Lin Xun’s pace had slowed significantly.

The opponents he encountered were getting stronger and stronger. Each of them could be considered a great genius in the outside world that dominated the supreme path!

Defeating them was easy for Lin Xun, but it was another story to defeat them consecutively without stopping!

Since the moment Lin Xun had ascended the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase, he had never stopped to rest or replenish his energy.

It was solely by virtue of tenacity that he rode the storm up to this point!

“Still got a third of my energy left. Should be enough to get me through the end…”

Lin Xun took a deep breath, his eyes filled with perseverance.

And then, he continued to climb.





Chi Yao stood on the step on her bare feet, her eyes crystal clear as she gazed at his lone figure.

Her fiery hair fluttered. Her snow-white skin enhanced her cold bearing. In her bright eyes, there was a hint of seriousness slowly condensing.

Lin Xun had not stopped once, but his breaths were long and steadily paced, not showing a trace of distress.

A fact unknown to others but clear to Chi Yao was that in this world, there were maybe other supreme figures who were also capable of this, but the number could be counted on two hands!

And in the entire Burning Immortal World, there probably wasn’t a single one who could be a match for Lin Xun!

As for those who have advanced to the King stage…

Chi Yao’s lips curled in disdain. Entering the King stage instead of achieving the Supreme King stage…they will be nothing more than a bunch of trash in the future!

She had reason to be conceited. If she wanted to become a King, then she could have easily stepped into this stage back in the ancient era.

But she had decided not to!

Rather, she had buried herself for endless years and endured the torture of risk and loneliness, just to awaken in this day for the sake of achieving the Supreme King stage!

Therefore, she did not take those so-called Kings seriously at all.

In the future battle for supremacy within the Supreme Realm and in the race on the supreme path, the ones who had already become Kings without achieving the Supreme King stage could already be called losers!

Lin Xun’s speed grew slower and slower as time passed, but his pace remained steady, and his figure remained upright like an unshakeable mountain.

Chi Yao inexplicably felt a burst of gravity. Her eyes and expression were heavy. Without her realizing, her hands had quietly clenched into fists.

On her snow-white skin, strands of strange divine fire surfaced, making her look like a fully drawn bow!

“If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, it’d be impossible to imagine that there was such a heaven-defying character in this era…” muttered Chi Yao.

She could have suspected that Lin Xun was also a proud and dazzling ancient freak who had been silent for boundless years.

But obviously and shockingly, he wasn’t!

“Is it wise to make an enemy of him for a piece of Bodhi wood…?”

Chi Yao’s plan was swayed when she saw Lin Xun appear on the tenth stone step. She also collected her pride and ego.

During her previous conversations with Lin Xun, she had never shown any disdain, but she had also never regarded him as an opponent that she had to be apprehensive of and pay attention to.

Therefore, she could talk to him casually in any manner as she pleased.

But it was different now…

Because Lin Xun had stepped on the tenth stair of the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase!

Chi Yao knew full well how difficult it was for any supreme figure to reach that place.

And to manage to do so without having to take a break the entire time was even more difficult, if not an impossible miracle!

Even Chi Yao herself found it difficult, and she would have to fight with her life on the line in order to achieve it.

And yet…Lin Xun’s pace still remained steady!

This was what really shook her and made her question whether it was a right decision to make an enemy of him!

“Even in the ancient era, his fierceness would still amaze the world and could not be covered up…” Chi Yao stood there in a daze, all kinds of emotions streaming through her heart.


Lin Xun was slightly panting, and sweat seeped out on his forehead.

He was on the eighth stone step.

From the thousandth step until now, he had fought nine hundred and ninety-two battles without stopping!

Every opponent was a top-notch character of their generation.

And, the higher he went, the stronger they were!

Even if Lin Xun’s reserves were abundant, this kind of continuous fighting would still be extremely exhausting. His physical energy was on the verge of running out.

It was possible to stop and rest, but he had chosen not to.

He wanted to seek the limits of his own path in battles!




Although Lin Xun was exhausted, a fire for battles was burning deep inside, and his fighting spirit was being refined to the extreme.

Without him having to maneuver, the Sacred Combat Art was operating on its own, fusing perfectly with his qi, spirit, and will.

The 6th step.

The 5th step.

The 4th step.


Upon arriving at the third stone step, Lin Xun’s physical strength had reached an unprecedented limit of what he could bear!

In his head, there were rumbles like the iron hooves of horses trampling on the battlefield, like the roars of gods and devils. It was so chaotic that he felt like his head was about to explode.

Ever since leaving Star Chess Sea and participating in the battle of the great age, he had never been so exhausted that he just wanted to just lie down and sleep like this.

Every bit of strength in his body felt as if it had been drained, putting him in a stage where his will alone was no longer enough to keep him going!

His consciousness started to become fuzzy and uncontrollable as his soul seemed to wander off bit by bit. He was relying solely on his instinct to hold on!

“Has he finally reached his limit?”

Chi Yao’s eyes lit up. When she saw Lin Xun standing motionless on the third stone step, she inexplicably sighed in relief.

Only then did she realize that she had been strung up this whole time!

Thinking for a moment, she made up her mind. “Hey, hurry up and rest. I’ve decided that for now at least, I won’t be your enemy!”

After saying that, she inwardly sighed as she realized that when they were still at the Cyclic Derivation stage, she didn’t have any desire to compete with Lin Xun.

Chi Yao, who had always been lofty and never taken anyone in the current world seriously at all, could not help but be perplexed by this.

However, to her surprise, Lin Xun seemed to be oblivious of her announcement.

He just stood there, seemingly unshakable by anything.

“Little big brother, why are you still sulking? I have already taken a step back. Don’t tell me a mighty man like you can’t manage to show any courtesy at all?” said Chi Yao in a bright voice, but she was secretly annoyed.

She didn’t understand why Lin Xun had to be so stubborn.

But then she saw him stepping onto the second stair, still ignoring her!

Her pupils shrunk in shock. He’s still able to fight?

The opponent on the second step was an ancient freak that had never been seen before. Being able to be ranked second was enough to prove how powerful he was.

This battle was intensely arduous and left Lin Xun covered in blood and cuts.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t as good as his opponent, but that he had been on the verge of running out of energy and was fighting completely on instinct.


In the end, he crushed the opponent while in a heavily injured state.

Afterwards, he woodenly turned around. His eyes had become two hollow holes.

There was only one thought on his mind – to drive himself to the limit in order to realize an unprecedented dao path!

“Has he gone crazy?!”

When Chi Yao saw a tragic-looking Lin Xun, she realized that it was impossible to understand this man who was called a Demon God despite having been paying attention to him.

At the moment, his clothes were soaked with blood, and he was covered in injuries, but his back had not bent an inch as he emitted a terrifying ruthlessness and conviction.

Chi Yao’s heart was filled with shock.

As her thoughts were flying, Lin Xun had already stepped onto the highest stair.

A figure appeared, powerful like a god of war that would make any supreme character tremble to the core. He was bathed in dao light, and his might was unparalleled.


Lin Xun struck first, his entire being erupting with an unprecedented power.


The strike smashed the opponent to pieces.

It’s over?

Stunned, Lin Xun looked around and found himself standing proudly on the top of the heavenly flight of stairs. It felt as if he had gone beyond the heavens.

In the illusory sky of the boundless void, countless dao flames flickered with different colors, each as brilliant as a sun!

There were two thousand nine hundred and ninety of them in total!

Each flame displayed an invincible might. One was like a bright source piercing the underworld, one a world of ice and snow, one an overwhelming divine sword…

Their auras were different, but they were similarly powerful!

Lin Xun sat down cross-legged.

And then he couldn’t hold up any longer and directly lay down facing the sky. An intense feeling of drowsiness, exhaustion, and soreness coursed through his body and mind, and he fell into a numb state.

However, his eyes were exceptionally bright and clear, and on his bloodstained face bloomed a pure, child-like smile.

In the sky, the thousands of dao flames shone magnificently, reflecting the heavens.

It was at this moment that a wisp of dao sound echoed in his heart–

“What is dao?”

Only three words, but they were enlightening!

Lin Xun was stunned, then he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He didn’t know where he got the strength to spring up from the ground and raise his head to look proudly at the heavens.

“The dao is the way, but at the same time not. The dao of heaven, the dao of earth, the great dao, the small dao, the divine dao, the human dao, the dao of all beings…”

Firm and resounding like a sacred declaration, every word stirred the void.

At some point, Lin Xun has risen. His blood-stained clothes fluttered. His solitary figure seemed to pierce the sky and overwhelm the void!

“Are those the dao, or are they not? Everyone talks about dao, but it’s all but nonsense!”

Saying this, an unprecedented loftiness and determination surfaced on Lin Xun’s expression.

“I seek my own dao!”

He stressed every word, clear and loud. His declaration rumbled like thunder in spring.

And then, in the void, a wisp of holy rainbow emerged.

The two thousand nine hundred and ninety dao flames all over the void suddenly trembled non-stop.

The divine rainbow started to glide unobstructed, and wherever it passed, the surrounding dao flames retreated one after another!