With Rowan's plentiful Consciousness Pillars, he could focus on the situation in Andar's room and still perform other activities.

His abilities to multitask would also take a great leap forward when his seeded world came online and synced with his mind. Each World Seeds would be able to draw on the processing capabilities of the entire planet. Basically, he would have hundreds of mini-consciousness pillars.

The only weakness of these mini-consciousness pillars was that he had to be close to them to make them work effectively unlike his Consciousness Pillars which could be scattered around with no issue, but as he continued Seeding more worlds, and the number of planets he controlled passed a certain threshold, then this flaw would be eradicated.

Learning the methods of multitasking was a long-term project and this was something he was getting increasingly used to doing, at this time his consciousness pillars were scattered in four locations across the universe and even outside it.

He also had a consciousness pillar at his Hollow Forge to maintain a speedy delivery of whatever armament he wanted, another was overlooking his Angels upgrade using a Berserker Clone, while another was overlooking the mortals and pondering on his next steps.

Rowan many minds were working with a shocking efficiency that had begun to approach or even exceed the realms of gods and Archmages.

The encounter at Andar's Room was still ongoing but Rowan's main body was already halfway to his destination. Astrolabe was pushing him through the universe at a speed many times faster than light, and it was a bit funny that Knowledge Well had a problem calculating his current speed, it seems the method Astrolabe employed broke countless laws, and Knowledge Well was not that equipped to deal with it.

Rowan arrived over a nameless planet with a flash of white light, it was a swampy world lit by the lights of a distant star. He folded his hands over his chest and observed the planet with his golden eyes.

This world existed outside the Cerulean Galaxy, a freak solar storm pushed the planet away from its orbit, and it was pushed far away from its sun, this left it to become a wandering planet, and every living thing on its surface died out.

The world glowed a pale green like an emerald jewel, and it was a surprisingly large planet, that had a solid crust containing lots of metal, but over that was an endless swamp, which was no longer warm but instead cold, but the water in this planet was too dense to be frozen, and so it flowed perpetually.

This was the destination where his first great battle would occur, Rowan squeezed Envy with his Telekinesis and the weapon vibrated in reply. The Great Axe was floating by his side, its desire for battle turning its surroundings red.

Rowan had seen everything he wanted and he grinned and plunged into the world below, as his body tore through the thin atmosphere of the planet, he opened his arms wide, increasing his presence and shockwaves blasted out from his body that were so loud it could be heard from every corner of the planet.

His speed was approaching twelve times the speed of sound when he reached the surface but he landed as softly as a feather, he was testing his Telekinesis, and he had instantly collected all the excess kinetic energy of his fall and held it in his hands.

He wrapped this force with his Telekinesis and molded it with his hands as if he were playing with clay before tossing it into his mouth and chewing.

Rowan smacked his lips, kinetic energy turned out to be tasty! It almost reminded him of tangerine from his previous life.

He touched the center of his forehead and a shockwave erupted from that point, it was a mixture of his Empyrean Sense that was carried by his Telekinesis, which he used to check the entire world and found out that the planet was clear of any obstructions.

There were three massive continents on this planet, and he was currently on the largest continent.

He moved above the waters until he reached the precise center of the planet, he opened his right palm, and for the first time since he gained his Territory, he brought out a piece of it.

Above his palm, a small globe of water formed that was as black as ink, this was the Primordial Sea of Darkness, and when it came into reality, the skies splintered.

All around the planet, thin lines spread all over the clouds as if the skies were made from broken mirrors. This was space tearing apart at its seams at the presence of such a dense amount of Aether.

Rowan could not bring out any more of his Territory without weakening the fabrics of reality to an alarming degree, after all this planet could barely be called a Minor World.

He dropped the globe of water into the swampy ground and instantly, the entire planet was frozen, and it instantly shrunk to a tenth of its previous size.

Rowan had not lost the freezing aspect his Aether contained, instead the effects had been multiplied. Rowan breathed out and the frozen air that escaped from his lungs traveled for miles.

The planet was now far smaller, but it was also denser, this was calculated because he did not want this planet to break apart easily when he fought.

Using Hollow Forge he created a coating of metal around the planet, made from the most durable alloy he could process at this time, this was not a waste as he could easily retrieve every single piece of metal he used when he was done.

He was satisfied with this battlefield and then Rowan disintegrated the Jacket he wore, leaving him shirtless, and he sat down on a small bump on the ground, meanwhile he waited for the god to arrive while playing with Envy.

"Who is a good God Killing Axe?"

Envy vibrated, "Me!!! Me!!!"

His eyes never left the skies.

Inside his body, his Ouroboros Serpents were roaring with blood lust.