The white-haired man was clad in silver armor which made him resemble a martial god from the heavens.

"He seems to be an ancient-era talent who crossed the border seeking to enter the Upper Ninth Realm from Immortal Burning World."

"That's right, his name is Zhai Fengchen. He’s an ancient-era talent from an ancient orthodoxy in the South Wonder World who possesses extremely strong combat power."

The crowd stirred upon identifying the white-haired man.

However, no one had expected him to step out at this juncture to dissuade Demon God Lin from continuing the massacre.

"Do you intend to stop me?"

Lin Xun's black eyes were ice-cold.

Zhai Fengchen indifferently said, "I won’t go so far as to say I can stop you. I just can't bear the thought of too many casualties because it goes against the will of the heavens."

"Then let me ask you this, for the past five days, why didn't you step forward to stop these great factions from attacking me?"

Lin Xun's eyes grew increasingly cold.

The spectators agreed with Lin Xun. Why should others be allowed to kill Demon God Lin while he was forbidden from killing them?

What bullshit about going against the will of the heavens, this was clear bias!

Zhai Fengchen's expression darkened. He said, ''Lin Xun, I was trying to help you resolve your grievances out of goodwill, is this the kind of attitude you should be showing?"

Lin Xun didn’t show any courtesy and said in a powerful voice, "Who the hell do you think you are? What right do you have to resolve my grievances? Scram if you don’t want to die!"

Zhai Fengchen's expression immediately turned ugly. He felt humiliated and angered by being scolded by Lin Xun in such a public setting.

He took a deep breath and asked, "Do you intend to stubbornly continue down this path?"

Lin Xun didn't even bother to reply this time. After all, was a clown worth paying any attention to?


With a wave of his sleeve, a burning river of stars unfurled in the sky and he continued the slaughter.

The place was once again thrown into chaos. Blood sprayed everywhere while the sounds of killing shook the air.

Like a tiger entering a pack of wolves, Lin Xun decimated every expert within reach.

Since all these great factions had come for him, he would not show them any mercy!

The streets were left littered with corpses, each lying in their own pools of blood. It was a grisly scene to behold.

The experts from the various great factions were already scared out of their wits and were fleeing for their lives. However, how could any of them escape from the demon god-like Lin Xun?

In the distance, Zhai Fengchen’s cloudy expression fluctuated indeterminately. It was the first time he had ever experienced such humiliation.

He was being ignored!

It especially burned whenever the nearby onlookers occasionally glanced at him as if they were looking at a clown, which made him feel very uncomfortable.


Zhai Fengchen couldn’t endure any longer and bellowed, ''Lin Xun, you're being far too disrespectful!"

Lin Xun didn’t even turn his head as he continued to kill, "You want me to show you some respect? Sure, leave the city and tell those King expert riffraff outside to apologize to me. I guarantee that I will reevaluate my opinion of you."


Zhai Fengchen was furious. He was clearly being made fun of.

"If you can't, then scram!"

Several onlookers secretly reveled in Lin Xun’s rude response, feeling that Zhai Fengchen was indeed overly pompous. Who did he think he was to order Demon God Lin to stop?

What a pretentious person!

"It seems that you're not even going to show me the minimum courtesy. Then my untalented self shall have to ask for your guidance."

Zhai Fengchen's expression turned fully stormy.


As the words rang out, however, it was instead Lin Xun who stole the initiative and attacked. He clenched his hand into a fist and punched, sending out a burst of fist-force that rapidly collapsed the surrounding space!

The swift attack caught Zhai Fengchen completely by surprise, and he hurriedly got into position to defend against it.


Amidst an earth-shaking collision sound, Zhai Fengchen staggered for a split second before being sent hurtling through the air like a kite with a broken string.

His chest heaved mid-flight as he coughed out blood before smashing face-first into the ground.

"Is that all you have to show after yammering so much? What an ignorant fool!"

Lin Xun's eyes glowed with cold indifference. He couldn’t even be bothered to give Zhai Fengchen another glance as he continued to kill his enemies.

Zhai Fengchen immediately felt countless gazes look at him with pity and ridicule.

It made his cheeks burn, and he wished he could somehow disappear into a crack in the ground.

Meanwhile, the expressions of the other ancient-era talents and geniuses hidden in the dark turned incomparably grave after witnessing this scene.

He had suppressed Zhai Fengchen with a single punch!

How powerful had Demon God Lin become?

It was still utter chaos in the area with figures fleeing everywhere and screams still ringing incessantly.

"How did it come to this?" A group of cultivators were rushing over from the distance. They were reinforcements from the various great orthodoxies.


Electricity seemed to blossom in Lin Xun's eyes as nine tribulation characters emerged around him. They looked as if they had been forged from liquid gold while true dragon essence swirled around them.

The tribulation characters shot forth and instantly murdered several people at the front of the group, causing their corpses to fall to the ground.

The cultivators in the rear were so alarmed that they immediately turned tail, running away even faster than they had arrived. Each of them dearly wished their parents had given them an extra set of legs at this moment.


The entire group lost their courage and haphazardly scattered in various directions.

It was impossible to fight. Demon God Lin was unstoppable unless a King expert came.

Unfortunately, the King experts could not enter the city!

"Demon God Lin, you're asking for death! Do you dare to come out and fight?" A furious bellow rang out from outside the city and resounded across the sky.

It was the King expert Wu Yuanzhen from the Golden Crow Lineage.

He stood in the air outside the city with a livid expression. His eyes bulged dangerously from their sockets, and he looked as if he was about to go mad with rage.

Miao Cen of the Mysterious Metropolis Sect, Shang Chong of the Sea Soul Clan, Wang Yuntong of the Moon Worshipper Sect, and a few other King experts from other factions were also gathered there with him.

Their expressions were extremely ugly, and everyone could almost feel the burning anger rising from them. They sorely wished they could rush into the city and exterminate Lin Xun.

The onlookers displayed strange expressions. How could Demon God Lin be foolish enough to walk out of the city to his death?

What an idiotic thing to say!

"Don't worry, none of you will be able to escape when I become a King expert."

Lin Xun emotionlessly glanced at them. The iciness in his words, however, caused several cultivators to shiver.

Without skipping a beat, Lin Xun continued to tread over the corpses of his enemies to pursue the fleeing experts. He was determined to massacre all of the experts from the various great orthodoxies today!

It was an event that shook the entire Burning Immortal Ancient City and alarmed countless cultivators.

If one were to look down from the sky, one would see waves of experts fleeing in all directions.

Meanwhile, Lin Xun left a trail of corpses and blood in his wake, making it look as if a bloody line was being painted across the city.

The developments excited the unaffiliated cultivators and disciples of the smaller factions.

For some time now, the many great factions controlling Burning Immortal Ancient City had been imposing entry fees on everyone who entered the city. As a result, countless cultivators harbored resentment and dissatisfaction toward them.

Who wouldn’t be excited watching these overbearing dictators being single-handedly crushed by Demon God Lin and forced to flee like lost dogs?

If not for the circumstances, the onlookers would probably be openly cheering for Lin Xun! Despite this, all of them followed behind to witness how far he would go.

The city was in chaos.

Various glowing figures could be seen fleeing for their lives.

Behind them, Lin Xun attacked without mercy. Every step he took seemed to shrink the ground between his legs, allowing him to advance at an unbelievable speed.

In this moment, he was a god of slaughter walking out from a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses, reaping the lives of his enemies with each raise of his hand.

Throughout it all, shouts, threats, and curses from the group of King experts outside the city incessantly rang out across the sky.

However, Lin Xun’s footsteps didn’t pause even for a second. His expression was terrifyingly calm, and his black eyes overflowed with chilling killing intent.

Plop plop plop!

Blood spattered in his wake, and bodies fell to the ground.

Lin Xun had never been someone who killed innocents indiscriminately. This was why he made sure first to identify all of the factions who had attacked him before paying them back in kind!

The cultivators following him felt their scalps turn numb as their hearts loudly pounded in their chests.

Too strong!

In the Cyclic Derivation stage, the supreme heaven prides were akin to mighty dragons in the sky. However, even such individuals were easy pickings to Demon God Lin!

"Quick, run!"

"Demon God Lin has awakened and has become stronger than ever! It’s impossible to fight him!"

"How did...how did this happen..."

Countless powerful cultivators fled, causing Burning Immortal Ancient City to grow increasingly chaotic.

It was a scene that would leave anyone dumbstruck. These cultivators were disciples of the various great factions and used to be so high and mighty. Who could have ever imagined that they would one day be reduced to such a sorry state?

Moreover, it was all at the hands of a single person!

Although reinforcements would arrive from time to time, they quickly realized the danger and immediately retreated instead of aiding their companions.

A lucky few managed to escape the city, but these horrific memories were destined to become nightmares that would plague them forever!

"Quickly inform everyone that Demon God Lin is on a killing rampage and tell them to hurry up and escape!"

"Everyone, leave the city!"

There was constant yelling and shouting.

The city had never experienced such a devastating event.

How many people had died?

It was a question that no one could answer.

It was impossible to keep track because Lin Xun still hadn’t stopped. In fact, he had already made his way to the territories of the various great factions.

"Shit! Demon God Lin is coming!"


"How can a single person be so terrifying?"

The territories were thrown into disarray. Many experts were overwhelmed by terror and were unable to accept what was happening.

Wasn’t it said that Demon God Lin’s death was already certain and they merely had to finish the formalities? Why was he now coming to kill them instead?

Outside the city, the King experts were going crazy with anger. Was Demon God Lin intending to wipe them out and destroy their bases?

The cultivators following Lin Xun also inwardly shivered. They had thought the massacre was finally over. Who could have imagined that he was also planning on destroying the territories of the various great factions?

"This...this is insane..." Even the ancient-era talents, who had been observing the situation, were stupefied.

Everyone had heard of Demon God Lin’s savagery. However, they never imagined that he would go this far.

Someone had a premonition that the rulers of Burning Immortal Ancient City were going to change today!