His Palace of Ice was a Territory of a sort, even before he had access to that level of power, and he was eager to see what his Palace would transform into when it was now a fully realized Territory.

He had already received great benefits from the Palace of Ice and now with this new upgrade, his abilities would take the next step forward.

His Mind shifted to Andar. Rowan had woken up a few moments after Andar was struck down by an unknown force, and currently, the boy was still in slumber, and from the patchy feedback he could receive from his body, Andar was healing.

Rowan could predict that he would be waking up two to three months from now, and by the time Andar may have cleared all the mess inside his Spirit Matrix another five months may have passed in total.

Rowan was mildly amused by the response of Andar and his Reflection if they knew he was now awake, while it was them that were sleeping.

Pushing that distracting thought away, he focused on the sensations that made him begin upgrading his powers.

The presence outside his Palace had not come closer to him after all these while and so he could breathe a little easier. He had only a single strand of consciousness to use as the rest of himself was stuck inside the tiny purple and black speck.

Whatever the presence outside the Palace, they were powerful, but their power did not feel like any he had ever touched before, not like the gods or Mages, in fact it reminded him of himself a bit.

To be more specific, it reminded him of a period in his life that had been kept away by the Primordial Record, an entire timeline folded away.

Reality Butcher!

This was what he was reminded of, something about this Title he had seemed to be resonating with the presence out there, and if he was to bet, it might just be the reason why these creatures were surrounding him.

Their presence reeked of destruction and ruin and this Aura resonated with his Title—Reality Butcher.

Could there be a use for Titles beyond the seemingly obsessive need by the Primordial Record to quantify everything?

If they were, then he would need to properly investigate all his Titles and their usage. Rowan reminded himself once more that every detail on his Primordial Record must mean something important, even if he did not understand its purpose.

Rowan gently placed Eva down and stood up, during the motion of his rise, he fashioned a robe as red as blood that was more than twenty feet long and so it draped behind him, he had a belt made of gold around his waist and he left the top of his robes undone and his powerful muscles could be seen underneath.

Such a gallant robe was not for the sake of vanity on his part but this was the design of Royalty that had been worn for millennia fit only for Emperors, and designing something like this was almost like instinct. He saw himself as nothing less.

For the first time in three years, he took his first step.


He gave his first commands, and his Angels rose.

Rowan smiled at them and felt the air in the distance tremble. A glint and a slight vibration shook the air and Envy was in his hands, appearing like a specter. The Great Axe shivered and Rowan tapped it twice with his fingers, the sound was like thunder.

He took his second step and he paused, there was a small sound that escaped from the black and purple speck inside his Mental Space, it was like a sigh, and then it grew louder and sounded like waves.

Then there was a silence inside his Mental Space as if the universe herself was holding her breath and then an intense explosion.

A black and purple light exploded from the speck, and that black and purple light turned out to be a river…. No, a river was too small to compare, a Sea, but one that was vast beyond comparison, yet it was strangely shallow for its depth was not more than twenty feet, but it had spread for an insurmountable distance.

From this Purple and Black Sea, great structures began to rise that were so vast they exceeded the scope of a mortal sight countless times. The first and most visible was the little tree in his palace, but it was no longer small.

It grew many roots that stretched for millions of miles, and like living snakes, they shot into the endless sea and drew from it in such massive volumes a roar could be heard as billions of gallons of water were drawn into the tree in every passing second and it grew until it was gigantic, the space inside his Mental Space was inestimable and there was no problem with limited space holding back its growth.

Rowan had no way to estimate the tree's current size but now it was bigger than the massive moons of Jarkarr, and it did not stop growing, although the intensity of its growth had reduced, it seemed that this tree would never stop growing.

Such a strange sight naturally drew most of his attention and then he felt his body beginning to shake and his Primordial Record vibrated so strongly it was shocking. This was the greatest reaction that he had ever detected from it.

He opened his eyes and saw the Black Book escaping from his chest and hovering before him. The black cover of the Primordial Record began to bleed away as if it was wrapped with shadows, and in the center of the cover, an image of a tree was revealed.

The red pages from the book began to bleed away, and half of the page turned green in the middle, parting each page equally in two from the top.

Rowan brought his hand to touch the image of the tree on the cover of the Primordial Record and he knew a truth that had been denied him for so long.

This was the reason why the Primordial Record descended from the unknown depths of the endless chaos, it was because of this tree… because he was born.