Instantly, Lin Xun’s tall figure seemed to have turned into a great abyss. Incredibly obscure, devouring power rose from him like wisps of vapors while endless stars flickered and were annihilated around him.

Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer!

This was the first time that he had ever unleashed this grand dao after mastering at the beginning of a battle, and he did so without any reservation.

One of the reasons was that he was facing dozens of opponents, many of whom were amazingly strong, ancient-era eccentric geniuses.

Secondly, the horrible condition of A’lu and Toady sparked a violent and murderous rage in him. Anger and hatred bubbled within him like the lava of an erupting volcano. He would injure himself if he did not release and vent that emotion any sooner.


He sped forward like a demon god charging onto a battlefield.

“Do you want to be an enemy of all of us? You’re just going to die!” Lie Yunhai thundered.

He was still furious that he was beaten by Lin Xun’s single strike earlier and his spear had been snatched from his hand.


He moved like a bolt of lightning, and his purple eyes flashed like lightning as he suddenly transformed into a purple divine moon, speeding towards Lin Xun at frightening speed.

This was the supreme inheritance art of the Moon Worshiper Sect. Not only was it unusually terrifying, but with the help of the power of the moon, the great yin, it could also crush an opponent.

The others also activated their real strength and were on full alert, working together to kill Lin Xun.


Unexpectedly, the first to reach for Lin Xun was a ray of splendid, silvery sword qi.

It was launched by the man with a sword slung across his back and enveloped in silvery, misty light.

Lin Xun’s eyes shot out crackling bolts of light. Activating the Hornless Ice Dragon Step, he dodged the silver divine sword with teleportation-like speed and countered with a mighty fist.


The sharp and fierce sword qi crumbled inch after inch under the indestructible fist power.

Everyone’s faces changed ever so slightly. It was amazing that someone could ward off the divine sword with his bare hands alone like he was invincible!


An ear-piercing roar echoed as the tip of the sword erupted with blinding and powerful sword intent. The silver-robed man wanted to destroy Lin Xun’s right arm with one blow.

Who would have thought that the blow would be engulfed and obliterated like a clay ox entering the sea? It failed to even withstand the force of the fist, let alone cripple Lin Xun’s arm.


The next second, the silver-robed man reeled back, staggering and his face alternating between pale and livid.

And almost at the same time, Lie Yunhai closed in on Lin Xun.

But before he could attack, nine golden tribulation symbols that seemed to be made from pure gold suddenly swirled around Lin Xun, displaying the profound mystery of the Baxia Imprisonment.

Lie Yunhai, who looked like a great purple moon gliding across the sky, suddenly came to a halt as though he was caught in a giant net.


Lin Xun’s mighty fist slammed into him with a loud boom, blasting him across the air and smashing into a copper pillar so hard that his ribs snapped.

“So strong!”

Many people’s expressions changed once again, turning serious and solemn.

In just a blink of an eye, two experts had been defeated. They almost didn’t believe their eyes.

After all, both the silver-robed man and Lie Yunhai were beings at the pinnacle of the Supreme Path!

“Everyone, if we don’t kill that beast today, he will only become more of a problem in the future!” Wu Lingfei yelled as he boldly acted.

A pair of golden wings suddenly extended from his back, filling the void with a tide of blazing flames.

At the same time, shouts rang out. Everyone else decided to go all out, attacking from all directions. They realized that what Wu Lingfei said was true.

The fact that Demon God Lin was invincible among his peers suggested that he was strong enough to be the king of the Supreme Path, which frightened them all!

From the beginning, every attack from Lin Xun was fatal to the supreme figures. They were only able to hold out against him when they joined forces and attacked together.

If they fought alone, they were confident that they would be no match for Lin Xun!


In the huge palace, a fierce battle broke out. Rare treasures shone and poured down like shooting stars, dao arts were activated to their fullest, and qi raged and rumbled endlessly.

The intense battle caused ripples in the fabric of space and shockwaves that felt like the astral wind of the nine heavens, sweeping across the void and pulverizing space.

If this happened in the outside world, it would have caused unimaginable destruction.


During the battle, Lin Xun felt immense pressure, but he was not the slightest bit afraid.

On the contrary, the more he fought, the more courageous and fiercer he became. He was like a giant abyss moving across the battlefield without any obstruction, radiating the power capable of swallowing up the mountains and valleys and annihilating the starry sky!

Everyone was terror-struck.

He was facing dozens of supreme figures of his generation alone, many of whom were ancient-era eccentric geniuses and otherworldly talents. No matter what the outcome of the battle was, it would shake the world and cause a sensation once spread.

“Die!” A man in blue armor charged at Lin Xun, brandishing a pair of bronze swords.

But before he could get closer, a tribulation symbol enveloped him and imprisoned him to the spot. The pair of bronze swords whimpered in his hands while his muscles and bones cracked and popped under the force, and he almost collapsed to his knees.

Just as Lin Xun was about to end his life, a sea of brilliant golden flames surged towards him, incinerating the void wherever it passed.

The Great Sun True Flames!

It was a secret art of the Golden Crow Clan. The flames were said to be so tyrannical and fierce that even the body and spirit of old monsters at the king stage would be instantly obliterated upon contact.

In the distance, the expressions of A’lu and Toady changed. That attack is too sudden. And Lin Xun is currently being encircled. Can he block it?

Lin Xun narrowed his black eyes without a flicker of panic on his face. The power of the Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer circulated him like a black hole in the starry sky, distorting the surrounding space.


Amidst expectant gazes, the Great Sun True Flames completely drowned the area where Lin Xun stood.

However, before a smile could fully form on everyone’s face, they saw the domineering flames get swallowed up and annihilated by the power around Lin Xun until not a trace remained.

How is that possible?

Many people’s eyes bulged wide open.

The Great Sun True Flames were known all over the world, but they were destroyed without a trace before they even showed their terrifying power!


At the same time, Lin Xun charged forward while one of the tribulation symbols changed into the Bi’an Stamp, roaring towards Wu Lingfei in the distance with frightening killing intent.

“Hurry up!” Wu Lingfei shouted as he desperately beat his pair of golden wings to dodge. His heart was pounding madly because he had never encountered such a situation.

In the past, whenever he activated the Great Sun True Flames, his opponents would dart away to avoid facing it head-on, but today, they were easily dispelled by Lin Xun.

Lin Xun’s dark eyes flashed with an iciness, and he went after Wu Lingfei. He wanted to get rid of him first.

He was the cause of the problem, so Lin Xun hated him deeply.

However, he was halfway there to Wu Lingfei when a barrage of attacks from the others was launched at him, forcing him to give up on pursuing the Golden Crow.

“Lin Xun, no matter how powerful you are, under this encirclement, you will likely be exhausted…and exhausted to death!” Fairy Ling Hua smiled coldly.

As long as the dozens of supreme figures worked together, Lin Xun had no chance of taking them out one by one!

“Is that right?” Lin Xun’s black eyes grew colder and colder while he glowed brighter and brighter like a burning furnace of the world. He blasted away all the attacks coming for him from the front and then aimed a punch at Fairy Ling Hua.


The fist shook the sky and the earth. Wreathed in Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer power, the fist tore striking cracks into the space wherever it passed as if the void was being engulfed.

But in Ling Hua’s eyes, the punch seemed to have opened the gate to an abyss of hell, swallowing up her body, spirit, and mind!

This is bad!

Her pretty face contorted, and she suddenly mobilized all her strength, activating all her secret arts and burning all her powers to fight back.

A pitiful collision followed as if an abyss appeared out of nowhere and devoured everything. Many people felt their blood freezing.

Ling Hua was about to be engulfed when a mad, piercing scream rang out, and she thrust to the side and burst forth with frightening brilliance. She staggered and stumbled, but she managed to narrowly avoid the powerful blow.

Many people breathed a sigh of relief, while others were petrified by the power contained within Lin Xun’s punch.

So terrifying!

No one felt ready to face a punch like that.

Having escaped from the clutch of death by a whisker, Ling Hua seemed greatly amped up. Her disheveled hair clung to her deranged face as she laughed in a hoarse voice, “Lin Xun, I told you already, no matter how powerful you are, it’s impossible…”

Her voice abruptly stopped.

The moment she opened her mouth, a snow-white broken blade flashed out from nowhere and made a slashing stroke in the air.

Only one word could describe that slash—


It was so unbelievably quick that it seemed to have broken the limit of time and space. It flashed across the air like it was teleporting before it silently vanished.

But Ling Hua’s throat had been split with a bright, red cut.

Because the blade was too fast, she was still laughing coldly when the streak of blood appeared. She didn’t notice it until she said the word ‘impossible.’

Then, her eyes went wide, and she raised both hands to touch her neck.

However, the moment her fingertips touched her neck, her head rolled down and blood gushed from her neck like a spring.

The scene was too strange and unbelievable. An ancient-era eccentric genius from the Mysterious Metropolis Sect had just escaped fatal danger and thought she had turned the situation around, but who would have thought that she would be beheaded?!

Anyone who witnessed the scene was paralyzed with shock and fear.

Fairy Ling Hua, the pride of the Mysterious Metropolis Sect, a remarkable supreme figure who appeared in the world after thousands of years of silence, was beheaded before she could even react.

Even at death, her face was still skewed with confusion and her eyes were wide with shock and grievance!

Everyone had goosebumps, finding it hard to accept it.

Dozens of top supreme figures had joined forces to encircle and kill Demon God Lin, but he managed to fight back and kill one of them. How terrifying was this?

He killed an ancient-era eccentric genius who could have risen to become a supreme king. She was the pride of an ancient clan whom everyone had high hopes for.

The loss would be a heavy blow to the great clan behind her!

Originally, when Lin Xun was dealing with Ling Hua, Shang Lan from the Sea Soul Clan silently appeared behind him via a secret art and directly aimed his giant ax at him.

But just when he was about to swing it downwards, he saw Ling Hua’s head roll down at such a close distance and almost screamed out loud. His heart shook horribly.


At the same time, one of the tribulation symbols behind Lin Xun turned into the mythological beast Bixi and rammed right into him.

Shang Lan felt as though he was being pushed by a sacred mountain. He flew across the air like a sandbag and smashed into the palace wall.


The wall shuddered from the force of the collision. A rush of pain shot through his body like every inch of it was being torn apart, and blood dripped from every part of him. He couldn’t help but scream from the excruciating pain.