When all the Angels had left he asked Eva a burning question, "Tell me about the potential rankings of all the Angels here."

Eva nodded, "At this time, there are 1.8 million Angels whose potential ends at the Angel Rank, many of them are viable candidates for fusion, so it is necessary for them to be awakened. There are 203,453 Angels whose potential ends at the Archangel Rank."

Her breathing seemed to quicken as she looked at the hundred Angels that were at the forefront, in the future, these hundred Angels would be holding high positions in the Legion, commanding millions of Angels and Archangels.

"Of this hundred, ninety-five of them are Sovereigns, four of them are Powers, and one of them is a…Cherubim!"

Even as she spoke, her words sounded unbelievable to her ears, at the height of her power, she had billions of Angels under her, but she only had twelve Cherubims and Seraphims.

The notion of a Cherubim appearing in such a small number of Angels made her dumbstruck, she turned to look at the Tree of Desire with a pondering look in her eyes.

This bloodline that had become linked to Rowan's second bloodline was showing its ridiculous powers. It may not have any direct offensive powers, but its utility went beyond what any other bloodline she knew could accomplish.

This bloodline could create miracles.

"Your full might will be revealed in a decade, but before then we must go through the hunting plan, do you have any suggestions, Rowan."

"Just one," He answered, "This god we have selected as the first, I want to test myself against him. Create a battlefield where I can battle without intervention, I want to know how much I've grown with tangible experiments."

"It shall be so, of the 65 Minor gods and three Major ones, this one is among the most powerful of the Minor gods. The seeding of the 140 Worlds encroaches on his Domain, although by all indicators, he does not yet understand what is happening, that would soon change, the challenge is to make sure he does not contact other gods before we trap him. Plans are being set up to avoid that outcome."

Rowan responded, "This god has only two more Minor Worlds under his name, and he mostly dwells in one. In the coming months, I shall focus on understanding all my current abilities while growing my Angels, use my child Vraegar and Diane to bait out this god, My Ouroboros Serpents shall also aid you. We must shift this battle away from his homeworld for he may have strategies that he could use to contact his peers."

"By your will."

"Oh, where is my Contracted Companion Archimedes?"

"The lightning Kirin is a feisty creature, Rowan, even as we speak it roams through the Great Darkness while being accompanied by Circe Boreas, the lightning element they share seems to resonate with them and the beast has adopted her as his own. They do not know about your awakening, but I'm expecting them to return in the coming months, although I can summon them if you wish."

"No, do not do that, maybe they will be able to find the place I'm seeking." Rowan glanced at the tree of desire in the distance,

"Let me settle the feud I have with those creatures outside my Palace, I suspect that my Title as a Reality Butcher echoes within them, it would be great to understand the purpose of it."

Rowan's consciousness returned to his body and Eva appeared beside him, creating a Berserker Clone and imbuing it with a single consciousness pillar, he closed his eyes again and settled into his Mental Space.

Using Astrolabe, he transported his Clone and Eva to the target's location and they instantly arrived beside Erudiel the potential Sovereign, and Vraegar the dragon.

Erudiel was looking at the distance, he had already manifested a blade of flames and he kept it pointed downward, his two hands were upon the hilt of the blade and his flaming eyes watched the distance like a hawk.

With the appearance of Rowan, he bowed towards him, and Rowan smiled at him and drew him inside his Mental Space, he turned to Vraegar who was looking at him with an expression of loss, anger, sorrow, fear…

So many expressions passed in the eyes of the young dragon but it all went away when Rowan opened his arms.

Vraegar's eyes lit up like a star and he shrank as he swooped into his hands. Rowan felt a slight bit of shame and sorrow in his heart, but it felt muted, like an echo of a habit that was long lost.

Vraegar was useful to him, so it was a good thing to make him happy. If being a father to the young dragon was all it took then he would do so.

Yet, Rowan was still amazed by how much emotion he had felt at this moment.

"You stole from me little dragon." Rowan began to scratch the scales near his spine, making Vraegar swoon, his body twisting like a little cat.

"A thousand apologies father, I was just…"

"Hungry?" Rowan chided.

Looking down in shame the dragon nodded.

Sigh, "I have been a bad father, and many lessons that you should know have not been taught to you. The first thing you should understand about life is the value of patience and timing. You think the reason I was angry at you was because you stole from me, but that is not entirely the truth. What you stole was worth less than a single breath to me, easily replaced in the blink of an eye. I'm truly angry at you because of the methods you used, and the shortness of your vision."

Rowan held him up by his nape, turning the dragon's head so he would face him directly, "Tell me Vraegar, at that time I found you at the edge of death, what was the reason? Were you being chased by gods, by a couple of Earth gods perhaps, were you caught in the destruction of a world?"

The dragon was silent, he wanted to look away but Rowan did not permit him

"Answer me, child."

He muttered, "I was chased and nearly killed by one man."