Amidst the explosion, Lin Xun launched at Wu Lingfei and the others with extreme speed like a dragon emerging from an abyss.

Wherever he passed, the space seemed to be swallowed up and annihilated by blazing dao lights.

Along the way, many experts attempted to block and attack him, but they all, without exception, were blasted away.

Everyone was aghast with disbelief!

But Lin Xun was still one step too late.

Wu Lingfei and eight other experts attacked together, coordinating their movements, speed and accuracy. One group attacked A’lu while the other targeted Toady.

The situation was perilous!

A’lu and Toady were both already badly wounded and just desperately hanging in there. They definitely would not be able to withstand the barrage of killing attacks.

But at that critical moment, Lin Xun was surprisingly calm. The anger and hatred that filled him turned into ice-cold murderous intent.


The Broken Blade flashed in the air with a deep impassioned cry.

Impermanence Slash!

Impermanence referred to the uncertainty and temporary nature of reality; it was as unpredictable as fate and as incalculable as karma.

The ancient sage even said that once impermanence comes, all phenomena would cease to exist!

The same was true for the Impermanence Slash. As the final slash of the Heavenly Yuan Six Slashes, it had the power to scare the life out of ghosts and demons just like impermanence had come.

The wonderful meaning contained in that slash could no longer be described as abstruse in a secular sense as it involved the secrets of the variables in the great dao which could be considered as defying the heavens.

As for Lin Xun, he had only comprehended a glimmer of its wonderful truth.

Even so, the slash was still the strongest attack he had mastered so far!

And it was now aimed at the experts closing in on A’lu.

At the same time, Lin Xun shouted, “Toady, come here!”

Toady didn’t waver at all to use up the last of his strength to rush towards Lin Xun.

This was an unreserved trust. Even if those powerful attacks were only a hair’s breadth away, he did not frown at all.

How would the four experts who had surrounded Toady let him reunite with Lin Xun?

They unhesitatingly attacked with all their strength!

Everything happened so fast, so fast that it ended within seconds.


A hole pierced Toady’s shoulder, and blood jetted from it.

It was a blow from Lie Yunhai, the successor of the Moon Worshipper Sect. He intended for it to pierce Toady’s head, but something went wrong.

But to his surprise, the green-robed youngster, who was at his last breath, exploded with unprecedented energy in that desperate situation. Despite his critical injuries, he did not retreat but instead sped towards Lin Xun.


A giant ax swung down at the same time, almost splitting Toady into two parts.

There was no doubt that Toady would not have survived if it succeeded.

“Damn it! Get the hell away!” Toady threw his head back and roared like a trapped beast.

Then, he thrust his palm forward with a force that could swallow the stars and moon.

But he was too badly wounded. Although the blow deflected the giant ax, the impact was enough to make him violently cough up blood, and his face turned deathly pale.

However, the force of the collision propelled him towards Lin Xun at a much faster speed than before.


However, to Toady’s despair, a blade was launched at him from behind. Emitting dazzling rays of golden light, it slashed through the air with frightening speed.

It was too fast!

Everything seemed to happen in the blink of an eye, from being pierced in the shoulder, to being struck by the giant ax, to being ambushed by the blade.

If it were anyone else, they likely would have already accepted their fate.

But Toady did not.

Lin Xun also did not!

On the brink of death, Toady suddenly flashed forward and transformed into a three-legged golden toad that was around the size of a palm.

On the other hand, Lin Xun gave up on his plan of attack and instead focussed all his energy on activating the Hornless Ice Dragon Step, further raising his speed to an astonishing level.

Then, Toady plowed into Lin Xun’s arms.

The golden blade slashed across Lin Xun’s chest and left a horrible, bone-deep cut!

Fortunately, his defense power withstood much of the blow. Otherwise, the blade would have severed him in half!


The wielder of the blade was a handsome and stern-looking man. His face lit up with wild joy when he saw that his blade failed to kill Toady and instead wounded Demon God Lin!

He gathered power to his blade, hoping to disembowel Lin Xun!


Lin Xun slapped the blade hard with his palm and catapulted himself to the side, narrowly avoiding the killing move.

Without any hesitation, he took Toady and made a mad dash towards A’lu.

Meanwhile, A’lu also narrowly avoided danger.

Lin Xun’s previous Impermanence Slash had shielded A’lu and deflected the attacks of Wu Lingfei and others.

Moreover, A’lu put great importance on physique cultivation so even if he was horribly wounded, he still possessed the power to fight. He took the opportunity to turn around and flee and successfully joined Lin Xun and Toady who were rushing towards him.

The crisis was also resolved as a result.

From the moment that Wu Lingfei and others launched at A’lu and Toady to the moment when Lin Xun and the two reunited, only a few seconds passed yet it was still fraught with danger!

Adding to that, the slightest carelessness or mistake could lead to another entirely different outcome. It was a heart-stopping moment!

It was as terrifying as teetering between life and death!

But wasn’t it the same in every previous scene?


Wu Lingfei and the others were visibly surprised by the outcome.

In particular, the extraordinary power that suddenly erupted from Lin Xun sent chills into their hearts.

But soon, they all smiled, feeling more relaxed than ever.

The reason was that Lin Xun might be exceptionally strong, but he was now badly injured!

His chest was split with a deep, gruesome wound and the skin and flesh around it were badly mangled and still dripping with blood.

Moreover, the power of that blade evidently impacted him hugely!

“Hmph, if I had known this, I would have dealt with those two cripples first.” Wu Lingfei walked towards them in large strides, his expression resuming its usual gentleness. There was a smile on his face, but it was especially cold.

In his eyes, Lin Xun and A’lu were seriously injured, and Toady’s life was hanging by a thread. The outcome was set and there would no longer be any suspense.

“We were careless earlier and never thought that Demon God Lin could be so powerful. I have to say that I am impressed,” Lie Yunhai from the Moon Worshipper Sect said expressionlessly.

Even though he verbally expressed his admiration, when he looked at Lin Xun, his eyes were filled with undisguised murderous intent.

“No matter what, Demon God Lin is loyal and courageous, willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. He is definitely worthy of our respect. Everyone, I propose that we keep him alive and train him well. He will become a loyal slave and serve us in the future,” Xuan Jing from the Profound Light Ancient Clan spoke in a confident and superior manner.

No matter what he said, his voice was filled with excitement, coldness, and the satisfaction of revenge.

In truth, Lin Xun was previously too unbelievably strong, which shocked and angered them. They had lost enough face from those repeated setbacks and defeats against him, so now that they saw him fallen, they felt an indescribable sense of joy and triumph.

Even if they were speaking leisurely, they did not pause but raced towards Lin Xun and the other two!

Everyone knew that they should take advantage of this moment to take him down. If they allowed an opponent like Demon God Lin even a moment to catch his breath, an unexpected change could very likely happen!


Figures flashed across the air, all competing to be the first to kill Lin Xun. They saw him as a lamb to be slaughtered.

At the same time, Lin Xun also acted!

He and A’lu frantically retreated into the depths of the hall and no longer looked as unyielding and powerful as he did before.

However, no one noticed that Lin Xun’s black eyes remained unusually calm from beginning to end and there was not a ripple of emotion despite his severe injuries.


All sorts of attacks were hurled at him like dozens of rushing waterfalls.

Lin Xun still retreated.

The palace was huge and the ceiling was as high as the sky, held up by the tall copper pillars. Anyone would feel as small as an ant in there.

Fortunately, that gave Lin Xun some shelter to dodge the attacks.

“Lin Xun, no...you...just...flee by yourself. I...I don’t want to...become a burden to you.” Toady’s voice was incredibly weak.

He had turned into a palm-sized three-legged golden toad, but his body was still dull, cracked, and covered with blood stains.

“Brother, Toady is right. You should run by yourself. I will create a path for you even if it costs my life. You just need to remember to avenge us and slaughter those despicable bastards!”

A’lu bore a rare look of determination on his face. The barbarian always spewed nonsense and made no sense, but at that moment, he looked so resolute and his words were so moving.

The corners of Lin Xun’s lips twitched, and his heart became burning hot. “Do you want to die? It’s not that easy. You both have to help me kill the enemies!”

“You, you...I...I am already like this!” Toady seemed very riled up, but before he could finish speaking, his mouth was stuffed with a chunk of snow-white bamboo.

Toady instantly felt a pure and powerful fiery power pour down his throat.

A’lu’s mouth was also blocked with bamboo.

His eyes widened with confusion. At this critical moment, why won’t our brother let us talk? And why did he shut us up with chunks of broken bamboo, he...huh?

He also felt a current of warmth surging into his body.

It was the Lightning Yuan Aeth Liquid contained in the Ten Thousand Tribulations Divine Bamboo!

Lightning Yuan Aeth Liquid could restore anyone to their peak state in the shortest time regardless of how wounded they were. It was regarded as a top divine ingredient.

This precious treasure was the compensation that the mysterious woman forcibly demanded from the Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan.

No one knew that Lin Xun had already consumed this divine liquid right after he was wounded...


Meanwhile, Wu Lingfei and the others were closing in on them, and their attacks grew more and more ruthless.

The reason that they were so relentless in pursuit of Lin Xun was, firstly, for revenge and secondly, it was an amazing feat to be able to kill the mighty Demon God Lin.

“Demon God Lin, how long can you continue to struggle? Just die!” Lie Yunhai from the Moon Worshipper Sect was the first to charge over.

His eyes flashed an excited and menacing glint.

At the same time, Lin Xun halted his footsteps and raised his head slightly, his cold eyes locking on Lie Yunhai who was rushing headlong towards him.