Chapter 1143 The Terror-Stricken Ancient-Era Eccentric Geniuses

Shang Lan’s tragic cry jolted everyone out of their shocked state.

“We can’t give him another chance!”

A figure charged out from a cloud of black mist, wielding a blood-colored sickle blade. He quickly slashed through the air and tore apart space with boundless swiftness and fierce force.

The black mist completely shrouded the area, bringing an aura of death and destruction.

The figure was a pale and gaunt man from the Nine Underworld Blood Sect.


The others also realized the seriousness of the situation and took action one after another.

Moreover, riled up by Ling Hua’s death, they all resorted to their trump killing cards, treating Lin Xun as a top, formidable enemy.

Suddenly, the inside of the palace was ablaze with dazzling lights and colors. Every expert was like a sacred mountain, blooming with terrifying powers that accentuated one another. The palace became filled with beams of splendid light and the rumble of dao sounds.

After the previous exchange, they fully understood the terror of Lin Xun’s strength and knew that his power completely exceeded their expectations.

In particular, Ling Hua’s death brought a strong feeling of danger and threat enveloping them.

At first, they were all confident that, no matter how strong Lin Xun was, he was alone so they could easily kill him.

But now that they had witnessed that display of terrifying power, they realized their situation was grave.

None of this affected Lin Xun at all. He didn’t pause for a second after killing Ling Hua with the Silent Emptiness Slash. He first countered Shang Lan’s sneak attack and then continued to charge forward.

Speeding across the battlefield with him was the Broken Blade.


A streak of cold light flashed.

The target was Wu Lingfei!

“So arrogant!” Wu Lingfei’s face was livid.

He flapped his wings and, with a roar, endless golden divine flames roamed around him, taking the shape of a flame sword.

It was a divine sword formed from the Great Sun True Flames!


However, after another pitiful collision, a shower of dispersing light and blood-stained feathers rained down.

Wu Lingfei’s left wing had been torn open with a long and narrow wound, which made him break out in a cold sweat. If he hadn’t evaded in time, he would have suffered the same fate as Ling Hua!

This proved that he was no match for Lin Xun in a one-on-one fight!

“Move aside!”

A strange-looking man with a vertical eye between his eyebrows shouted. His vertical eye suddenly snapped open and spewed mists of magnificent dreamy light.

It was the Divine Mirage Eye!

It was an ultimate inheritance art of the Dream Mirage Clan that created terrifying illusions to target the spirits of cultivators.

Once activated, the art would form a powerful mirage that was strong enough to imprison the opponent’s spirit and make them lose themselves.

Unfortunately, although it might be good enough to scare other supreme figures out of their wits, it had no use on Lin Xun.

“Slash!” In Lin Xun’s mind-sea, Little Silver had long been ready for battle. Seeing the incoming attack, it folded its hands together and a spirit sword slashed through the air.


In the distance, a trickle of blood ran down from the vertical eye of the strange-looking man before the eye completely ruptured and splattered bright red blood everywhere.

“Ahh—” he screamed.

He never imagined that his eye would be targeted nor that his attack would be ineffective. Not only was his strongest innate ability destroyed, but his spirit was also horribly damaged!


Just as he was about to flee, a sharp, glittering blade flashed in front of him, slashing him from across the waist and splattering blood everywhere

The second opponent died!

The others tried to rescue him, but it was to no avail.

Imbued with the power of the Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer, the Broken Blade was completely different from before. Its power had soared to a whole new level!

Everyone froze to the spot. Did he die in an instant?

“Amazing, Brother!” A’lu yelled with excitement from afar.

“Hmph, now you know why a unique genius like me would respect him as my brother. In one word, simply domineering!” Toady’s face brightened but after saying that sentence, his injuries were exacerbated and he violently coughed in pain again.

“Those are two words!” A’lu corrected him.

“Who cares about that now?” Toady snapped.

While they were quarreling again, the battle got more and more intense.

“Everyone, if you keep concealing your true strengths, we all will be in grave danger!” Wu Lingfei roared, his face turning livid and no longer radiating the graceful and carefree bearing he did before.

“Why is his grand dao power so similar to Yun Qingbai’s?!” someone spoke in a trembling voice. It was a tall and built man who was hiding with a face twisted with disbelief.

He was none other than Shi Zhentong, an ancient-era eccentric genius from the Lion Camel Clan!

He had only come into the world not long ago, but he had already crushed dozens of well-known figures over the past three days, shocking the entire world.

However, he lost to Yun Qingbai in three sword strikes!

Moreover, he was very sure that if Yun Qingbai wanted to kill him, he could have done so with just one sword strike.

It was precisely that awful and tragic defeat that made him realize the terror of Yun Qingbai.

He just did not expect the aura of Demon God Lin to bear such resemblance to Yun Qingbai’s!

Not only that, but it was also just as terrifying!

At that moment, his fighting spirit wavered, and he felt compelled to give up and bolt.


However, no one else had ever witnessed the frightening power of Yun Qingbai so they could not understand what Shi Zhentong was feeling at that moment.

They were all still charging forward to kill with everything they had.

As top supreme figures, they each had unparalleled backgrounds, foundation, and pride. They were already embarrassed to work together to take down Demon God Lin. But even so, they still failed to subdue him. How would they not be furious and humiliated?

The fight for the great dao was a competition of the best!

No one would willingly admit that they were weak.

If they failed to kill Lin Xun, then that would become an unremovable stain on them and hinder their future cultivation.

“Go die!”

Suddenly, one of the experts transformed into a blue-green yak that was as big as a little hill and leapt into the air, roaring furiously.

“The supreme enlightenment cloud is formless and empty, vast without limit...” From his lips came resounding obscure dao sounds.

It sounded like the roaring wind and rumbling thunder in the sky, but also like the sound of ancient gods and demons chanting scriptures.

This was its innate talent.

Its roar could sever mountains and split the sky!

Faced with attacks from all sides, Lin Xun just watched the roaring attack approach him. Then, a long howl suddenly came from his mouth——

A golden waterfall rushed out, taking the shape of the Pulao beast. It looked like it was marching across the starry sky with its head held high while roaring proudly.


It was the Pulao Roar, a supreme, musical killing dao.

But it was completely different from before after being combined with the power of the Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer. Wherever the sound waves spread, the space, the air, the void…everything it touched showed signs of being annihilated!

In the blink of an eye, the roar of the blue-green yak was crushed, dispersed and annihilated.


The yak tried to dodge, but it was already too late. It bled from all of its orifices under the impact of the Pulao Roar and then its hill-like body blasted across the air like it had been swept by a storm.

Its bones and muscles snapped and broke, and its spirit and mind were severely damaged. With foam gathering around its mouth, it fainted.

The enemy was destroyed with a single roar!


However, before Lin Xun could continue, the ground cracked and crumbled at his feet and a black demonic flower bloomed like a bloody mouth.

Although Lin Xun managed to avoid it, he reeled under the several blows from the other side and failed to block the tip of a sword grazing his cheek.

A streak of blood appeared across his face.

In the distance, the silver-robed man sighed with disappointment.

Toady and A’lu tensed up at the alarmingly dangerous situation.

“Not bad, I underestimated your ability!”

Lin Xun only sustained a superficial injury but it still turned his expression colder and colder. He had many chances to kill his opponents, but all his attacks had been blocked.

His killing intent intensified.


The Broken Blade glowed brightly as mysterious and strange dao runes emerged across its surface. It became as resplendent as an illusion, shooting towards the silver-robed man with terrifying killing intent.

“Hurry, stop him quickly! Everyone, attack together!”

Even so, Lin Xun’s power had grown so intense and violent that he resembled a demon god treading across a sea of blood.

The tribulation symbols hovering around him produced immeasurable divine power to dispel all attacks.


As Lin Xun charged towards him, the silver-robed man’s expression drastically changed, and he furiously swung the dazzling divine sword in his hand downwards.

Unfortunately for him, Lin Xun was too fast. The Broken Blade was even more terrifying. It swiftly activated the Birth Destruction Slash and instantly broke his sword and pierced his chest with a wide sweep.

The silver-robed man shook the world with his tragic scream before his body thudded to the ground and died on the spot.

Xuan Jing from the Profound Light Ancient Clan as well as other experts took the chance to launch a sneak attack, hoping to suppress Lin Xun.

Who would have thought that Lin Xun would suddenly light up and the power of the Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer would be activated to its full majesty? It exploded with mighty power like a giant abyss engulfing the four seas and eight wildernesses.

All attacks were instantly annihilated!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Taking this opportunity, the Broken Blade whirled in the air and instantly took the lives of three opponents. If Xuan Jing hadn’t dodged so quickly, then he would have met with disaster.

The scene was beyond terrifying. It only took a moment for Lin Xun to kill the silver-robed man and then slaughter the several who attacked him from behind!

Everything happened too fast. Scarlet blood sprayed everywhere and filled the palace with the cloying smell of blood.

“Yun Qingbai! He—he is as terrifying as Yun Qingbai!!” Shi Zhentong shrieked and bolted in panic.

Lin Xun’s mighty power brought flashbacks to Shi Zhentong of his defeat against Yun Qingbai and made his already shaken fighting spirit completely collapse.

He fled! He didn’t care about his face!



The others were both shocked and angry.

In truth, Lin Xun was also a little surprised to see an ancient-era eccentric genius like Shi Zhentong frightened off.

But when he heard Shi Zhentong compare him to Yun Qingbai, he felt an indescribable feeling of disgust rise in his heart.

Yun Qingbai is just a thief! How can he compare to me?

At this moment, Lin Xun noticed that Wu Lingfei and several other experts were taking the opportunity to kill Toady and A’lu!

“Do you want to die?!”

Rays of terrifying light burst from his dark eyes.