He could not stay long with the mortals, and he may soon cut off contact with them.

No matter how much the mortals loved him, his presence, even through his weaker Berserker Clones was stifling, both physically and Psychologically.

They would celebrate him, but in their thoughts, they would very much prefer his statue that they worshiped. Gods should not walk amongst men.

Rowan remained inside his Palace for two months, refining his Current abilities and practicing with his Berserker Aspects, without a worthy opponent the growth of the Aspect was slow, nonetheless, he still ascended passed the Heaven State of the Berserker Aspect and brought it into a new Realm.

Rowan had opened up a hall that was bigger than a thousand miles, beside him was a gigantic Vraegar whose eyes were closed as he was surrounded by a massive sphere of blood.

The Sphere of Blood was generously provided by Rowan after he created and shattered thousands of Berserker Clones for the Dragon to use as practice material.

With every breath the dragon was taking the blood sphere was becoming smaller, and when the Dragon finished absorbing every drop of blood, his technique would have reached full completion.

The dragon was really talented in the path of blood as he was already breaking through to the Heavenly State of the technique Rowan gave him.

Although the Berserker Technique he practiced was quite different from Rowan's own.

Rowan had to pattern the Technique to enhance Vraegar's dragon body and unique capabilities. Which he created with the help of Knowledge Well coupled with all the information he could gather from Trion and the World of Mages allowed him to create something new.

The normal Berserker Technique focused on using the body's resources and burning the vitality to bring about an impressive amount of force and also create versatile techniques. This was an elaborate Technique that had both offensive and evasive abilities, although it did not focus on defense.

To fully enhance Vraegar's uniqueness, Rowan went in the opposite direction. The technique he was training, drained the blood and vitality from his opponents and used them to create terrifying abilities.

Even with the force field around Rowan's body, he could still feel a vague 'pull' constantly coming from the direction of Vraegar. The Dragon was at the second Great Circle, but he was already a force of nature.

Rowan had forced him to remain on that level until he had fully mastered his abilities to the peak, and could stably enter the Third Great Circle with no issues.

This new technique made Vraegar uniquely dangerous, for he could not only absorb vitality, but with an unleashed technique, he could also drain Spirit. Using the vitality and Spirit of his opponents he could enhance his overall abilities with no limits. In time this dragon would become a force of pure destruction.

Unlike a normal Berserker who loses their enhancements at the end of a battle and some even lose parts of their power due to damages to their Constitution, Vraegar instead got more powerful with the Vitality and Spirit he drained from his victims.

Rowan patterned this technique with the tyrannical constitution of Vraegar's Empyrean body, and he called it, Nosferatu, after a terrifying legend from his previous life about vampires. A Nosferatu was known in some stories to be the god of Vampires, and the current dragon satisfied all the requirements.

The technique had originally stopped at the Heaven State but with the new Ascension by Rowan, he would be able to develop the technique further.

Rowan was not too interested in this technique for his Absolute body was perfect, and Rowan would no longer taint his bloodlines with any foreign powers.

He hoped to be able to evolve his Ouroboros Bloodline which was already far stronger than an average Empyrean bloodline to a Primordial Bloodline, but to achieve that, it involved not just keeping his Bloodline clean, he also needed a primer to push it to another level.

If everything went according to plan, then the next Ascension of Rowan's Ouroboros bloodline would be heaven-shattering.

Behind him, the figure of a massive Meat Tree filled with bleeding branches and leaves began to shrink, and from afar the trunk of the tree resembled the torso of a man, the roots were the legs, and the waving branches were the arms.

If Rowan was correct, the next upgrade of the Berserker Technique would cause the Blood Tree to transform, and the next levels should not be far from him.

There should be only two more levels before he can bring this Aspect to its peak, and he expected great changes to happen when he reached the next level.

Rowan opened his eyes as the bloody tree sank in between his eyebrows and entered his Mental Space where it was rooted in his Territory, drawing Aether and nourishing itself.

His Berserker Aspect could barely deal with the quality of Rowan's Aether, but it would not be long before he brought this Aspect to the peak, and that weakness would disappear.

If he was not wrong, the peak of the Berserker Aspect was similar to the power of a god.

To push this technique forward from here on out, he would require battle.

Rowan opened his Primordial Record with his two hands to check the growth of his Attributes.

PᖇᎥᗰᗝᖇᗪᎥᗩᒪ ᖇᗴᑕᗝᖇᗪ

Name: Rowan Kuranes

Age: 14/470,000

Strength: 148,400

Agility: 126,400

Constitution: 153,985

Class: None

Title: Plane Walker, Chaos Blood, Reality Butcher, Creator, Primordial.

Berserker (Tier 4)

Lament Of Celestials (Tier 0)


Enrage (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Vortex (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Bash (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Dash (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Smash (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Combo Attack (Level 1—Transcendent State)

Bloodline Skill: Eruption (19%)

Passive: Decipher language (complete)


SIX 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗗𝗘𝗗 𝗢𝗨𝗥𝗢𝗕𝗢𝗥𝗢𝗦 [CHAOS BLOOD] - Level 3 Completed [30,000]

SHEOL - Level 5 Completed (1,000,000)

TREE OF DESIRE - Level 5 Completed

Territory: Primordial Sea of Darkness

Bloodline Ability: Purgatory Gate (Locked)

Territory Gained: Primordial Sea of Darkness

Legendary Skill: Chaos World Engine [6/6]

Chaos World Engine [Minor— Completed]

Legendary Skill:Word of Enoch ×2 [Blank].

Rift Rule: Absolute Body.

Palace of Ice Chamber Unlocked:


Knowledge Well

Hollow Forge

Chaos Worlds (minor) — Limits Exceeded

Minor Worlds Seeded — 140

Awakening Primordial Bloodline [Sheol]

Aspect Upgraded: Berserker (Heavenly > Transcendent)

Strength Gained: 9,860

Agility Gained: 8,800

Constitution Gained: 11,990

Spirit Gained: 17,700

(Spirit has submitted itself to the Authority of Sheol. Your Bloodline Grows.)

Soul Crystal — 542

Remark: Awakening Primordial