The air before him shimmered with a white light and Nezrakim and Dora appeared before him, they both bowed and Rowan could sense the intense wave of adoration flowing from their bodies.

Rowan's main body welcomed the two Angelic duos, and he immediately drew them into his Mental Space. Rowan noted that since his Sheol Bloodline resided in his Mental Space, his Territory was born inside of it, if his Ouroboros Bloodline reached the Second Great Circle then where would his second Territory be situated?

He had a hunch, but he could be wrong, the direction his bloodline took could be very strange, and he was not yet knowledgeable enough to understand all of its intricacies.

They both immediately gaped with wonder as they saw this place. His Mental Space had an undeniable majesty and glory that would be hard to describe, could it be his ever-changing City of Sheol, the gigantic Tree of Desire, the millions of Angels of Char, or the many wonders that could be seen at a glance?

Nezrakim and Dora fell on their knees and worshiped him. The chance to behold the mysteries of the Creator was a privilege they would hold dear.

They were among the first Angels to be born, and with each passing year the power of the Creator went deeper and became more profound, a million years from now, it would be a source of pride among the legions to be among your first to see the rise of the Creator.

Rowan could understand the sentiments in their heart, and a desire to be as strong and as infallible as the image they had of him grew in his heart. Their belief in him served as a formless source of strength that he began to treasure.

Their current size also intrigued him, it would seem that Angels grew bigger the stronger they became, going by the current size of these two, he expected that a fully mature Angel should be at least twelve feet tall.

There was an intense form of fanaticism in every Angel that bonded with a mortal, that was different from those Angels that had not yet bonded.

They were more curious and adventurous, their joys and sorrow went deeper, as it seemed the mortal parts inside them enhanced every flavor of emotions they felt. The fact that they were also stronger than a normal Angel was a plus.

Rowan knew of the bonding plan by Eva, and with the number of Mortals inside his seeded worlds, it would not be difficult to find worthy candidates for this process.

For now, Rowan had not seen any great drawbacks from their action, and with the innate difference growing between himself and every other lifeform, he was not against the notion of worship for he understood that such actions carried power he would be needing in the future as he grew stronger.

The Second Great Circle built up the Realms or Territory, what did the Third Great Circle develop?

Pushing this thought aside for the future he began collecting the Weapon Spirits from the Angel, he was disappointed to see that their form was gray and held far less power than the Weapon Spirit he collected from Lady.

He doubted if they would be able to inhabit a complex weapon like the blade, but that answer would soon be revealed to him.

He ordered the creation of the two God Weapons and from the feedback Hollow Forge gave him, it would be completed in two years. This was a very short time, for the complexity of these weapons would take a fully stocked Alchemy Forge at least a thousand years to produce this weapon.

The first blade was constructed over the span of 5,000 years, if the original creator knew that his work could be disintegrated and rebuilt into not one but two superior copies in the future, and in two short years, he wondered what thought might inhabit their heart.

He turned to the Angelic duo, curious about how they would fare against the Walls of Sheol. Ordering them to reach the City and touch the walls, he stood back, Eva remained by his side, her eyes curious to see how they would manage.

She had no idea what sort of bloodline was Sheol, and what it was capable of. A Primordial bloodline was a myth, even among the powerful. Those influential figures in ancient times would never allow their bloodlines to be spread, and even if they wanted to, it was incredibly difficult for them to achieve it.

For a god to give birth was difficult, talk less of a Primordial, a being that was as much an embodiment of eternity than a living flesh.

Rowan began to speak to Eva, the two Angels were not in a rush to reach the City Walls, they both seemed to be praying and their movement would suggest they were pilgrims going to a holy site.

"I am curious about the Angels of Char I have resurrected. Especially that one in the front. Disregarding its demonic form, the sheer power I can feel inside of it is astonishing."

Eva sighed, "Rowan I can tell you the potential level for every Angel that is here, but I don't know the potential of that Angel at the front. Most likely because during my time as the Ruler of the Palace of Ice, I have never summoned an Angel with this power. This suggests to me that whatever Angel it was, it existed before my time, which would make it truly an ancient being, perhaps… it was alive during the Primordial Era, for that is the only period of time that my previous self did not exist in."

Rowan's interest was piqued, as he grew further in power, he began to realize that the true seat of power was not to be found inside the universe, but outside of it, and the truly powerful were not gods, Mages, or even Empyreans, but something much older, Primordials.

Eva continued, "I would think the only reason an Angel of this stature would be born was due to your emerging Primordial Bloodline. I would have advised you to immediately awaken it, but whatever the effects of this City on Angels, it seemed its benefit is stronger on the Angels of Char, and perhaps it would be better to observe those changes before we begin awakening any of them."