The spirited-looking man’s corpse lay on the ground after a tragic death; his bones were shattered and his head crushed.

The bloody scene terrified the crowd.

“This is the thirty-seventh person…” someone sighed.

This number caused Lin Xun to frown.

Without a word, he walked out from the crowd.

The man called Junior Brother Feng was about to return when he saw this. He raised an eyebrow, and a ruthless expression surfaced on his pale cheeks, “Yoho, another tough nut wanting to try their luck?”

In front of the Supreme Tower, Luo Chuan and the disciples of the Underworld Ancient Sect also seemed surprised by the fact that there was still someone who dared to step out and seek death.

Is the threat not enough?

“Junior Brother Feng, it seems like a lot of people think you’re easy to bully.” A blue-robed woman laughed cutely with a hint of derision.

“Junior Brother Feng, why don’t you let me play with this one?” Someone was eager to try.

Unlike the disciples of the Underworld Ancient Sect, the cultivators nearby were shocked and emotional when they saw it was Lin Xun. Their expressions turned strange.

Demon God Lin!

Who in here wouldn’t recognize him?

In that moment, there seemed to be a tacit understanding as the crowd all kept their mouths shut, having no intention to warn the outsiders what a terrifying existence the young man in front of them was.

They all held back their inner excitement and decided to sit back and enjoy the show!

“You intend to challenge me as well?” Junior Brother Feng’s face was icy as he watched Lin Xun approach. His eyes flickered with an undisguised killing intent.

“I want to go up the stairs. Do you want to stop me?” Lin Xun asked the question everyone already knew the answer to, his pace unchanged.

Go up the stairs?!

Luo Chuan’s group frowned. Can’t this guy read the situation? We’re blocking this place, and he’s treating us like we don’t exist?!



Junior Brother Feng’s face dropped when he saw Lin Xun moving forward without fear. Feeling that his dignity had been provoked, his eyes surged with a murderous intent as his hand thrust toward Lin Xun’s head with a rumbling momentum.

It was clear that Junior Brother Feng didn’t just want to stop Lin Xun, he wanted him dead by aiming at a fatal point!

Of course, that was just as effective as stopping him completely.

When the onlookers saw this, however, their expressions became even more strange. They had seen people who wanted to seek death, but there had never been one this impatient.

Still, no one intended to give advice to the Underworld Ancient Sect group. On the contrary, they were all holding their breath inside, wishing for Lin Xun to go on a killing spree.


Luo Chuan was able to notice that something was wrong with the atmosphere in the area, but before he could do anything, a shocking turn of events happened!


Junior Brother Feng had suddenly fallen. The ground shook as his knees shattered.

And then, his neck lolled as all traces of life left his body. He maintained his kneeling posture in his death, blindingly scarlet blood still flowing out from his legs.

And this was only the power of Lin Xun’s casual slap!

The crowd gasped. Even though they had anticipated that Junior Brother Feng couldn’t possibly be a match for Lin Xun, they were still appalled to see this scene.

Too strong! As expected of Demon God Lin!

Junior Brother Feng’s strength had been seen clearly by the crowd, and without a doubt, he had been a supreme character.

But he was directly slapped to death by Demon God Lin!

While blocking the Supreme Tower, the faces of Luo Chuan’s group turned into a gloomy blue color in rage, but at the same time, an inexplicable chill ran down their spines.

Being able to take down their Junior Brother Feng was not something anyone could casually do!

Who is this young man?

“The Supreme Tower is a place where anyone can enter, yet you guys want to hijack it. Do you really think us cultivators of Burning Immortal Ancient City are easy targets?” said Lin Xun indifferently.

Hearing this, the cultivators present were thrilled, their blood surging with passion.

The major powers in the city all knew about this matter, but they chose to stand and watch with cold eyes. No one was willing to stand up for lone, unsupported cultivators like them!

But Demon God Lin did. He stepped forward!

Who wouldn’t be moved by this?

Their hearts were made of flesh after all. Demon God Lin had a savage reputation for his ruthless methods, but he had never once bullied the weak since his appearance in the Burning Immortal Ancient City!

Even those who had made deals with him had never suffered the slightest loss!

In fact, thanks to his killing spree a while ago against the multiple major forces, the atmosphere in the entire city had changed greatly.

Those major powers no longer dared to act recklessly. They became low-key and restrained, and the city became orderly and peaceful.

This had been seen by countless cultivators, and they were all grateful deep down.

And now, in the face of the outsiders from another world, he had once again stood out. Who wouldn’t be moved and energized by this?

Demon God Lin might have earned the ire and apprehension of the major forces.

But to them, he was a powerful character worthy of admiration and respect!

“May I ask what clan you’re from, fellow daoist?” Luo Chuan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice. He had clearly felt that something was very wrong.

“No clan, no sect. I’m a loner,” replied Lin Xun nonchalantly.

“Looks like you are very confident in your battle prowess, but do you know the consequences of doing so?” someone bellowed.

“Everyone, Junior Brother Feng was killed. This is not the time to talk.” The blue-robed woman’s beautiful face was ice-cold, her eyes chilling as she pointed at Lin Xun. “No matter who you are, you must pay for this!”


Lin Xun pressed his palm in the air. The blue-robed woman stiffened as she was instantly confined in place, and then fell to her knees with a mournful shriek.

“Wait, fellow daoist!” shouted Luo Chuan in horror.

But it was too late. The blue-robed woman died similarly in a kneeling posture, her face wearing an incredulous expression, as if she couldn’t understand how the young man in front of her could be so terrifying.

Another elite was killed in an instant.

The surrounding crowd watched fervently and could not help but applaud in exhilaration.

On the other hand, Luo Chuan’s group looked livid and grave, realizing they had encountered a ruthless and tricky opponent!

Taking a deep breath, Luo Chuan ordered, “Stand down and make way for this fellow daoist.”

This was unexpected to both the onlookers and the other members of the Underworld Ancient Sect. Two of them had been killed, but their leader just told them to make way for the culprit?

However, Luo Chuan was resolute and made himself the first to get out of Lin Xun’s way.

The others had no choice but to follow his lead, but their expressions were incredibly ugly as a fire rage in their hearts.

The expression of the onlookers also changed in surprise as they didn’t expect Luo Chuan to be so resolute in giving in.

Lin Xun was unperturbed. He walked up the stairs like there was no one around.

However, when he reached the front door of the Supreme Tower, he paused and said, “I don’t want to see you lot here again.”

A light sentence, but it was a message that could not be disobeyed!

Luo Chuan’s group never felt so stifled. As disciples of the Underworld Ancient Sect, they had never received such treatment!

In the past, they were fearless even when facing descendants of other major forces.

But now, they were being threatened by a lone person, who not only had killed two of their fellow disciples but also was expelling them from this place!

“May I know your name?” asked Luo Chuan through gritted teeth.

Lin Xun was suddenly stunned. Then, he seemed to realize something and said, “None of the other forces in the city have warned you?”

This in turn stunned Luo Chuan’s group. What does this mean?

Seeing their reaction, Lin Xun immediately confirmed his speculation.

He said to himself, “It seems that not only you guys, but even I was also used… Heh, this is interesting, killing with a borrowed knife?

“If the outsiders are the knife, then you can use it to hurt me, and if I am the knife, then you can use me to kill the outsiders, all while you sit high above and watch your opponents weaken each other. How smart.

“However, if you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation for this, I wouldn’t mind paying you a visit!”

With that, he entered the Tower of the Supreme.

Even after he was out of sight, his words still echoed in the area, and although his voice was not loud, anyone with some cultivation could hear it clearly.

The expressions of Luo Chuan’s group changed again. We were used?

“Investigate this, we need to know his identity!” Luo Chuan gritted his teeth.

If everything that had happened today could have been avoided, then it meant that they were kept entirely in the dark!

Someone had deliberately concealed information so that they would unintentionally offend an extremely terrifying enemy!

As for the onlookers, quite a few hearts jumped when they understood what Lin Xun implied.

Who in the Burning Immortal Ancient City wouldn’t recognize Demon God Lin?

He was the first person that the Underworld Ancient Sect should have learned about upon arriving at the city.

At the very least, they should have known who they couldn’t offend when they occupied the Tower of the Supreme.

And yet, they had been unable to recognize him at all, which was extremely strange!

Now, the question was, who had deliberately concealed all of this and led all of this to happen?

This was what Luo Chuan’s group wanted to know as well, and they already had some guesses!

It didn’t take long for them to inquire about Lin Xun’s identity, and upon learning about what he had done in the Burning Immortal World, they froze as if they were struck by lightning, their clothes wet with cold sweat in fear of what could have happened.

Whether it was ransacking the Golden Crow Clan, or the battle in Burning Sky Valley, or the bloody massacre just a while ago, it was all too bone-chilling!

The thought that they had offended such a ruthless person made a pang of fear go through their hearts, and their hair stood on end as chills creeped all over them.

If they couldn’t have held back their killing intent at that time and backed down, then the consequences…would simply be unimaginable!

Only after a long time did Luo Chuan come back to his senses, his face so gloomy that it looked like it could rain.

“Such important news, but those major forces in the city have not once mentioned it and instead encouraged us to occupy the Supreme Tower. They…they obviously harbored evil intentions!”