The changes in his Primordial record made Rowan begin to wonder if he could communicate better with this enigmatic treasure. He knew the book had a form of sentience, and with this change, he felt that the Singularity had merged with him better than before.

Rowan looked at the pages, it was two colors, red and green, but Rowan felt that a true merger between him and the Primordial Record would make the book possess more colors, after all he had three bloodlines, and it would seem only one of them had truly merged with the book.

Nevertheless, it did not stop him from attempting to communicate with it.

Rowan touched the cover of the book and closed his eyes, he searched for that connection he had with this book that seemed to transcend the limits of time and space.

He felt it. It was hazy and hidden behind endless layers of cryptic information that felt incredibly dense. Even with all his current computational capabilities it would take him hundreds of millions of years to understand a fraction of it.

This was the Primordial Record! Rowan was inside it, and it was a rare glimpse of what sort of treasure this Singularity was.

He sensed a general sensation of amusement from it.

"What are you?" Rowan whispered in awe.

There was a shift, and Rowan's mind went blank. When he came to, he instantly understood the Primordial Record had attempted to communicate with him, but due to his current powers were still not enough, he blanked out as his mind was overwhelmed.

'When would I be able to finally understand this level of power?' He thought.

Knowing it was futile to delve more into the Primordial Record, he asked a burning question that he felt only the Primordial Record would have the true answer to,

"Who is my father?"

He waited for a while and received no response from it, and then he felt a sensation of disgust, anger, fear, and bloodlust.

Rowan paused, he had discovered that the method the Primordial Record used in its communication with him appeared to be with emotions. The two emotions he felt were separated and distinct.

The feeling of disgust and anger seemed to come from a vast array of people, almost like an entire world having a collective sensation of disgust and anger towards one person alone, and he knew who that was directed towards.

They were all directed towards his father. For he recognized the other two sets of emotions of fear and bloodlust, as he had felt it not too long ago. It was from his father.

What conclusion he could draw from this cryptic message was simple yet profound. There was someplace outside the universe that was so threatening to his father that he had felt fear, and not just any sort of fear, it was an intense mind-numbing fear, like the sort that a prey felt before a predator.

This was all the information he needed going forward. It was not what he had hoped for, but it was an aid to him nonetheless. He kept the emotions that his father felt inside his heart.

Whatever had made his father feel such fear, he would make sure he did worse.

He had regained enough of his past memories to know what sort of monster he was dealing with.

His Primordial Record closed their connection, but there was a last sensation it left behind. It was of satisfaction.

The Primordial Record returned into his body and now he saw that it did not dwell inside him like before. Instead, it zoomed toward the gigantic growing tree and rested on one of its branches, where it seemed to be playing with the leaves.

This Singularity was a thing of endless complexities and yet it still felt like something simple and pure like a child.

Rowan imagined he could hear its laughter as it played with leaves the size of houses.

It was a stark reminder to him that power should not only be forceful. He should not forget to view the scenery even as he raced to the top, such sights were rare in the universe and it was a privilege to be able to see them.

Rowan moved his gaze away to the other growing structures on this Endless Sea.

This time it was his Palace of Ice, but now it was different…. Transformed.

He once had a memory about the previous Palace of Ice, it was gigantic and it was an exact copy of his own. That Palace had been surrounded by billions of Angels and its glory had lit up an entire galaxy.

But now what he had was different. His Palace of Ice had evolved. It was no longer just a Palace, but the beginning of a vast city had surrounded it.

He summoned the Primordial Record again and in his hands it began to vibrate, opening the seventh page, he was astonished to see the name of his bloodline began to morph.

With his growth, he was surprised that he was leaving his root bloodline behind, he had always imagined that he had the peak bloodline, and there could be nothing better, after all his bloodlines were already extremely broken.

Perhaps he should not have been too surprised because the rate of his growth was unprecedented plus he was enhancing his bloodlines solely with Soul Energy. This was a factor that he had always ignored. It must be undoubtedly rare for someone like him with such a powerful bloodline to be able to exist inside a material universe.

This was the reason he had such a resource as Soul Energy, and he had it in abundance.

Whatever energy flowing in his veins was very pure with no trace of impurities, he had attained the perfect state for his bloodline on every level and for that reason, they would begin evolving when the right conditions were met.

He looked at the sleeping body of Eva, perhaps he had achieved what the pinnacle of this bloodline had been craving after all these long years, he had made an Avatar of Eve.

The activity on the page of his Primordial Record increased to a feverish intensity as the gargantuan city rose from the Endless Sea and when the city was finally revealed the name settled.

Bloodline Upgraded:

Avatar of Eve > Sheol