The first thought that entered his mind was, 'You have begun evaluating my growth once more.' Of course, he was referring to the Primordial Record, this mysterious Singularity.

For a while, it had made remarks on Rowan's strength and inexplicably it stopped. Maybe it was because it was no longer satisfied with his growth, or maybe because it was waiting for something special.

Rowan did not prefer the title Child of Chaos, nevertheless, he took note of the name, oftentimes many mysteries were hidden behind names.

His mind brushed through his current Attributes and he swallowed, although he had imagined that because his Ouroboros Bloodline remained at the Rift State he would no longer be depending too much on it proved to be very false.

Before he slept, his total Attributes had been below 60,000 points, and now a single one of his Attributes is greater than that. Rowan wagered that his Attributes were now equal to those of an Earth god.

With all of his consciousness pillars sucked into his developing Territory, it was hard for him to understand the full power his body was now capable of, but going by the numbers, it was dreadful. Perhaps he could tear apart a Minor World with his bare hands.

His Attributes alone could not judge the true extent of his powers, because his Empyrean Constitution and passive abilities like his Telekinesis made it harder to put an accurate number behind his attacks.

All of this progress came from his Seeding of just 140 Worlds. He planned to seed three thousand Minor Worlds, what sort of ungodly attributes would he have at that time? Would it be enough? Would it ever be enough?

With his current power, if he were to confront Erohim or Fury once again, it would be a different story as it would be difficult for them to even scratch his skin. His father had been bound by powerful laws, yet he knew this level of power was not enough, it was just the start.

His Attributes meant he had one extra weapon he could wield—his body. He would not be putting himself at the forefront of the oncoming battles, but if anyone thought that would make him the weak link in the chain, they would be very wrong.

His second concern was his lifespan, he could easily deduce that each seeded Minor World gave him a thousand years of lifespan. This was a valuable resource to him, for if he ever died, his lifespan was his get-out-of-jail card.

After understanding his basic abilities his focus shifted to his more esoteric abilities. Normally it should be able to seed only 33 worlds in order for him to ascend to the Incarnation State with the Ouroboros Bloodline, he could see the indicators that his limits had been exceeded, but Rowan was never one to follow norms.

If he did, then he would be dead somewhere behind in the many challenges he had faced so far.

He had two powerful bloodlines and their merger had led to a sum greater than both parts. His Knowledge Well Chamber was responsible for managing the thousands of worlds he would be seeding, as the Ouroboros Bloodline was not capable of handling such massive amounts of information.

Unlike other Empyreans who had a fixed amount of World Seeds, he was different as he had the World Engine itself. His limits were only dictated by how much weight his soul was able to bear.

Yet who would have ever believed that such a tyrannical ability could be paired with a Soulless creature like him? His Soul was no longer defined by limits.

It would be mistaken to even think that his bloodlines were similar to their Empyrean roots at this time, for he had left that level of power far behind him.

Now he had three concerns he would have to focus on. The first was his Soul Crystals. He had 543 Soul Crystals which should equate to 543,000,000 Soul Points!

This was a ludicrous amount of Soul Points, but Rowan understood the risks he took to gain them and the sacrifices he had to make. He knew that he had to break the mold and change the pattern of engagement or he would be left dancing in the palms of his enemies.

He should be careful yet bold, he should both be compassionate and cruel, to himself and to those who stand in his way.

So, he hunted Erohim and he laid a trap for whoever came to hunt him, and although he had losses, he also gained so much more. His Legion of Angels was no longer a far-off dream but reality, his plans to seed 3,000 Worlds were now achievable.

When his Territory was complete, he would take the Cerulean Galaxy and he would hunt down all their gods.

Like a boulder rolling down from the mountaintops, his momentum was growing and soon every move he made would crush worlds. Nodding with satisfaction at his harvest, he shifted to the next agenda

The second was the result of his gamble with Andar Erikson, which had led to the addition of a new Aspect, and it was an unexpected Omnipotent Aspect!

He knew there were Omnipotent Bloodlines, but he never knew that an Aspect could also be like this. The Meditation Art of a Mage became an Aspect when it got to his hands.

He had suspected as much when he saw that the Berserker Aspect he was cultivating was used as a Script in the world of Mages, and he knew that if he searched through all the Meditation Art available, then he would come across a Berserker Meditation Art.

Rowan hesitated to activate this Omnipotent Aspect because he understood that if he did then it was most likely that he would lose the Berserker Aspect.

He shifted this concern to the side for now, he had an idea about how he could keep the Berserker Aspect while cultivating this new Omnipotent Aspect, most likely it would become one of his most valued battle arts soon enough.

The last concern was also the thing brewing inside his Mental Space. His Territory.

The Primordial Record called it the Primordial Sea of Darkness, which threw him off a little, for he had no idea what sort of Territory would be born from his bloodline, but there were hints in the name.