A single street separated the Supreme Building from the Supreme Tower.

At the center of this particular street was an ancient temple hall that stood a thousand feet tall.

If one were to look out from the temple hall, one would see the Supreme Building on the east side and the Supreme Tower on the west side.

It was originally the Moon Worshipper Sect's territory but was now occupied by Lin Xun.

While the city was still in upheaval, Lin Xun and Little Silver had already rendezvoused in the temple.

"Little Silver, take a look and see if there are any treasures you need."

Treasures were piled up in front of him like a mountain. There were aeth materials, pills, artifacts, jade bamboo strips...and various other treasures.

The seemingly flowing treasure light filled the entire hall.

It was the loot that Lin Xun had obtained after massacring the various great factions.

In fact, the King-grade herbs alone already numbered more than thirty!

There were also a few rare and unique godly materials, each with their own peculiarities, that were almost impossible to find in the outside world.

The value of such a dazzling mountain of treasures was impossible to estimate.

Even a Saint expert, let alone the cultivators in the city, would feel dizzy at the sight of them!

This showed just how many treasures the various great factions had collected after taking over Burning Immortal Ancient City.

It was no wonder that the various orthodoxies would spare no effort in dispatching forces into the Supreme Realm when it descended.

There were simply too many blessings and opportunities inside that were far beyond anything the outside world could offer!

However, all of these treasures now belonged to Lin Xun.

If the Golden Crow Lineage, Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain, and the orthodoxies in the outside world were to know of this, they would probably go crazy due to anger.

After all, it wasn’t just their territories that had been demolished. The treasures they painstakingly collected had also been seized, resulting in a devastating blow.

Little Silver didn’t hold back and swiftly picked out a few dozen treasures that could help him in his evolution.

"That’s all?"

Lin Xun was taken aback, surprised that Little Silver had only picked out such a small selection.

"It would have been good if there were any Soul Calming Flowers."

Little Silver was also a little dispirited. He walked the path of spirit cultivation and there were just far too few spirit cultivation treasures in the world.

Lin Xun nodded. "No worries, leave it to me."

He planned to exchange some of the treasures that were useless to him for treasures that were related to spirit cultivation.

"Master, there’s no need for you to do so much. It is my mission to fight to the death for you, and I'm not doing it for any repayment!" Little Silver looked up with a solemn expression.

"I know." Lin Xun chuckled.

However, this was precisely why Lin Xun grew increasingly determined to help Little Silver!

Next, Lin Xun organized the treasures one by one, keeping the ones he needed and intending to trade away the rest.

Meanwhile, Little Silver had returned to Lin Xun's mind-sea and begun to cultivate.

After all, Little Silver also planned to attack the King stage in the Supreme Realm!

Lin Xun muttered to himself, "They...probably think that it’s over, isn’t it?"

Icy light surged in his black eyes as he turned around and left the temple.


In a certain courtyard, several experts from the Golden Crow Lineage were gathered.

They had escaped amidst the chaos and had now reunited.

A young man with a gloomy expression said, "I've received a transmission from Senior Brother Wu Yuanzhen. He’s ordering us to leave the Burning Immortal World because that is the only way to salvage the situation."

His name was Wu Huadian, and he was an extremely powerful supreme heaven pride.

A woman indignantly asked, "Leave? Are we giving up on revenge?"

The young man coldly replied, ''With the King experts unable to enter the city, do you think any of us are a match for Demon God Lin? We're already lucky to have survived!"

Another expert took a deep breath and said, "Then let's do that. This time, the Seventh Crown Prince, the Ninth Crown Prince, and the Thirteenth Crown Prince have also entered the Supreme Realm. "

"Unlike us, however, the Ninth and Thirteenth Crown Princes entered from other locations. What we need to do is to quickly join up with them and tell them what happened in Burning Immortal Ancient City."

"Only then will it be time to begin thinking about revenge!"

They carefully rose to their feet and left the courtyard.

The entire Burning Immortal Ancient City was in uproar. Everyone, from the little alleys to the main streets, was talking about Lin Xun’s purge operation.

"Hehe, the Golden Crow Lineage has a terrible memory. They were robbed by Demon God Lin some time ago and yet they still dared to participate in the operation to kill him. Isn’t that no different from asking for death?"

"Look at that, the Golden Crows experts have all either fled or been killed. They were so arrogant before, but now they don’t even dare to enter the city!"

Remarks about the Golden Crow Lineage could be heard from time to time.

Wu Huadian and the others had concealed their auras out of fear that someone might recognize them. However, hearing these comments made them hatefully grind their teeth.

In the past, who would dare to so blatantly talk about them in Burning Immortal Ancient City?

But now...

Even a random cultivator from the street was openly criticizing them. Moreover, most of them seemed to be gloating about it!

Wu Huadian took a deep breath and spoke in a hushed tone, "Bear with it for now. We’ll make a comeback sooner or later!"

It wasn't long before they arrived in front of the Supreme Tower.

The tall and round tower covered an extremely wide area.

An offering of a King-grade herb was required to enter the mystical tower, which could teleport the user to other worlds.

Moreover, unlike normal ancient teleportation arrays, it could precisely teleport the user as long as they knew the name of the world they wished to travel to.

When Wu Huadian and the others arrived, they were shocked to discover that the usually busy tower was almost empty with only a small handful of figures scattered about.

"Why is it like this?"

Wu Huadian's eyes narrowed, vaguely sensing that something was wrong.

He immediately made the decision to withdraw and whispered, "The situation doesn’t look right, let’s leave first!"

However, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the Supreme Tower as if he was already waiting for them!

It was naturally Lin Xun. He had used Suanni Qi to completely hide his presence.


Wu Huadian’s and the other’s expressions abruptly changed. None of them had expected that even after killing so many people, Demon God Lin had yet to relent and was waiting for them here!

Was he intending to exterminate them all?

Lin Xun indifferently said, "This is the sixteenth group. Looks like there are still plenty of you bastards around."

However, the implication of his words caused Wu Huadian and the others to shudder.

Evidently, fifteen groups of great faction disciples like them had tried to leave through the Supreme Tower before them, only to be stopped by Demon God Lin!


Wu Huadian and the others chose to flee without hesitation.

Unfortunately, their actions were futile. Lin Xun was determined to clear the city of all enemies. Hence, how could he possibly allow them to leave?


Light rose into the air like smoke as a battle erupted.

It was a fight without any suspense. Wu Huadian and the others were ambushed and slaughtered, leaving no survivors.

After which, Lin Xun erased all traces of the battle with a wave of his sleeve before circulating Suanni Qi to conceal himself again and wait for the next batch.

The nearby cultivators inwardly shivered at this scene.

No one dared to approach. They had already been warned by Lin Xun that anyone who had the guts to warn his enemies would suffer the consequences!

This was also the reason why the vicinity of the Supreme Tower had been so empty when Wu Huadian’s group arrived.

Given Demon God Lin’s fearsome reputation, who would dare to jeopardize his operation?

Lin Xun camped there for three days. Over this period, a few dozen groups showed up in total, only to be killed one after another.

The horrifying and hair-raising events made the people realize that Demon God Lin was indeed determined to exterminate the enemy factions in the city down to the very last man!

Unfortunately, the news ended up being leaked and Lin Xun failed to find any traces of his enemies on the third day no matter how long he waited.

However, this was within his expectations.

Next, he issued two reward notices.

The first was that he would reward a King-grade herb to anyone who could provide him with reliable information about his enemies’ whereabouts!

When it spread, the entire Burning Immortal Ancient City was thrown into an uproar once more.

The remaining enemies that were still hiding in the city felt a strong chill upon hearing the news. They didn’t dare to stay a second longer and hurriedly escaped the city.

"Demon God Lin is truly determined. A single King-grade herb is more than enough to make most of the cultivators in the city become his errand boys."

Many people lamented, ''Under such circumstances, which great faction disciple will still dare to stay around?"

The second notice was that he was willing to pay good money for any treasures related to spirit cultivation, and the more the better!

This tempted many cultivators in the city.

Everyone knew that Lin Xun had gained an immeasurable fortune after purging the various great factions and was rich beyond imagination.

Anyone who could provide what he needed would probably be able to obtain several treasures that could not be bought on the market!

For a time, the temple hall Lin Xun occupied became a marketplace with many cultivators arriving everyday hoping to trade their treasures with him.

Every cultivator was satisfied when they left because Lin Xun was indeed a man of his word and gave them an excellent price.

In turn, this also improved his reputation.

Some of the originally hesitant cultivators, who were worried that they would be pressured by Lin Xun during the transaction, stopped hesitating and took out their best wares to trade.

Outside of the city, the surviving great faction disciples were so furious that they nearly vomited blood.

After all, he had not only issued bounties on them but was even using their hard-earned fortune to trade with the cultivators in the city. It felt worse than being cut by a thousand knives!

It was only half a month later that the commotion in Burning Immortal Ancient City finally subsided and normalcy returned.

All the cultivators could clearly feel that Burning Immortal Ancient City had changed and was completely different from before.

Due to Demon God Lin’s presence, even the powerful factions that had no enmity with him became more withdrawn and low-key.

This was undoubtedly a blessing for the other cultivators as they no longer suffered from much oppression.

The only problematic issue was that the city gates were still firmly controlled by the group of King experts, making it a frightening experience to pass through.

Many cultivators had even begun to hope for Lin Xun to quickly advance to the King stage so he could purge the King experts outside the city as well!