He deliberated for a short while, "I agree," Rowan said, "I have an intense feeling that whatever changes are happening with the Angels of Char, if they are completed, it would create something monumental. Yet I cannot delay the fusion of my Angels to Archangels. I will be awakening a hundred Angels of Char that are compatible for fusion when the time comes, even if they are not done with the changes being made upon them."

Eva hesitated before she spoke, "I would also advise that you should grow stronger before you awaken that strange Angel, due to its incredible powers, it would be hard for you the Creator to not be influenced by it."

Rowan's face darkened, "What do you mean by influence?"

Eva swallowed, "I now have access to many of my previous memories, and it would be easier for you to understand if I shared them with you.

I do not know the Origins of Angels, for they existed far before I was born, and I was among the first to be born after the Primordial Era."

A memory came to Rowan, it was of a young Eva playing in a field of bluegrass, she appeared to be about eight years old, and was very adorable, her high-pitched laughter brought joy to the ears of everyone who heard her, and her knee-length hair... Was blue.

The field of blue grass she played with seemed to extend for an infinity, and only she existed in this place. Rowan looked around him and nearly choked when he noticed the density of Aether around him.

Every blade of grass here was filled to the brim with Aether, which was denser and deeper than anything he had ever witnessed, rivaling even his Primordial Sea of Darkness. He looked at the sky and did not see any stars but two massive worlds that defied comprehension.

Vast streams of Aether floated through the void that would put the Aether Geyser in the Black Tower to shame. Rowan nearly fell down in shock when he noticed that some parts of the moving streams of Aether were Primordial Aether!

A small part of these would create gods and Empyreans, yet he could see entire streams of it, millions of miles long flowing through the universe.

What sort of place was this?

"I don't know when I was born, but I was alone for the first few years of my life. I believe that perhaps I was a natural Spirit born from the bluegrass. Everything was happiness until they came."

Rowan saw the skies darken and a gigantic hand, trillions of miles in size appeared, just the hand would make his Ouroboros Serpent resemble tiny maggots.

From the hand, many small dusts like locusts poured from it, a closer look would reveal that it was not locusts and they were not small, each of them was the size of Major Worlds!

They attacked the two massive planets he could see above and all existence seemed to shatter, for a while nothing but chaos existed.

"My life was in disarray for countless years as I fought to protect my home and to survive, and I was at the edge of death when he arrived. He gave me a throne and he charged me to fight. He gave me my first Angels…"

Rowan saw a bleeding Eva kneeling on the ground, she appeared to be fifteen years old, and her eyes were no longer filled with happiness but with a cold madness. Behind her, the last of the blue grass turned to ashes and she stood alone... It was here that the last blue light faded from her hair leaving it black.

A figure cloaked in light happened to pass by, with a wave of his hand he disintegrated all her enemies and he said, "Good Seed."

The memories ended.

Rowan came to, he looked at Eva with a new light in his eyes, what he had seen had shaken him to the core, he suppressed the astonishment in his heart and looked at the millions of Angels of Char, their history filled with more mystery than he could fathom.

"So you see Rowan before you reach the Fourth Great Circle and command the power of your Primordial Bloodline, I would advise you not to awaken the first Angel here, maybe it would easily solve all your problems, but you would not be the master, but its puppet, even if it only wants to serve you."

Rowan understood her point, it was not so long ago that he had been scared witless about upgrading his Soul Seizer bloodline because of the threat of the Primordial Keepers, it would be wise to temper caution when he used these powerful abilities of his that he did not yet understand.

It would not be too long before he reached the Fourth Great Circle, even if the resources he used could fill up an entire galaxy, he would succeed and then he would master this power.

He settled his troubled mind and looked ahead, the two Angels finally reached the walls and as one they lay their hands upon it.

Intense light flashed on the contact between their hands and the wall, and they both began to scream, but unlike the first angel who lasted for less than a second before he was thrown out, these two managed to last for twelve seconds.

Their armor was glowing red hot, and their arms pressed against the walls had melted off. With a bright flash of light, they were blasted away from the walls, they landed in a pathetic state, but Dora was laughing.

The Angels began to heal and also grow, their armor receding and regrowing around them, and when they spread their wings, the light was blinding like a star, yet it appeared even more holy as if their bodies were being cleansed.

Rowan then summoned all the Angels in the Palace and ordered them to touch the walls, he soon returned them to their posts while waiting for them to heal of their Spiritual trauma.

This would be a regular activity every two weeks, as every Angel would be expected to touch the walls of Sheol. In five years, they would all be mature, and for some among them like Nezrakim and Dora, they would be mature in two years.