Violet Truth World.

In a magnificent palace in Violet Truth Ancient City.

A group of disciples from Spirit Treasure Holy Land were beaming with joy.

“Congratulations to Senior Brother Yan for ascending to the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs in one fell swoop!”

“From today onwards, our position in the Violet Truth World will be unshakable!”

In the middle of the ceaseless cheers and congratulations, a white-clad Yan Zhanqiu smiled as a sense of pride swelled within him.

He was the only one among the millions of experts in the Violet Truth World to reach the top!

He had outdone all the heaven prides and ancient freaks of the other dao clans, which in itself was something to be proud of!

Amidst all the congratulations, however, there was one distracted person.

It was Zhao Jingxuan.

Yan Zhanqiu’s brows furrowed imperceptibly before he walked over to her. “Junior Sister Jingxuan, is there something on your mind?”

“Nothing,” replied Zhao Jingxuan without thinking

“Are you still worried about that guy Lin Xun?” asked Yan Zhanqiu.

The question had Zhao Jingxuan stunned, but she calmly nodded. “Indeed, I am a little worried.”

Nowadays, the majority of the three thousand worlds were under the control of various major forces, and numerous cultivators had advanced to the King stage. As a loner, Lin Xun’s situation was destined to be difficult.

Unless he advanced to the Supreme King stage, he had little to nothing to compete with the major forces.

And Zhao Jingxuan knew his character well enough to know that he could never bow down or latch himself to any power.

Which meant it would be extremely hard for him to rise to prominence!

Lost in thought, Zhao Jingxuan did not notice the icy look flashing through Yan Zhanqiu’s expression.

“Junior Sister Jingxuan, don’t forget who you are. Lin Xun is the enemy of our Spirit Treasure Holy Land!” reminded Yan Zhanqiu in a low voice.

“But he is also my friend,” said Zhao Jingxuan coldly with persistence in her voice.

Yan Zhanqiu’s expression turned cold. Then suddenly, he laughed. “Let’s not talk about this. In the Supreme Realm, he will be nothing but a street rat targeted by many people anyway. I’m afraid that even surviving is difficult for him, let alone achieving the Supreme King stage”

Zhao Jingxuan’s clear eyes flashed with a hint of fury before she replied calmly, “I believe that he would not be inferior to anyone among his generation! Senior Brother Yan, even if he is an enemy, you are damaging your own demeanor by denigrating him like this.”

Yan Zhanqiu’s face sank.

But before he could open his mouth to respond, Zhao Jingxuan looked him in the eyes and stressed every word, “I know you hate him so much you just want to kill him, but honestly speaking, even though you’ve ascended the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase in this world, Lin Xun will not be afraid of you, ever!”

Yan Zhanqiu let out an angry laugh, “Junior Sister Jingxuan, do you really have to argue with me? You’ve become unreasonable because of Lin Xun. You know what? In fact, I had stopped taking him seriously the moment I ascended the top of the stairs!”

Right at this moment, the sounds of hurried footsteps echoed outside the palace, bringing a shocking piece of news–

“Demon God Lin ran rampant in the Burning Immortal World and went on a killing spree against many ancient lineages!”

The news caused the lively and joyful atmosphere to stiffen. The crowd went silent in disbelief.

The events of the Burning Immortal World had actually spread to the Violet Truth World?

Not to mention that this piece of news concerned Demon God Lin, which was unusual!

Yan Zhanqiu’s expression dropped drastically as an explicable anger rose in his heart. The timing of such news felt like it had deliberately arrived to antagonize him.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jingxuan couldn’t care less about him as the news had instantly drawn her attention, and she started asking the news bearer about the situation.

Upon learning about all the earth-shaking actions of Lin Xun in the Burning Immortal World, everyone in the room was thunderstruck and shuddered in fear. What a bloodthirsty demon!

Ransacking the treasury of the Golden Crow Lineage…

Killing twenty-six supreme figures of the major clans in Burning Sky Valley…

Escaping from the siege of four King stage experts…

Going on a killing spree against the major clans in the city all alone!

All of this sounded unimaginable and terrifying.

Unlike her shocked clansmen, Zhao Jingxuan’s eyes shone, and her beautiful face glowed with indescribable zest.

On the contrary, Yan Zhanqiu’s expression had become gloomy, and only after a long time did he coldly say, “This fellow is too rampant and savage. The day the time comes to enter the Upper Ninth Realm will be the day he perishes!”

Zhao Jingxuan smiled brightly, not at all annoyed. She said leisurely, “Who knows what will happen in the future? At least he is still alive and living better than anyone else. Some of the things he did have even spread from the Burning Immortal World and to all three thousand worlds!”

Yan Zhanqiu snorted. The more dazzling Lin Xun was, the more hostile and loathsome it made him. It felt unpleasant as if there was a heavy block in his heart.

“Mhmm, I bet the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs in the Burning Immortal World went to Lin Xun as well…” said Zhao Jingxuan.

The light-hearted speculation made Yan Zhanqiu feel even more unpleasant.

Until he suddenly thought of something, and his lips curled into an eerie arc. “Junior Sister Jingxuan, don’t be too happy yet. As this news spreads, the dao forces all over the three thousand world will be the first to know that…”

“Know what?” asked Zhao Jingxuan.

“That Lin Xun is in the Burning Immortal World!”

This was so obvious it sounded like a ridiculous thing to say, but it made Zhao Jingxuan’s expression change.

Before this news spread, very few people could know which of the three thousand worlds Lin Xun was located.

Even Zhao Jingxuan had only known of this just now.

When the forces who regarded Lin Xun as a thorn in their side learned of Lin Xun’s exact whereabouts, they would definitely take action!

“I’m sure that the Burning Immortal World will soon be bustling. Even I am tempted to go and take a look.” Yan Zhanqiu’s spirits were greatly lifted, sweeping away the stifled feeling in his heart.

Zhao Jingxuan remained silent for a moment before retorting, “I believe that the more people who go there, the more people will die!”

Yan Zhanqiu laughed, no longer arguing.


It was extremely inconvenient to pass on news in the Supreme Realm.

Because the three thousand worlds were isolated from each other, the only way to enter the other worlds was to pass through the Tower of the Supreme.

However, in order to use the Supreme Tower to move across worlds, one needed to pay a king-grade herb!

Therefore, for any sensational news to spread to the entire three thousand worlds was not something that could be accomplished in a short time.

Taking the news of Lin Xun going on a killing spree against the major forces in the Burning Immortal Ancient City for example, it already occurred a month before it reached the Violet Truth World to Zhao Jingxuan and Yan Zhanqiu.

By this point, Lin Xun had already stepped onto the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs!

If Yan Zhanqiu knew this, he would certainly be upset again.


Golden Gloom World.

On the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs.

Yun Qingbai stood with his hands behind his back. His slender figure was shrouded in a radiant and translucent sword light aura as he exuded a sky-piercing sharpness.

“What is the dao?”

In his mind, the same deafening teaching of the dao resounded.

“Unobstructed and unstoppable, no one can resist it, no danger can trap it, and no calamity can hinder it!” Yun Qingbai spoke calmly and firmly.

Early within his ten years of seclusion, he had already gained insight into his own path, so he could not be troubled by such a question.

After a moment of silence, he raised his head, and in his originally calm and deep eyes, a gush of unparalleled sharpness erupted like a divine sword that sought to subdue the immeasurable void!

“My dao will be eternal, and all existences and great daos between heaven and earth are for me to use. Only then can I declare invincibility!”

Each word was stressed and echoed like a sword chant through the void above.


A divine, sword-shaped light rose into the sky.

In the void, two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dao flames emerged, but they all retreated from the light like vassals making way for the king!

The divine light rocketed upwards and overruled the void!

In the three thousand worlds, the faces of all the supreme experts standing on the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs changed at this moment. They looked up at the void in unison.

“Who is this? Such a matchless, exceptional cultivation!” someone whispered softly.

This was a woman whose bearing was clear as snow. She exuded a bone-chilling coldness, just like the otherworldly Northern Fairy.

She was Holy Maiden Lin Xue, an awe-inspiring, ancient-era eccentric genius of unfathomable depths, who had sent the entire Ancient Wasteland Domain into shock the moment she was born.

“Yun Qingbai!”

In another world, Ye Mohe of Origin God Sect whispered Yun Qingbai’s name, his eyes burning with a fighting spirit.

He didn’t need a second look to know who the striking dao flame belonged to as it was just as sharp, proud, and overbearing as its owner!


Soon, someone noticed that in the void, a dao flame fell while a new one shot up like an unstoppable divine dragon!

The dao flame distributed above had retreated under the impact of Yun Qingbai’s dao flame.

And when this new dao flame appeared, they retreated even faster and formed a straight, spacious path in the void!

“Who is this one?”

Everyone standing on the top of a Great Dao Heavenly Staircase was shaken and could not calm down.

The emergence of Yun Qingbai’s dao flame had amazed with its momentum of overruling the void.

And this new dao flame did not seem any weaker, gliding straight up while terrifying the other flames into retreating!

From afar, Yun Qingbai’s dao flame was like an unstoppable sword with endless might, while the new dao flame emitted a kind of peerless, imposing aura that was equally palpitating.

“Just who is that?”

No one who saw this could remain calm.

Any elite who was able to ascend the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs could be considered a world’s supreme character who was matchless among their peers!

But at this moment, they were all stunned, their hearts unable to calm down.

The void above reflected three thousand dao flames, each of which represented the person who had ascended to the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs in their respective world!

However, they all knew that dominating in the test of the Supreme Tower didn’t mean one could dominate the entire three thousand worlds.

Just like the three thousand dao flames in the void, there was no ranking for their strength, but there was a difference in altitude!