In the palace, mutilated corpses were littered everywhere, and the puddles of blood were particularly striking red.

The air was permeated with the suffocating odor of blood and murderous qi.

The bloody scenes were like paintings of purgatory in thick and heavy colors.

Lin Xun, Toady and A’lu were like three gods of death in the purgatory painting, and their bloodthirsty aura and murderous intent felt unnerving.

“Why? What the hell is this place?!”

Wu Lingfei and the other experts roared furiously before the tightly closed door. They could not shake it at all. It was like an impregnable fortress.

“This is the largest land of fortune in the Burning Immortal World, and it is believed to be related to an amazing figure who calls himself Burning Immortal. You should feel lucky to die here.” Toady smiled, but his golden eyes were filled with iciness.

He would never forget the experience of being on the brink of death!

Burning Immortal?

Who would dare to call himself an immortal?

The expressions of Wu Lingfei and the others altered, and their hearts trembled.

Even Lin Xun and A’lu were taken aback. Burning Immortal?

The domineering title alone was enough to strike terror into one’s heart.

A man with pale, dewy blue skin and a strange bewitching flower tattoo on his cheek took a deep breath and spoke out in a deep voice, “Guys, this time we admit defeat and are willing to compensate you for letting us live. Will you let us off this one time?”

He was a supreme figure from the Earthly Wood Clan.

“No way!” Toady unhesitatingly refused.

Even though they already predicted the answer, Toady’s decisive attitude still made their hearts sink.

“In that case, let’s fight to the death!” The man from the Earthly Wood Clan inhaled deeply, summoning a lantern that was woven from unusual yellow vines to his palm.

As soon as the yellow, cauldron-shaped lantern appeared, it radiated a saintly aura. A saint flame burned fiercely in the center of the lantern as though a divine being was sitting inside it!

A Saint treasure!

Lin Xun and A’lu narrowed their eyes.

But Toady smiled, the corners of his lips curling up into an unfathomable arc. “Idiots, before you came here, did your elders not tell you that saints are nonexistent in the Realm of the Supreme?”

Placing his hands behind his back, he donned a leisurely expression, and his eyes glimmered with a trace of sympathy as he stared at the yellow vine lantern.

Saints were nonexistent in the Realm of Supreme!

This was an iron rule.

The experts present came from various major sects and clans. How would they not have heard about the iron law before they came here?

“We’re going to die anyway. Might as well give it a try!” The expert from the Earthly Wood Clan assumed a cold and determined expression.

“Then give it a try,” Toady urged, a hint of pity in his voice.

The Earthly Wood Clan expert could not stand his gaze. With a roar, his aura instantly soared in power, and the yellow vine lantern shone with magnificent light in his hand.


The Saint flame raged. It was just a lantern, but it seemed like it was illuminating the entire universe.

Wu Lingfei and the others drew back one after another, their expressions changing indefinitely.

In the distance, Toady was perfectly composed. He just secretly sent a message to Lin Xun and A’lu, “In the Realm of Supreme, there is no such thing as Saints. This is not a lie. Anything with a Saintly aura would be obliterated when attempted to be used! This has happened before in ancient times.”

While he was speaking, the Earthly Wood Clan expert launched an attack. A wisp of Saint flame shot out from the yellow vine lantern, casting a shadow that made his face look particularly ferocious and baleful.

Of course, he knew about the iron law. If not, then he would have brought out his Saint treasure to fight long ago and would not have waited until now.

He had fallen into a desperate state and had reached the end of his rope so he could only pin all his hopes onto the Saint treasure.

What if...there was a chance of it successfully killing his opponents?

Desperation could drive a dog to jump over a wall, let alone humans.


However, something unexpected soon happened.

As soon as the saint flame flickered and before it had the chance to display its saint powers, a wave of invisible power of law and order swept the void.

Everyone breathed heavily as awe filled their hearts. They felt compelled to kneel and pay respect.

This was because the power of law and order was too supreme, transcendent, and terrifying. They felt as tiny as ants before it.


The saint flame flickered and went out!

The Earthly Wood Clan expert’s face blanched. He cried out hysterically and frantically activated the yellow vine lantern.

However, under the horrified gazes of everyone, the omnipotent Saint treasure of extraordinary origin silently collapsed like paper.

Then, it turned into a beautiful rain of saint light.

In the end, even the holy and pure rain vanished as though it had been erased by the sweep of an invisible hand!

There were no fireworks, no earth-shattering clashes, nor any chance of struggling.

In the face of that invisible power of law and order, a Saint treasure that could suppress the world was instantly obliterated!

Everyone felt a chill as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

What kind of supreme power of order was that?

That was a Saint treasure!

It was utterly destroyed without even a trace of its aura left!

“No—!” The Earthly Wood Clan expert let out a heart-wrenching scream like he was struck by lightning. He could not bear the blow of his Saint treasure being destroyed before his eyes. Tottering, he violently coughed up blood.

A Saint treasure!

It was not an ordinary weapon!

“Idiot, your elders who allowed you to bring that treasure into the Supreme Realm must have warned you that you can only use it as a storage item to collect special materials and fortunes. The Saint treasure is ruined because of your stupidity!” Toady’s voice was tinged with ridicule but also with sorrow.

He recognized the yellow vine lantern, so he also felt sad that a Saint treasure was destroyed like that.


The Earthly Wood Clan expert did not stop coughing up blood. His face had turned ashen, and his eyes were lifeless and dull.

“Since you knew this, why didn’t you remind me and my brother?” A’lu fumed.

Toady stated angrily, “Before we entered the Supreme Realm, I already told you that you must not use Saint treasures no matter what happens!”

Lin Xun nodded. He remembered.

He even recalled that Toady mentioned that very few people would enter the Supreme Realm with Saint treasures.

This was because if a person died, the Saint treasure left behind would also be obliterated!

At the time, Lin Xun planned to hide the Nameless Pagoda, Dao Immeasurable Bottle, and the Grand Universe Ark in the outside world.

But he decided against it in the end.

After all, if he died in the Supreme Realm, those treasures would either be buried forever or be discovered and benefited other cultivators.

After witnessing the destruction of the yellow vine lantern, Lin Xun was more and more sure of the iron law that Saints were nonexistent here!

To everyone’s surprise, the blow sent the Earthly Wood Clan expert crazy like he was being possessed by demons.


In the end, he threw his head back and spat out a mouthful of blood, eyes bulging wide. Then, he dropped to the ground and his breathing ceased.

“Did he die from anger?” A’lu was dumbstruck.

“His dao heart has collapsed. Now that I think about it, it makes sense. Once one is on the brink of ruin, one has a high chance of losing one’s mind. Also, his Saint treasure has been destroyed and all his hopes have been dashed to pieces. But…I still did not think that he wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow,” Toady stated casually. “With that kind of mental state, even if he was alive, he would never become a supreme king.”

“Stop talking nonsense and deal with those guys first.”

Although they were talking, Lin Xun did not lower his guard. He knew that he needed to be extra vigilant at this moment and watch out for the opponents’ final struggle.


As though to prove Lin Xun was right, before he could finish his words, Wu Lingfei had already boldly attacked.

He turned into a golden crow and dove towards Lin Xun. Blinding golden flames flowed around his wings.

The raging flames seemed capable of incinerating everything!

From a distance, it looked like a golden sun was combusting.

Unquestionably, this was Wu Lingfei’s strongest move. It seemed like he was determined to take Lin Xun down with him and would stop at nothing.

Unfortunately for him, Lin Xun had been on guard for a long while and so would not let him get his way!


The Broken Blade that had been accumulating power shot into the air, activating the Impermanence Slash–as ethereal and unfathomable as the changes of the great dao.

In the blink of an eye, the golden crow had one of its wings severed before it even neared Lin Xun.

A’lu took the opportunity to smash the golden crow’s head with a swing of his giant rod.

The seventh prince of the Golden Crow Clan, a peerless ancient-era eccentric genius, died a sudden and violent death!


Although the others were in despair, no one was willing to sit still and wait for death.

They all charged headlong towards Lin Xun.

However, they were doomed.


Without any suspense, Lin Xun first killed the silver-robed man. His body collapsed to the ground and split into two halves, pouring blood everywhere.

His true body was revealed—a silver bird.

At the same time, endless roars rang from the other direction. Toady and A’lu were showing off their power. Together, they had the potential to crush everything.

Before long, another opponent was slaughtered. The body exploded in a rain of blood and flesh.

Lin Xun, Toady, and A’lu would not show any mercy.

Before this, they had been encircled and surrounded by continuous dangers. As they teetered between life and death, anger and hatred had been building up within them. How would they go easy on their opponents?

Within minutes, the remaining five experts were killed by Lin Xun and the other two. Blood rained on the ground. Even before death, their faces were twisted with endless bitterness and resentment.

It did not end there!

Many opponents were knocked unconscious in previous battles and lost their ability to fight, but they were not dead.

Before Lin Xun could instruct A’lu and Toady, they had already launched into action, scanning the battlefield for opponents who were still alive.

Lin Xun calmly watched on and did not interfere.

He knew that A’lu and Toady needed to vent. They had accumulated too much anger and hatred from being trapped on the verge of death.

A strange feeling came to Lin Xun as he swept his eyes over the bloodstains on the ground.

Anyone able to enter the Divine Flame Palace had to have embarked on the Supreme Path and carried the hopes of their clan or sect in becoming a supreme king.

In the outside world, they were all illustrious figures, but following their death, everything they had achieved in their lives would also disappear from the world with their lives.

This was the battle of the great dao; it was brutal!

Lin Xun knew very well that if they were the ones killed instead, then their names and hopes would also vanish like smoke after their deaths.

Similar situations would continue to happen in the future!