Rowan sneered, "The last time I remembered, Fury was at the second circle while you were at the Third, yet you were the one who had to run with your tails tucked, even if he was special, did you forget your roots? Have you ever wondered why the distance between both of you should be so great?"

"I…I, don't know, Father."

"It is simple, your foundations are rushed and unstable, your body was born of my flesh, yes, but it was assailed by madness, every power you swallowed was untested and it did not fit with your overall nature, but your greed blinded you and you only ate more. The siblings you ate had different elemental properties and alignment, yet you did not seek the power that was sorely yours, you only devoured with no intelligence behind your actions, and the more you collected, the less you had."

Rowan's voice had been growing louder, and Vraegar's head sank into his chest, the spikes running down his Spine that were red like blood began to slowly turn pale.

"I gave you my blood and reforged your body anew, this was a chance for you to recognize your failing and work on your personal base of power. You should understand the strength that makes you unique and improve on that, yet your greed for quick progress made you consume my Essence. Just because you are my son does not mean our Essence is the same! You are lucky my Reflection arrived, else your foundation would have been tainted!"

Vraegar's eyes that were clouded with shame began to slowly light up as he came up with a realization, and he nearly laughed at his stupidity,

"Yes, I can see that you are now piecing it together, careless child of mine, do you even know where your strength lies?" Rowan sighed, "I do not trust your judgment any longer, your growth shall now be personally overseen by me, and I shall charge you with only one task when you have satisfied me, before then return to the Palace, your training has just begun. If you want to be worthy to bear my blood, you must hold yourself to a higher standard."

Vraegar shuddered at the sound of Rowan's voice, but the happiness in his eyes could not be hidden, the opportunity to learn and grow under the supervision of his father made his draconic heart to beat faster in excitement, he merrily flew towards the palace while swishing his tail from side to side.

Rowan sighed and rubbed his brows, "I expect you have come up with a Training Plan for him?"

"Oh yes," Eva smiled, "it was a simple thing really. The dumb dragon has a profound control over blood and bones, it was the reason he was able to steal part of your Essence. As a start, there is no need to look far for a suitable technique for him as your Berserker Aspect would be more than enough to teach him the method to control his power."

Rowan nodded in appreciation, "We will follow your lead for now. Well, it's best we get to the reason while we are here. It is rude to keep guests waiting, you know."

"Well, they do seem contented to wait." Eva pointed out, "Yet, the notion of personal space is not one they share I think."

She looked around, peering at the massive eyes that surrounded her and Rowan. The Children of Ruin had silently surrounded them and they were focused on Rowan as if trying to peer inside his body.

They had been in the same position for some time now, and they made no indication to attack, they only stared, their eyes were like deep wells containing destruction, as images of the destruction of countless worlds played on them.

Rowan stared at these giant creatures that reminded him of the gigantic beasts he had seen inside that world with a Red Moon.

There were seven of them here, according to Eva there had been more, numbering up to a hundred, but most of them had drifted away as the years went by leaving only these seven who refused to leave.

Their appearance was like statues, reminding Rowan of the gargoyles of his previous life but without the wings. Each one of them stood at more than thirty thousand feet tall, and there were countless cracks on their body that glowed with a red and black light as if a brewing volcano was contained in all their bodies.

They all carried pitchforks made from similar materials to their bodies, and a single long horn extended from the middle of their head. The seven all had similar appearances making them appear like siblings.

He was not here with his main body and he detected no malice from these creatures, but he knew they were powerful. The method they used in encircling his clone was almost undetectable, and only with his increased Attributes could he barely notice a shimmer in space as they all surrounded him.

It seemed they had finished scanning him and with a dismissive wave, they destroyed his clone and turned to stare at his palace. Rowan could almost feel the disdain in their action, after all, they did not charge into his palace because they easily could do so, their stand seemed to suggest that they had shown their goodwill to him, and he needed to reciprocate.

Rowan sneered internally, that action would be impossible for him, for he would never allow himself to be placed in a situation where he was the weaker party.

They had waited for three years, and then they could wait for another three. At that time he would know what game they were playing. Besides he could easily leave with the Astrolabe Chamber, but he was curious about these entities and he decided to stay close to them.

Anyway, he hoped to conquer the entire Cerulean galaxy in a year, if he seeded the one thousand-plus Minor World and the single Major World in this galaxy then he would have enough attributes and Soul Energy to evolve to a higher level.