The body of the Angel was launched from the walls as if he had been fired away by a cannon. His body went through a perfect arc in the sky before it slammed into the ocean surface once more.

It took a while before the Angel could stand. He was injured and bleeding golden blood that had shining specks inside of it like stars. It reminded Rowan of his blood. It was also the first time he had seen an Angel bleed.

The Angel appeared stunned in place before it began to recover. The damage it had suffered was not only physical but also spiritual, yet there was a healing energy inside his wounds that was soothing.

The Angel injuries healed and with it came growth. The Angel grew taller, his Armor thicker and his wings began to glow brighter as flames rushed out of his wings until they were burning as bright as a star.

His excitement however was not equal to Rowan's own, as he repeatedly checked the status of the Angel and he nearly began to laugh in joy.

Rowan knew that before he could begin fusing his Angels to become Archangels, he needed to allow them to fully mature. This was an essential process that Angels who had the potential of becoming Archangels and higher had to go through so he could fuse them to another Angel and in that manner, he would create an Archangel.

When he needed to create a Sovereign he would need to fuse an Archangel to another Angel, this fusion was also not random, as only specific Angels had a close enough resonance that they could be fused.

His biggest challenge was not finding candidates for fusion, with his million-strong Angels of Char, there would be many candidates to be fused, the challenge was the issue of time.

Every Angel that was to be fused must be matured, if not the fusion would fail. This growth was supposed to take decades.

This was the reason he was currently excited, from what he had noticed from the growth of this Angel, a considerable time had been shaved off from its time of maturity, weeks maybe months had been reduced from him, and he had only briefly touched the walls.

However, the Angel could not go through this process again and would have to wait for some time before he could continue after he had recovered from the damages he sustained.

Checking the recovery process he could see that the Angel needed to recover for at least a week. This was mostly due to the spiritual trauma it suffered.

Calculating the time frame would mean he could reduce the growth rate of his Angels to five years from the time of their birth till maturity. For those that had been alive for these past three years, he would need about two years until they were fully mature.

This was a very short time. If he could be creating Archangels every five years, this would push his abilities to a dreadful level.

To fully understand why he was excited, a fully matured Angel was equal to an Earth god. Before the Bloodline Restriction on Trion was lifted there were only seven Earth gods in Trion.

Rowan had millions of Angels, if he could awaken all of them and push them towards maturity in five years, then he would have millions of Angels with the powers of Earth gods, every Angel was heads and shoulders more powerful than any Earth god.

If he could begin creating Archangels then his forces would have taken another step that would terrify all the universe. Because the power of an Archangel was equal to a god!

What did it mean to have a force that comprised millions of gods under him? He doubted anyone in this universe could answer that question.

The time for his vengeance just shifted a bit more closer. He returned the Angel to the Divine Palace for him to heal in peace, and he sent a consciousness to control his body as he brought out the Primordial Record.

He no longer read the book inside his mind, instead, he brought it over to reality and opened the pages with his hands until he reached the seventh page.

This action was almost instinctive, as Rowan felt that if the Primordial Record was sentient, then he would use any method to become closer to this treasure, even if it was just with tiny gestures like opening the book with his own hands.

He reached the page he had collected from his clone inside the Nexus and it remained the same, there was no change in it, and Rowan knew he could only truly access this page until the Primordial Record was complete or he got even stronger.

His eyes went over every detail of the page until he was satisfied and he turned over to the next, eager to see if there were any changes before he began making his moves.

He still had all the abilities from his Palace of Ice, and now that he was at the Second Great Circle, he checked his overall status once more.

PᖇᎥᗰᗝᖇᗪᎥᗩᒪ ᖇᗴᑕᗝᖇᗪ

Name: Rowan Kuranes

Age: 14/470,000

Strength: 138,540

Agility: 117,600

Constitution: 141,995

Class: None

Title: Plane Walker, Chaos Blood, Reality Butcher, Creator, Primordial.

Berserker (Tier 3)

Lament Of Celestials (Tier 0)


Enrage (Level 1 — Heaven State)

Vortex (Level 2 — Heaven State)

Bash (Level 1 — Heaven State)

Dash (Level 2 — Heaven State)

Smash (Level 1 — Heaven State)

Combo Attack (Level 3 — Heaven State)

Bloodline Skill: Eruption (16%)

Passive: Decipher language (complete)


SIX 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗗𝗘𝗗 𝗢𝗨𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗢𝗥𝗢𝗦 [CHAOS BLOOD] - Level 3 Completed [30,000]

SHEOL - Level 5 Completed (1,000,000)

TREE OF DESIRE - Level 5 Completed

Territory: Primordial Sea of Darkness

Bloodline Ability: Purgatory Gate (Locked)

Territory Gained: Primordial Sea of Darkness

Legendary Skill: Chaos World Engine [6/6]

Chaos World Engine [Minor— Completed]

Legendary Skill:Word of Enoch ×2 [Blank].

Rift Rule: Absolute Body.

Palace of Ice Chamber Unlocked:


Knowledge Well

Chaos Worlds (minor) — Limits Exceeded

Minor Worlds Seeded — 140

Awakening Primordial Bloodline [Sheol]

Soul Crystal — 543

Remark: Awakening Primordial

There was nothing much that had changed beyond his new bloodline upgrade, new Omnipotent bloodline, new Territory, new Omnipotent Aspect, new Title, and new bloodline activities…. Okay, there were plenty of new upgrades.