The attacking Golden Crow Lineage expert was the golden-robed youth who had clamored for Lin Xun’s bones to be burned to ashes.

He ruthlessly stomped at Lin Xun’s head, intending to crush it like a watermelon.

Several experts were already inwardly cursing him for beating them to the punch.

However, their pupils shrank a split second later.

The golden-robed youth shrieked like a wild beast as he violently spasmed mid-air before crashing to the ground, no longer able to get up.

Even in death, his expression was filled with anger, shock, and horror. It was a sight that made anyone who saw it involuntarily shiver.

A stifling silence spread in the area.

Lin Xun was still seated there like a statue and clearly had not taken any action. He didn’t even seem alive, yet the golden-robed man had still died right under everyone’s eyes.

No one had seen how he had died from start to end!

It was undoubtedly very bizarre and horrifying.

"It's him!"

Suddenly, someone shouted as he looked at a certain spot in front of Lin Xun.

A small person who was several inches tall stood in the air. He was dressed in a white robe, had a soul sword in his hand, and was unbelievably handsome.

He was also almost transparent, and his aura was likewise barely noticeable. Without looking closely, it was practically impossible to discover his existence!

"That’s...a God Devourer Insect that has evolved to the Hidden King stage and has already molted to gain human form!"

Several people gasped in shock upon identifying Little Silver.

The pupils of the other cultivators present also abruptly shrank.

God Devourer Insect!

It was one of the top ten most dangerous and ferocious insects in the ancient era that once enjoyed such brilliant prosperity that countless cultivators’ expressions would change at the mere mention of their name.

It was incredible to think that there was a Hidden King stage God Devourer Insect before them!

To make things even crazier, the God Devourer Insects were supposed to have already gone extinct long ago.

Who could have imagined that they would see a live one today?

It was no wonder that the golden-robed youth died in such a bizarre manner. It turns out that he had been killed by the God Devourer Insect descendant.

For a time, the cultivators gazed at Little Silver with a hint of wariness in their eyes.

The true terror of the God Devourer Insect lay in its ability to soundlessly kill the primordial spirit, making it almost impossible to defend against. Anyone who saw it needed to be extremely cautious and fully alert for any attacks!

On the other hand, there were also people whose eyes burned with desire. A God Devourer Insect was one of the most suitable battle servants. It not only possessed heaven-defying talent, but would also boast exceedingly terrifying combat power upon reaching the King stage!

In the face of these gazes, Little Silver's expression remained as cold as ever. He didn’t waver in the slightest nor take a single step back.

Logically speaking, no one would be able to detect him if he were to conceal his presence. In addition, it would also allow him to catch his opponents unawares.

However, he had no choice but to reveal himself!

It was because he needed to protect Lin Xun. If Little Silver didn’t act as a deterrent, while he was busy dealing with an enemy, the other experts would definitely take advantage of the opening to attack Lin Xun.

Hence, he chose to expose himself and lose his advantage!

"Little guy, come with me and I will guarantee your life."

Lu Chuan of the Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain stepped forward. His gaze shone with desire as if he had found a peerless treasure.

After all, Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain specialized in enslaving and controlling all sorts of exotic beasts and insects.

In their sect’s records, the God Devourer Insect was known to be one of the strongest insects in the Ancient Wasteland Domain. If obtained, it would be no less than obtaining a powerful Saint treasure!

Little Silver only glanced at him without saying anything.

Lu Chuan, however, grew increasingly excited. A Hidden King stage God Devourer Insect! If he subdued it, it would be no different from obtaining a supreme blessing.

Lu Chuan took a deep breath and instructed, "Hear my order Junior Brothers and Sisters, we’ll give up Demon God Lin to the others. Our goal is to capture this insect!"

The experts behind him loudly acknowledged. As Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain disciples, they naturally understood the value of the God Devourer Insect.

Moreover, they were also more adept at dealing with such entities!

Although the other great factions weren’t completely happy with this decision, they ultimately restrained themselves from saying anything.

The immediate priority was to kill the Demon God Lin. If the God Devourer Insect was held in check by Lu Chuan and the others, it would naturally be unable to threaten them.

"Come here, little guy!"

Lu Chuan summoned a blood-colored pitcher with a flip of his hand. The pitcher looked very old and gave off a strange, intimidating, and savage aura.


The pitcher rose into the air and splattered blood-red light that swiftly loomed toward Little Silver.

Little Silver didn’t try to avoid it and instead swung his sword. A wisp of soul sword-will shot forth and chopped the blood-colored light to pieces.

Instead of being alarmed, Lu Chuan was delighted and cried out, "Excellent! To think it has awakened the God Devourer sword-will in its bloodline. How incredible!"


He and the other Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain experts were already moving out as he spoke.

It had to be acknowledged that Lu Chuan and the others were very resourceful. They swiftly utilized secret arts and treasures that were especially effective against Little Silver and gradually suppressed him!

A frontal confrontation wasn’t something he was good at in the first place.

As a God Devourer Insect, he was a natural-born spirit killer who was capable of catching opponents by surprise and assassinating their primordial spirits.

However, in order to protect Lin Xun, Little Silver gave up his advantages and could only stand guard and counterattack.

As such, he immediately felt a little overwhelmed.

It was very frustrating!

Despite this, Little Silver didn't back down and went all out, displaying the desperation of someone who was putting his life on the line.

"Let's go kill Demon God Lin!"

The cultivators from the other factions were already itching to take action. Upon seeing that Little Silver was restrained, they relaxed and brazenly attacked.

"Don't you dare!"

Little Silver furiously shouted, no longer able to retain his composure as he desperately tried to stop them.

"Little guy, it will be better if you obediently stay here!" Lu Chuan laughed loudly as he worked together with his fellow disciples to suppress Little Silver.

Little Silver’s eyes nearly burst from their sockets, so outraged that he was on the verge of going crazy.


In his field of vision, the other cultivators were already getting ready to attack Lin Xun with various treasures and powerful secret arts...

Little Silver had never felt so helpless in his life.

He hated it!

He hated it so much that tears of blood began flowing from the corners of his eyes.

He suddenly steeled himself and ignored the attacks flying at him as he threw himself in front of Lin Xun, intending to protect his master with his life.

The dignity of a God Devourer Insect and his acknowledgment and gratitude toward Lin Xun made him choose to sacrifice his life without hesitation!

The cultivators who had been closely following the battle from afar couldn't help but be greatly shocked and moved by the scene.

"Little Silver, I’m awake now."

At this critical juncture, a very familiar voice sounded in Little Silver's ears, causing him to be initially stunned before becoming ecstatic.

His master had finally awakened!

As the words rang out, a figure seemed to appear out of thin air in front of him and stretched a hand forward.

An invisible abyss emerged before the hand.

The approaching attacks vanished into the abyss as if they were mere illusions.

The treasures disintegrated inch by inch as if they were made from paper, transforming into specks of light that drifted away in the sky.

In a single move, a great abyss had emerged to swallow everything in the vicinity!


The nearby space collapsed inch by inch as a deep rumbling echoed.

Lin Xun stood in front of the abyss, surrounded by a clear, ethereal aura that made him resemble an immortal.


Everyone was caught off guard by the development. Their hearts trembled as they blankly stared at him.

Had Demon God Lin awoken?

How unexpected!

Lin Xun had originally been seated there like a statue. They had all thought that he was too injured to move and were anxious to kill him while he was still helpless.

Who could have anticipated that the tables would be turned in the blink of an eye?

For a time, the experts from the various great factions became somewhat hesitant. Was he...putting on a tough act or had he fully recovered?

In the distance, the crowd of spectators erupted into a frenzy.

Numerous people exclaimed in excitement, "I knew Demon God Lin wasn't that easy to kill!"

Even the neutral parties were taken aback and caught off guard by the sudden turn of events.


Little Silver was overwhelmed with emotion. After all, he had originally resolved to die.

"I saw what happened earlier. Come back Little Silver and watch how I slaughter them all!"

Lin Xun wore an indifferent expression as a complete and ethereal aura flowed around him.

Meanwhile, energy roared inside him as all of his power rapidly circulated like a raging furnace.

Once it erupted, it would burn away the entire world!

No one was aware that he had already reconstructed his cultivation for the third time. Moreover, it was now more perfect than ever and much stronger than before.

"How arrogant! Bold words for someone who’s at death’s door."

A Mysterious Metropolis Sect expert shouted, ''Don't be fooled by him, everyone. I've done my homework and know that he has suffered a dao injury which is impossible to recover from in only five days. Although he looks completely fine, he’s obviously putting up a strong front and should not be feared!"

Dao injury!

Everyone’s eyes gleamed.

Anyone with some basic cultivation knowledge knew that a dao injury was the most terrifying injury of all. In fact, it was more difficult to repair than flying to the heavens.

A Golden Crow Lineage expert said in a serious voice, "Everyone, we can't allow Demon God Lin to survive no matter what!"

There was no need for such a reminder. Everyone knew that Demon God Lin would be a huge threat to their factions as long as he was alive.

If they failed to kill him, the consequences would be disastrous.

The great factions fanned out to seal off the area. Their auras rumbled loudly as their cruel eyes overflowed with murderous intent.

"Just you guys?"

Lin Xun scanned the area as if confirming how many enemies there were.

The act of treating them like prey felt like a great provocation. What the hell did he mean by that? Was he saying they were too insignificant to be feared?

How arrogant!

"Lin Xun, Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain promises to not make things difficult for you as long as you hand over that God Devourer Insect." Lu Chuan had a stormy and grim expression. He was still unwilling to let go of Little Silver.

"Why so much nonsense? You can talk all you want after we kill him!"

Several experts could no longer hold back and struck. Treasure light soared into the air while dao arts rained down upon Lin Xun.

There were also numerous experts who stood guard to lock down the area, as if afraid Lin Xun would somehow escape.

"The past few days must have been very tortuous for you guys. Don’t worry, I’ll now send you guys off!"

Iciness flashed in Lin Xun’s black eyes as his aura suddenly became extremely terrifying.