Chapter 1152 Like an Immortal

The fallen earthen jar was held firmly.

Caicai’s eyes snapped wide open. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

Her eyes moved along the big hand to an arm marred with dust and dirt, and then she saw the person in front of her very clearly.

His hair was bedraggled, his face was slovenly and his clothes were ragged. He was dirty from head to toe apart from his bright and clear eyes.

However, those eyes were so pure and clear that there was not a ripple of emotion within them, seemingly empty and vacant.

Caicai stared at the man, stunned. She found the unkempt man familiar but she could not remember where she had seen him before.

“That’s the madman!”

On the cliff in the distance, the group of cultivators recognized the man, and some made mocking remarks.

Recently, the madman had become a laughingstock in the Immortal Burning World.

He was like a delirious savage, dawdling around different areas of the Burning Immortal World.

His traces were found all over the vast mountain ranges.

His shadows were also spotted in the bloody fights for opportunity and fortune.

But he only passed by like he was in a world of his own. No one knew what he was doing.

No one knew why he had become crazy.

Most unbelievably, he always survived and remained unscathed no matter what kind of danger he encountered. It was almost like a miracle.

“Madman, come and help us pick that flower.” The black-robed youngster coldly commanded.

The madman turned around with a dazed look.

“Don’t go!” Caicai’s heart tensed up, and she suddenly grabbed the madman’s arm with both hands. “They just want you to die. Look, a snake is by the roots of the tree and it will kill you if you get close!”

The madman followed the direction of her gaze.


But his gaze seemed to make the golden snake nervous as its muscles visibly tensed up and it produced threatening hisses.

“Little girl, you don’t know what’s good for you!” The black-robed youngster’s face turned dark and he thrust his hand outwards.

A blinding bolt of lighting ripped through the air.

“Quickly run!” Caicai screamed as she tried to pull the madman away by the arm.

But she found that the arm was as heavy as a mountain and would not budge at all.


The lighting bolt shot towards them with frightening speed, but the madman simply raised his hand to catch it with ease. Then, the blazing light shattered in the air like a burst of fireworks.

Caicai stared at him in dumbfounded silence. Is he...a peerless master?

Everyone else in the distance, including the young man in a black robe, were aghast. According to rumors, the madman might be crazy but he had to have some abilities if he was able to survive to this day.

The atmosphere instantly tensed.

The black-robed youngster couldn’t stop his face from twitching, embarrassed that a madman was able to ward off his attack so effortlessly.

But before he could make another move, the madman made it onto the cliff with a flash and was reaching out his hand to pick the flower.

The final petal bloomed on the bud that looked like it was made from fiery red copper.

A splendid arc of fiery red light spewed out from the flower, filling the air with a delicate beautiful fragrance.


However, at the same time, the golden snake pounced out like a golden lightning bolt and latched onto the madman’s wrist with its teeth.

“This is bad!” Caicai was so terrified that color drained from her pretty face.

“Act now!”

The black-robed youngster and the others launched into action. They had long been waiting for this moment.


Endless beams of light shot across the sky while various dao arts were activated to their full power, all locking onto the madman who had his back facing everyone.

But the scene that followed struck everyone with horror. All attack, before they got close to him, was engulfed and annihilated like it struck a bottomless abyss.

All treasure was suppressed in an instant, clattering to the ground and losing its brilliance!

Everyone was chilled to the core.

How is that possible?

But the madman seemed completely unaware.

He paid no attention to the golden snake still latching onto his wrist as he still reached to pick the strange flower radiating a metallic sheen. With a flash, he returned to stand next to Caicai and offered her the flower.


His lips parted and an odd toneless voice came from his mouth, as if he hadn’t spoken in a long, long time and had forgotten how to express himself.

Caicai’s eyes glazed over in a trance and her mind also went blank.

Everything she saw was too unbelievable, shocking her both physically and mentally.

“Are you afraid?” As the madman asked, he was pinching the golden snake and holding it up.

With a snap of his fingers, the snake was catapulted into the boundless sea of clouds.

His wrist was completely undamaged, not even a bite mark was left.


The black robed young man and the others felt a chill rush up from their spines and all their hairs stood on end.

The golden snake was not a pushover as indicated by its menacing aura. Would they have waited until now to act if not for the golden snake?

But the golden snake was hurled away by the madman with a snap of his fingers...

It could not even struggle!

The madman’s leisurely attitude filled everyone with shock and disbelief.

“No.” Caicai came back to her senses.

“Hold this.”

Without waiting for her to talk, the madman handed her the flower.

“Friend, we are descendants from the Great Freedom Sword Sect, and we saw the king-grade herb first. Haven’t you gone too far?” The black-robed man was so anxious that he threatened the madman.

The madman’s eyes were extremely clear, but they seemed empty, devoid of emotions. He tried hard to think for a long while, but nothing came to his mind and he couldn’t help but shake his head.

Then, he took Caicai and left.

He felt a sense of familiarity from the girl, which sparked a protective instinct in him.

“Leave it behind!”

Following a violent roar, a sword slashed through the air in the madman’s direction.

The madman flicked his sleeve without turning his head around one bit.


The sword came quickly but it was rebounded even quicker. It spun around in mid-air with a sharp clang before it was blasted back by a fiercer and stronger aura.


The attacker’s chest was pierced and spewed out a jet of scarlet blood.

Killed by his own sword!


The black-robed youngster and the others turned ashen-faced, realizing the terror of the madman. They all turned around and bolted without hesitation.


By a stream in the canyon.

Caicai studied the madman in front of her curiously. He was staring at the stream, still and confused.

“Do you…want me to help you wash up?” Caicai couldn’t help but ask after a long moment.

The madman did not seem to hear her.

“I take that as a yes.” Caicai drew a deep breath like she was gathering courage, took out a handkerchief, soaked it in the stream and wiped the dust and dirt off the madman’s face.

She was extremely careful and gentle as though afraid of angering the madman.

But the madman was still as motionless as a statue, staring fixedly at the stream.

Caicai gradually relaxed and concentrated on the task at hand.

The madman had not taken a shower for who knows how many days, dirt and dust covered his body from his head to his feet.

Any other girl would be disgusted.

But Caicai was very focussed. Her face was innocent and beautiful, her eyes were bright and large and her skin was soft and delicate. She exuded a sweet and kind aura.

Time passed by.

The madman did not utter a sound like he had been frozen.

Caicai had already cleaned his face, neck and arms.

After thinking about it, she took out a little blade and was about to tidy the madman’s scruffy beard and hair when the madman suddenly stuck out one finger and swirled it in the stream.


A whirlpool emerged like a black hole, swallowing up the surrounding water.

Then, the whirlpool suddenly rose high into the sky and sucked up the entire stream.

The entire canyon began to quake and rumble chaotically.

The whirlpool looked like a swirling abyss about to devour the sky!


In the canyon, plants and rocks crumbled, airflow raged and grew more chaotic and the mountains shook violently like it was about to collapse.

The madman rose to his feet, his clothes and hair billowing around him and his body exuding an indescribably imposing aura like a divine being being resurrected.

As he stretched out his hand, he found that the abyss-like whirlpool contained two different powers, one was blazing flames, and the other was rapid water current.

Fire and water were naturally incompatible.

But they coexisted in the whirlpool, chasing each other in a circle and achieving a miraculous balance!


Then, a dragon roar resounded. Deep in the whirlpool seemed to lay a dormant true dragon that drastically changed the power and might of the whirlpool.

The nearby space collapsed inch by inch and the mountains crumbled one after another. In the sky, clouds exploded, and in the surroundings were nothing but scenes of great destruction.

Caicai was petrified, crouching on the ground and trembling as she watched everything happen.

She felt the madman in front of her was the ruler of the world, possessing the power to swallow up mountains and valleys and exuding superiority like no one exceeded him whether it was above and below heaven!


With a flick of his sleeve, the madman sent the whirlpool soaring into the dome of the sky, growing and stretching without end like it was eternal. It was the power of the Eternal Grand Dao.

“That—that’s my dao,” murmured the madman, his voice calm and neither happy nor sad, but it was tinged with a mix of relief, optimism and hope.

When Caicai looked up again, she saw azure lights flowing around the madman, clearing the grime and dirt all over his body till he was spotless.

He wiped his face casually and the unkept beard vanished like magic.

His long hair had turned shiny and glossy. He tied it back loosely.

He turned around and Caicai was greeted with a handsome and sharp face and bright, black eyes.


Behind him, the tremendous abyss-like whirlpool dissipated into a shower of magnificent light, illuminating the entire universe.

The spectacular backdrop added an ethereal and mysterious charm to the handsome and tall figure.

Like an immortal.