Rowan had the sudden urge to punch this boy in the face, his grin and laughter was that annoying.

The first time Rowan heard the Chaos Door calling him a Traveler, for a brief moment, he had thought that his status as a Transmigrator had been revealed since he had no idea that the true identity of this being was so similar to his own, his mind went to one of his Titles Chaos Blood.

Rowan had acquired this title and his World Engine abilities when he reached the Legendary State with his Ouroboros Bloodline, he was not aware of how he acquired this ability and perhaps the truth would finally be revealed.

Whatever happened that day had conferred the status of a Child of Chaos to him, and among his peers, he would be called a Traveler of The Blood.

Since the moment Eva had revealed the truth of the progenitor of this bloodline, he had always been curious about his history. Chaos was the only true Primordial he knew, and he was curious to understand why a powerful being such as that was missing and to acquire knowledge about his bloodline.

Rowan asked, "Since the moment of my birth, I knew I was special, I was born to rule this universe. How come you are also a Child of Chaos?"

The Chaos Door laughed, "Haa, the expected megalomania, it all goes away after a few million years if you're lucky, if not, then you are headed for a world of pain. To answer your question, I want to know? Are you daft? Do you dare doubt my credibility, young one? It's in the name, Chaos Door. I have been called that name by many Eras, but don't you dare call me that, only the peons and the sheep call me by that name. What is yours? Oh silly me, you are still too young to have a name, yet you're already playing with the forces of a Supreme World, I admire your boldness fellow Traveler."

"You have been speaking a lot, but I have not seen any evidence to believe your claim. Why do you call us Travelers?"

The Chaos Door seemed to be enjoying itself, and he recited, "Are we not all Travelers of The Blood? Are we not all endless wanderers, chased from our home? Do you know about the history of our father? Did you not question why I could detect you so easily when it is a piece of your mind inside the body of this youth? How are you still alive with such a great amount of ignorance? Well, I will give you proof. It is very easy to do that you see, close your eyes, and try to see me without the barrier of my flesh. Don't worry, I know your sight would not work for you, so I will open myself for you to see. Treasure this gift, after all, I'm very shy."

Rowan was silent, perhaps he had overplayed his hands a little, but that was alright, it was impossible to expect perfection when it came to beings that were this old and powerful.

He peered at the door, eager to understand more about the children of Chaos, his Silver eyes glinting. The face of the boy suddenly grinned and with a creak, the door began to open itself and Rowan saw what lay behind.

It was hard to understand at first, but Rowan saw he was looking at only a small part of this vision, and to truly understand it, he must look at it like a single whole, and so he back a single step, the movement was insignificant but it seems to trigger a change in his perspective and he gasped,

What he was looking at made no sense, the dimensions were wrong and the light acted weird, the true form of the Chaos Door Labaletai was reflecting in angles that transcended time and space, and his body seemed to be both mechanical and also made from living flesh.

Yet within all that chaos was an undeniable attraction that Rowan could feel, that reminded him of the Throbbing World Engine in his body, and he knew that this feeling could not be faked, this was someone who had the same Source Blood as his.

He had to look away before Andar's eyes exploded, but he could feel his Ouroboros Bloodline boiling as they resonated with that spectacle behind that door.

Labaletai shut himself, and there was satisfaction in his eyes as if he was a pervert who managed to show something naughty to a minor, again Rowan felt like punching this door.

"Now, I should answer the first question about our father." The Chaos Door said, "About his betrayal and his fall, but… no if I do that without bringing you to the Inheritance Ground, those fanatics would skin me alive… hehe, it seems that I cannot tell you about some things, not yet, else I would be placed under Trials, and my charges would be spreading false information, but there are some things I can tell you. Yes, rules are dead while our reasoning is alive, burning like a furnace I tell you."

He began speaking, but Rowan noticed he lowered his voice until it was almost a whisper, "We are all children of the almighty Chaos, and our father was not stingy with his Bloodline Origin, I am sure that is one reason why he was hated. He gave his Source Blood to everything. He gave it to a fish, he gave it to a bird, and he even gave it to a rotten door he found forgotten in the woods…. Oh, that is how I, the mighty Labaletai was born, from such a humble root."

'You don't have to be so proud of something like that.' Rowan groaned internally.

"The detail of the fall can only be told to you when you reach the Inheritance Ground, but our father was betrayed, and besieged by many great powers, but he was too powerful and it would be impossible to kill him and so he was imprisoned at the Gate of Oblivion, and a war was waged against his us his children. Those were dark times and for many Eras, the many universes ran red with blood."