Toady and A’lu were not weak. On the contrary, they possessed extraordinary strength and grasped astonishing inheritance arts. They were not inferior to any of the absolute apex giants in any way.

But now, they were severely injured and in a precarious state!

From one glance, Lin Xun could tell that if he had come a minute later, the two would have suffered an unthinkable fate.

The two were being encircled by dozens of top figures from different sects and clans, including Wu Lingfei, Ling Hua, Liang Xueyin and other ancient-era eccentric geniuses!

It was already incredible that the two were still alive.

Kill them!

Those two words echoed in the magnificent palace.

It was filled with bitterness, resentment, anger, and endless hatred!

Lin Xun didn’t need to think to know how aggrieved and helpless the two had been if A’lu was so infuriated.

“Okay!” Lin Xun softly spat out a word, but it was like an eruption of thunder.

Accompanied by the voice was a rush of uncontrollable killing intent spreading like a tide, causing even the air to whimper and wail.

The expressions of many people subtly changed. In their eyes, Lin Xun seemed to have transformed into another person, almost like a demon god emerging from an abyss. The power emanating from him struck terror into their hearts.

“Haha, do you really think that Demon God Lin can save you?” A man enveloped in silvery light and with a sword slung over his shoulder spoke in a mocking voice.

“Lin Xun, don’t say that yet. You have seen the current situation. It is not too late to recognize me as your master. I guarantee that I will give you a chance to live.” Dressed in a golden robe, Wu Lingfei smiled gently.

A fair-skinned man with bright purple eyes said coldly, “Wu Lingfei, did our Moon Worshipper Sect agree to that?”

The Moon Worshipper Sect!

It was a mysterious sect in the Holy Hidden Land with an ancient background.

This purple-eyed youngster was called Lie Yunhai, a peerless evildoer with strength comparable to those of the ancient-era eccentric geniuses.

“Why bother talking to them? We are here to seize fortunes. Anyone who dares to interfere will be killed.” A woman with a profound light totem on her back interjected. She was a descendant of the Profound Light Ancient Clan and her name was Xuan Jing.

“I have long heard about Demon God Lin, but his two friends are disappointing.” A green-haired man with a strange rune inscribed in the center between his eyebrows said aloud, “Everyone, how about you all watch me play with the famous Demon God Lin first?”

He was called Shang Lan, an absolute apex giant from the Sea Soul Clan, who had already demonstrated his outstanding strength in previous battles.

“Ridiculous!” A’lu roared in fury, “If you guys hadn’t shamelessly encircled us, I could have easily killed trash like you!”

Shang Lan snorted, “How dare a defeated opponent speak out? You are no match for me even in a one-on-one fight.”

The dozens of experts from different forces were all conceited. They all talked at once and treated Lin Xun as if he did not exist.

Lin Xun ignored them. He continued to investigate the area with his spirit sense.

Finally, he confirmed that there were only twenty-six opponents and no one was hiding.

“Stop fighting, I will deal with Demon God Lin!”

Lie Yunhai from the Moon Worshipper Sect stood up straight. He was exceptionally talented and had the strongest fighting blood flowing through his veins.

“No, I will get rid of Demon God Lin!” Xuan Jing was the first to act.

As she flashed forward, the space tore apart with a boom. Her aura was incredibly sharp and strong. She zapped forward like a bolt of lightning.

“Are you guys in such a hurry to die? Don’t worry, I will kill you one by one.” Lin Xun’s black eyes flashed a chilling light.

He no longer tried to press down the murderous intent surging in him!


Xuan Jing was already in front of him, striking a palm filled with boundless grand dao power and enveloped in visible profound light straight at him.

Profound World Shattering Palm!

It was a secret art of the Profound Light Ancient Clan. Once launched, it split the void with its sharp and blinding profound light.

Many people’s pupils shrank because Xuan Jing did not display as powerful strength in the previous battle. She seemed to have become another different person in the battle against Demon God Lin. She had been reserving her strength.

In truth, even though there were dozens of them, they had to be wary and careful of one another because they came from different sects and clans. Even when they encircled A’lu and Toady, they were restrained by each other and not one of them truly went all out. They wanted to avoid letting others take advantage of the situation.

That gave A’lu and Toady a chance to breathe. If not, then it would have been extremely difficult for the two of them to survive until now under the combined attacks of so many experts.

Facing Xuan Jing’s blow, Lin Xun wielded his fist through the air with unstoppable force like the mighty sea.


The space quaked with crackling and shattering sounds while a surge of divine brilliance swept across and drowned the entire area.

Miraculously, the one hundred and eight copper pillars in the palace glowed brightly, activating the obscure forbidden power to protect the palace from any damage like it was an impregnable fortress.

Otherwise, the impact of that blow would have been enough to crush mountains and rivers.

When the divine brilliance subsided, Lin Xun was standing in the same spot, motionless.

Xuan Jing, who was of noble blood had approached Lin Xun in a fast attack, but she retreated even faster. She staggered back several feet, arms quivering and blood trickling down her fair fingers.

“Demon God Lin must not be underestimated.” A surprised look crossed many people’s faces. Xuan Jing’s martial skills and strength were obvious to all, but Lin Xun still had the upper hand in the first exchange of blows.

“Very good. It’s only fun to kill an opponent like him. If he’s a loser, I wouldn’t even bother!”

Xuan Jing appeared delicate and beautiful, but her words were menacing and chilling.


A scimitar with profound light circulating it flashed out of its sheath. As she was speaking, she was already charging in.

“It’s a shame that you are not qualified to stop me. You are destined to die!” Lin Xun muttered.

He fought back with full strength and did not hold back at all. He had been keeping his anger in check for too long. He desperately needed an outlet for it. The rage in his heart was about to burst like a volcano.


The two continued to exchange blows. After dozens of collisions, Lin Xun suddenly pushed his palm forward and, with a bang, the blade blasted out of Xuan Jing’s grip.

Moreover, her delicate body flew backwards as if being pushed by a tremendous mountain; her pretty face was deathly pale and her lips were stained with blood.

Her shoulder blade had been broken, and her flesh and muscles were mangled around it. She almost lost her left arm, or worse, damaged a vital part of her neck!


Everyone’s countenance altered.

Before this, they were all very conceited and regarded Lin Xun as, at most, an equal, so they never feared him in the slightest.

But now, they all realized that they were wrong. Demon God Lin was far stronger than they had predicted!

Suddenly, Shang Lan from the Sea Soul Clan roared, “I’ll help you.”

His green hair fluttered in the wind as he charged onto the battlefield armed with a giant ax.

His imposing manner engulfed the battlefield like the monstrous wave of an enraged sea and his giant ax produced bursts of blinding dao light. The space shattered behind him with every step he took.

But in just over ten rounds, he was wounded under the Bixi Collision and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He slammed hard into one of the copper pillars like a kite with a snapped string. The pain made him see stars.

Everyone’s expressions changed once again. They stared at Lin Xun as if they were looking at a monster.

In the past, every one of them was regarded as a monster in the eyes of other cultivators due to their unimaginable strength.

But the power that Lin Xun showed made them feel like they had encountered a true monster.

“Everyone, if a situation drags on, a problem may happen. We should attack together. Demon God Lin possesses heaven-defying powers. If we want to kill him, we must work together,” said Wu Lingfei, the seventh prince of the Golden Crow Clan, solemnly.

He had declared that he wanted to take Lin Xun as his servant, but he no longer dared to do so.

“The Seventh Prince is right. Demon God Lin seems tricky to deal with. If we all fight separately, we may be defeated by him one by one, which is an outcome that no one wants to see.” Fairy Lin Hua also persuaded them, her eyes flashing with resentment. She had not forgotten the humiliation that Lin Xun brought to her.

“Brother, do you need help?” A’lu cried out anxiously when he saw the unfavorable situation.

“Shut up! You will only cause trouble if you go up there! You just need to protect me!” Toady spoke with a hoarse voice and coughed his way through his sentence. “Let’s give him the opportunity to show off. If he really is beaten to the ground that is when we have no choice but to risk our lives!”


Figures raced across the battlefield, all aiming their weapons at Lin Xun.

Even if they all came from different sects and clans, their goal was the same—to seize the great fortune. But they all knew that they would not succeed if they did not get rid of Lin Xun first.

“A’lu, protect Toady and just watch how I kill them all!” Lin Xun drew a deep breath, and his energy, qi and spirit seemed to be burning fiercely like a furnace. He activated all his cultivation arts—Yazi’s Rage, the Sacred Combat Art and the Tribulation Dragon Nine Transformations.

But he chose a different grand dao power this time. For the first time, he mobilized the Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer without any reservation!

“Haha, you talk big. Anyone else who comes here will definitely die, let alone you!” someone sneered.

This was no exaggeration. Generally speaking, even an ancient-era eccentric genius would not be able to ward off the relentless attacks of so many peers.

After all, the group consisted of several ancient-era eccentric geniuses and peerless talents who had all reached the pinnacle of the Supreme Path.

Of course, this was in general.


The first to strike was Lie Yunhai from the Moon Worshipper Sect. His purple eyes shot out strange rays of divine light, and he burst with divine power.

The spear in his hand whipped across the air like a purple moon shifting sideways.

However, Lin Xun staved off the attack with a lightning-quick and firm grab of the spear. Then, he applied strength to his arm.


Lin Xun wrenched the spear from Lie Yunhai’s grip and waved it across the air, sending Lie Yunhai blasting away with his own weapon!

“Die!” Lin Xun turned the growing murderous intent and anger inside of him into a thunderous roar. His blood and qi were bubbling within him. He charged forward to meet the next attacker head-on.

His black hair swirled around his face that wore a terrifyingly ice-cold expression. Even when faced with attacks from all sides, he showed not a tinge of fear and launched a killing spree!