Attributes in his Absolute Body to be able to support the growth of his Avatar of Eve bloodline.

Rowan intended to reach the peak of the Second Great Circle with his Avatar of Eve bloodline at the moment he woke up. This would give him the ability to begin fusing his Angels and give him the strength to battle Earth gods.

With the assistance of his Absolute Body and Angels he would be able to battle the gods in this galaxy, with the wave of Soul Points and Essence he would receive from their Divine Kingdom, he would push his two bloodlines to the Third Great Circle.

At that time, he would have the ability to begin his battle against Trion. His enemies however were greater than these, so his goal was to push for the Limits of the Fourth Great Circle, at that level, he did not care how powerful his father may be outside this universe, for Rowan would have no equal inside this universe.

If it was not enough, Rowan would seed the entire universe until every gesture from him would shatter the very fabric of reality.

That was the overall plan, but first, he would have to start small.

So he could take subpar worlds for now, he just needed to awaken from his slumber, and then the true conquest would begin. He had millions of Angels of Char surrounding his Palace, and the universe was awaiting their glorious light.

Every obstacle in his path will burn.

Eve had fine-tuned the selection of worlds to eight solar systems, and to avoid unnecessary interference from outside influence, none of these worlds had space-traveling capabilities, and their level of technology was equal to the nineteenth century in Rowan's previous life, so much of their magical resources had not been tampered with because their inhabitants were incapable of exploiting those resources.

The most powerful figures in those worlds were at the Second Great Circle in power, and any of his Angels could sweep through the entire world in a matter of hours.

The solar systems were also not too far apart and they were all generally around a small cluster of stars that was overseen by a single god, but still far from its attention.

The first batch of Angels arrived at a solar system with precisely ten worlds, the worlds were orbiting a small blue sun and of the planets, three had sentient life while the rest were filled with bestial creatures.

With ten beams of light stopping over the planet, their presence was detected. It was impossible not to, for each Angel appeared as if another sun was shining in the sky.

Across the ten worlds, heads were raised to the skies, in astonishment and fear. Countless beasts seemed to understand that change was upon them and roars and howls came from countless throats.

The Major powers in the worlds were filled with fear and confusion, the Angels did not hide their presence and the World Seed was shining bright like a star.

Each Angel coldly assessed the planets below them, some were arid lands with vast spanning deserts, and others were filled with forests and lakes, every planet was different.

With the final check complete, Eva from the Divine Palace made an arcane gesture with her fingers, and the World Seeds were enveloped with a milky white light and vanished, each of them was shot into the center of the planet using the Fast Travel ability of his Astrolabe Chamber.

The World Seed passed through the planet without shifting a single grain of sand and arrived at the core of the planet. It luxuriated in the intense heat from the planet's core before its program went into effect.

The millions of waving fine tendrils around the World Seed shot into space and infiltrated the growing World Consciousness. For a Minor World like this, their World Consciousness had the mind of a baby and its actions were instinctive.

It was a simple thing for the World Seed to wipe its mind and begin to transform the World Consciousness into an extension of Rowan's consciousness.

If Rowan's brain were to be the size of a universe, then this planet would have become a single neuron inside his developing mind. This was one of the purposes of the World Seed.

Having accomplished this task the World Seed got access to the entire structure of the planet. Since it did not need to draw on any of the planet's resources, the tendrils on the World Seed expanded from the size of a hair to a gargantuan size, tens of thousands of miles long.