Under the gazes of all and sundry, a tall figure walked out of the Golden Crow Clan’s palace gate…

He was dressed in a moonlight-white outfit and exuded a transcendent aura, looking as if he was all alone in the world.

Demon God Lin!

The crowd was shocked, unable to believe their eyes.

Just now, there were clearly four supreme figures of the Golden Crow Clan that entered the palace. How can Demon God Lin just walk out so easily?

Where are the four supreme experts?

The people from Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain and Mysterious Metropolis Sect suddenly had a bad feeling. It can’t be…?

When they imagined that kind of result, their faces dropped, their calves cramped up, and they looked at Lin Xun with horror.

Lin Xun ignored them and left in a hurry.

No one stopped him!

Everyone present knew about his act of barging into the Golden Crow Clan’s territory and committing murder, which had severely broken the rules of Burning Immortal Ancient City.

But under the circumstances, who would dare to accuse him of being wrong?

And who would dare to punish him?

If some ancient freaks stepped in, then perhaps they would be able to suppress Demon God Lin. But who would go out of their way to offend such a character for no reason?

As some powerful cultivators had believed, rules were only a means to restrain the weak, and the true experts had always stood above the rules!

“Take a look!”

Some people looked towards the magnificent palace that the Golden Crow Clan had claimed as their base.

Even though they couldn’t enter without authorization, they could still probe the situation with their spirit sense.


Soon, many shivered, and their scalps tingled upon seeing the bloody scene –

Of the four supreme figures who had furiously rushed into the palace earlier, three had been killed. Their corpses were blown up and drenched in blood.

The last one was nowhere to be found.

In the same field, the Golden Crow experts who had been beaten by Lin Xun earlier were spared, but they all looked demented and broken, obviously scared witless.

It didn’t take long for everyone outside to learn about this, and they were all appalled by Lin Xun’s ferocity. The three dead supreme figures were all core characters of the Golden Crow Clan, geniuses that had high hopes of stepping into the Supreme King stage, but they were killed and left in a miserable manner!

“Just how strong is Demon God Lin?”

For many of them, this was the first time they had witnessed Lin Xun display his power.

“Don’t forget that he had suppressed an ancient freak, Jin Xiaoming of the Golden King Snake Clan. If we talk about the entire Burning Immortal World, his battle prowess can be ranked at the top of the list!” exclaimed someone.

The news on the battle soon swept through the Burning Immortal Ancient City like a storm, causing a huge uproar and shocking countless cultivators.

It had only been a few days since the opening of the Supreme Realm, and Demon God Lin had already gone on a rampage, ignoring the rules and killing his way into the territory of the Golden Crow Clan!

This just sounded unbelievable and hair-raising!

This battle also established Lin Xun’s notoriety and caused many cultivators to put their guard up. Even the ancient dao forces began to be wary.


Outside Burning Immortal Ancient City, Lin Xun was flying at full speed with a Golden Crow expert in his clutch.

“You are jumping into your own grave!”

The Golden Crow expert was livid and looking at him with deep hatred.

“You only need to tell me the directions.” Lin Xun’s expression was cold.

He had killed three out of the four supreme figures that had suddenly appeared in the palace and left behind this one.

This person’s name was Wu Tianshun, one of the current generation’s core descendants of the Golden Crow Clan, and was a dazzling talent who was ranked among the supreme.

He was also one of Wu Lingfei’s right-hand men.

“They are in Burning Sky Valley,” said Wu Tianshun straightforwardly, thinking this was no different from sending Demon God Lin to his death!

“Burning Sky Valley?”

“Yeah. Those two friends of yours were very vigilant. They sensed something was not right upon entering the city yesterday and just left before we could get to them. Too bad, they are targeted by His Highness, so how could he allow them to escape?”

According to Wu Tianshun, Toady and A’lu had already arrived at Burning Immortal Ancient City yesterday, but sensed the danger and decisively retreated.

However, Wu Lingfei had long since set his sights on them and sent out his forces in pursuit.

Now, Toady and A’lu were trapped in a mountain range called Burning Sky Valley.

“How many people did he send out?” asked Lin Xun.

Wu Tianshun was surprised by the question, and then he laughed out loud.

“Many, oh, many. And more than just our seventh prince, there was also Fairy Ling Hua of Mysterious Metropolis Sect, and the ancient freak Liang Xueyin of Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain.” Pausing a little, he added, “On top of that, there were supreme figures from the other ancient forces, ruthless ones…”

Lin Xun frowned in confusion. Wu Lingfei’s attempt to capture Toady and A’lu was nothing more than a way to coerce him into submitting, but why would the other forces want to get involved?

Moreover, it was too much of a mobilization.

“Are you scared? Hahaha, Demon God Lin also has things he’s scared of?” Wu Tianshun laughed sardonically with a sense of vengeful pleasure, “Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save your friends. You will watch them die right in front of you!”


Lin Xun smacked him across the face, causing buzz in his ears, stars to fill his vision, and blood to spill from his mouth.

But even so, Wu Tianshun laughed joyously. “Look at that, you’re angry. You must not be feeling very good, are you? Talk about karma. Let me tell you, no matter who it is, they will get what’s coming for them if they cross our Golden Crow Clan, and that includes you, Demon God Lin!”

“Your mighty Golden Crow Clan has to go so far as to deploy so many people just to deal with my two friends. Don’t you feel embarrassed ?” Lin Xun said blandly.

“Hmph, I know what you’re trying to get at, and I can just tell you straight. Our prince didn’t invite any other forces at all. It’s all because your friends made a mistake – they were actually able to escape into Burning Sky Valley without any danger!” Wu Tianshun coldly grunted.

“Can you elaborate?”

“There is a great opportunistic fortune hidden within Burning Sky Valley accompanied by a great danger, but your two friends were able to enter peacefully, so they’d naturally attract attention!” Wu Tianshun coldly explained, “Everyone suspects that your friends possess a treasure that allows them to enter the place of fortune. It would be strange if they weren’t targeted!”

Saying all that, he couldn’t help but sigh, “It’s a real pity that someone leaked the news and attracted the prying eyes of so many powerful elites. Otherwise, the great fortune would definitely fall into the hands of my Golden Crow Clan!”

Lin Xun listened with flickering expressions. So, Toady and A’lu had become a cake that everyone wanted a piece of because of a grand opportunistic fortune!

He still remembered Toady saying that he would bring him A’lu to a land of great fortunes after they entered the Burning Immortal World.

Thinking about it, the land of great fortunes was probably the Burning Sky Valley.

Apparently, they had had no choice but to escape into Burning Sky Valley to avoid Wu Lingfei’s pursuit, but little had they expected that they would be coveted by other great powers by doing so!

“Oh, what a predicament, isn’t it? Haha, why don’t you beg me, and I’ll help you plead with His Highness. If you submit and become his follower, you might just be able to save your friends.” Wu Tianshun smiled smugly.


Lin Xun simply slapped him unconscious.


Located deep within a majestic mountain range, Burning Sky Valley resembled a flaming valley. The sky above looked like fire with a sea of fiery red clouds.

The valley was peculiar, looking like a burning spark, but an extremely huge and profound one that could not be seen through at a glance.

The rocks, grass, and trees in the valley all displayed a delicate crimson color, and from afar, the entire valley looked as if it was erupting with flames, burning the sky.


Lin Xun landed and looked into the depths of the valley as he asked, “They are in here?”

Wu Tianshun nodded, then said, “So have you thought it through? With your strength, you will still shine if you join our seventh prince, and you can even save your friends at that. Two birds with one stone, and everyone is happy, so why not?”

“Say, if I take you to exchange for my friends’ lives, will Wu Lingfei agree?” Lin Xun asked.

This stunned Wu Tianshun for a moment before he laughed coldly. “Not a chance. The seventh prince is the most ruthless of them all. He doesn’t let himself be threatened!”

“Then what’s the use of keeping you?” asked Lin Xun.

Wu Tianshun’s face immediately changed upon realizing that the situation wasn’t good for him. He panicked. “Don’t forget I was the one who helped you get to this place…”


Lin Xun snapped his neck and destroyed his primordial spirit before he could finish his words. In his final moment, Wu Tianshun’s eyes were wide in utter disbelief.

Lin Xun put the corpse into his storage ring. Taking a deep breath, he traveled towards the distant Burning Sky Valley.

From him, an intimidating pressure radiated as his heart surged with an uncontrollable killing intent.

Just days after arriving at the Supreme Realm, Toady and A’u were already in danger. How could Lin Xun tolerate this?

They thought he was easy to bully?

Then they made a big mistake!

Entering Burning Sky Valley felt as if one had entered another world. From time to time, dazzling flames spewed up from the rocks, grass, and trees. This was the attestation of how overly abundant and powerful the fire power in here was.

The air was scorching hot, burning into one’s heart and lungs. It seemed like it was capable of melting away every metal, making every breath feel like inhaling burning coals.

However, this did not pose any difficulties for Lin Xun.

As he traveled into the depths of the valley, a jagged and lonely burning mountain appeared. It was ten thousand feet high and looked like a fire pillar that reached the sky.

At the foot of the flaming mountain, there was a natural cave entrance.

“Stop! This place has been blocked, entry is forbidden!”

Some people appeared at the entrance before Lin Xun could get close, their expressions cold and stern, and their eyes sharp like knives.

“I’m here to look for someone,” said Lin Xun.


“You don’t get to know. Just get out of the way.” Lin Xun kept traveling toward the cave with a calm expression. No one knew that the murderous intent brimming in his heart was about to get out of control.

Seeing that even the entrance to the cave had been blocked, it was obvious how dangerous the situation was for Toady and A’lu!

Lin Xun didn’t even dare to think about what would become of him if they were killed and never could be seen again…