A dao flame represented an expert’s cultivation experiences.

Experiences did not distinguish in strength, only stature.

In short, while the three thousand dazzling sun-like flames in the void represented the cultivation experiences of the three thousand experts on top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs, they did not represent their fighting prowess, but instead their differences in the path of dao.

Even so, the battle between dao paths was not any less important!

Because the level of one’s dao path could affect the height of their achievement in the future!

Therefore, upon witnessing Yun Qingbai’s dao flame and the newly emerged dao flame both showing an upward and unrivaled momentum, whether it were stunningly talented ancient freaks like Holy Maiden Lin Xue or one of the few apex giants of the current generation such as Ye Mohe, none of them could keep their composure!


Lin Xun also noticed Yun Qingbai’s dao flame.

Similarly, Yun Qingbai noticed his.

As if bound by an invisible string of fate, Lin Xun instantly arrived at the conclusion that the other dao flame belonged to Yun Qingbai!

Because the aura it gave off was disdainful, lofty, overbearing, and sharp, and there was also a unique charisma that was as unfathomable as a great abyss and could dominate the whole world!

It’s him!

Lin Xun’s black eyes erupted with a horrifying intent, his heart like a raging sea.

The heart demon lurked everywhere. Almost every cultivator had an obsession that became a demonic obstacle in their dao heart.

Cutting down Yun Qingbai was Lin Xun’s obsession and heart demon!

Unless Yun Qingbai was dead, it would be difficult for him to get rid of the demon in his heart!

“The Supreme Realm is where you will be buried. An eye for an eye, and I will get rid of my heart demon!” Lin Xun muttered as an invisible, murderous intent lingered around him.

In the end, the murderous intent calmed down and retracted, and so did Lin Xun’s tumbling emotions.

He had already waited for a long time, how could he still let his mind be affected by this?


“Looks like it really is him…”

Yun Qingbai originally intended to leave, but he remained and fixed his eyes on Lin Xun’s dao flame while recalling a scene from his trip to the lower world back then.

“I didn’t think a baby whose origin aeth artery was taken away could still have today’s achievements, it’s really surprising.”

Yun Qingbai’s clothes fluttered, his expression as nonchalant as ever, and there was not a single fluctuation in his state of mind.

Indeed, he only felt a little surprised upon realizing the situation and not shocked, much less any sense of guilt.

“Lin Xun, Lin Xun… You came to the Ancient Wasteland Domain to look for me, didn’t you? And regardless of our old grudge, I will still behead you.”

Yun Qingbai had his hands on his back as he stood straight like a sword with an invincible momentum.

From the first time he had heard the name Lin Xun to learning about the other party’s identity, Yun Qingbai had felt nothing.

Even if Lin Xun wasn’t that baby back then, he still had long since made the decision to erase him.

The reason was simple, to wash away the shame for his clan!

This was Yun Qingbai’s attitude.

An arch enemy?

Not even close.

A baby that was supposed to be dead did not deserve to be his arch enemy at all!

In the void, two dao flames rose above the rest like dragons battling for supremacy, like swords contending for domination.

They were both very strong!

Overwhelmingly strong!

This was the unanimous conclusion of the other experts who witnessed this scene.

But who would surpass and who would be suppressed?

No one could immediately tell.

Even now, very few apart from Yun Qingbai could tell that the newly appeared dao flame belonged to Lin Xun.

At this moment, both Lin Xun and Yun Qingbai made the same move.

They retracted their gazes, turned around, and left.

Neither spared a second glance to the void above.

To Lin Xun, no matter which dao flame stood higher, Yun Qingbai had to die.

Yun Qingbai had made the same decision!

This was their unspoken attitude. Although they had not met, the competition between their dao flames had made them aware of each other’s existence!


Unlike them, the others were concerned about the result, and it was soon revealed.


Yun Qingbai’s dao flame arrived at the highest point of the void, ruling over everything like a lord.

But without waiting for them to react, Lin Xun’s dao flame rocketed and also arrived at the highest point alongside Yun Qingbai’s flame!

In this instant, everyone watching this scene from the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs revealed an expression of utter disbelief.

Same height?

Who rose later but can still stand shoulder to shoulder with Yun Qingbai?

Is it an ancient freak, or is it a heaven-defying genius of the current generations?

These questions remained unanswered.

Because, soon enough, a new change occurred–

That dao fire representing Lin Xun broke through to the highest point and vanished!

Upon witnessing this, everyone’s eyes went wide open in shock. How is this possible?

They carefully counted with their spirit sense and finally determined that in the void, there were only two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dao flames. The only one missing was the newly appeared one just now!

This had never happened before.

Even in the ancient era when the Supreme Realm had descended several times, such an unimaginable scene had never happened before.

Three thousand worlds, three thousand top slots on the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs, three thousand dao flames in the complete void.

But the appearance of a mysterious dao flame had turned everything upside down!

The immediate situation was that Yun Qingbai’s dao flame, like the king of kings, stood alone at the highest point of the complete void, dazzling without equal.

This could have been a scene that would throw the three thousand worlds into an uproar and awe countless cultivators.

But the fact that Lin Xun’s dao flame had pierced through the highest point and disappeared made Yun Qingbai’s flame seem inferior despite its lofty position.

Whose dao flame was it?

Why did it vanish?

Many people were left wondering and incredulous.


Halfway down the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs, Yun Qingbai seemed to sense something. He paused and looked at the void above.

It disappeared?

A dazed expression flashed in the expression of the ever indifferent and overbearing Yun Qingbai.

Then, he quietly withdrew his gaze and resumed walking down the heavenly stairs.

In his mind, the idea of exterminating Lin Xun only became more steady. He could no longer tolerate Lin Xun walking out of the Supreme Realm!

“Once I reach the Supreme King stage, if you don’t come, I’ll go find you.”

As he walked out of the Supreme Tower and looked up at the blinding sun in the sky, these words surfaced in his mind.

Two suns cannot exist in the same sky!


“He actually did it.”

Chi Yao watched with a complicated expression as the lonely, unshakable figure descended from the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase.

She had been watching Lin Xun.

Since she hadn’t been able to stand at the top of the stairs, she had missed the scene of the three thousand dao flames battling in the complete void.

But even so, what she had seen left her unspeakably shocked.

From the thousandth stone step all the way to the top of the stairs, Lin Xun had fought a whole thousand battles without ever stopping once!

This, in the first place, was already an impossible miracle.

Even with Chi Yao’s ego, she didn’t dare to say that she would be able to accomplish this.

Therefore, she looked at the blood-soaked and bruised Lin Xun with an expression of astonishment, apprehension, admiration, and so much more than that.

If it was possible, then she would not hesitate to attack.

But she knew she had no chance at all.

Not discussing whether the Lin Xun still had any energy to fight at the moment, it was the Law Power on the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase that forbade cultivators on it from fighting.

When Lin Xun approached, Chi Yao took a deep breath and suppressed the churning emotions in her heart before revealing a smile so brilliant that it made the world lose all colors.

“Congratulations, little big brother. You will be honored amongst your peers in the Burning Immortal World, and no one will be able to surpass or shake your position.”

“Do you still intend to be my enemy?”

Lin Xun felt nothing but numbness in his current state of extreme exhaustion, with only a sliver of his consciousness still clear. When he spoke, his voice was low and hoarse.

Even his eyes were hollow and wooden.

But it was such words and eyes that caused Chi Yao to stiffen. She smiled awkwardly and said, “It’s better if we leave this kind of unpleasant talk for the future.”

“You better look out for yourself.” Lin Xun left those words and continued straight down without ever looking back.

He didn’t pay any attention to the change in void above or to Chi Yao’s flickering expression.


As Lin Xun’s figure grew more and more distant, Chi Yao’s face became aloof with a cold snort, but then she sighed quietly with a heavy heart.

She knew that in the same stage of cultivation, it was very unwise to make an enemy of Lin Xun.

She also knew that if she wished to suppress him, then she had to step into the Supreme King stage before he could and immediately dominate him in strength!

Otherwise, she had little to no hope.


As Lin Xun descended the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs, an invisible and obscure power wrapped around him.

He could clearly feel all the energy he had consumed during his trip up, along with his own spirit that had long been exhausted…

It all recovered in an instant!

At the same time, his vision went black, and when he regained consciousness, he had already appeared at the door of the Supreme Tower.

Apart from the bloodstains on his clothes, his injuries were all gone, and he was full of vitality.

The energy coursing in him was just as abundant as when he had been in his peak state before entering the tower.

Lin Xun wasn’t surprised. Every cultivator would experience such a recovery after going through the challenge.

“Yun Qingbai, from today onwards, the gap between you and me no longer exists!”

Lin Xun walked out of the Supreme Tower with an unprecedented peace of mind.

Thanks to the strange opportunistic fortune that let him experience a thousand battles, he had seen different paths of cultivation, realized his own dao, and on top of that, confirmed a few things!