“He’s coming out!”

Outside the Supreme Tower, the atmosphere was restless as countless gazes converged on Lin Xun, who was pacing out of the tower.

After learning that Lin Xun would challenge the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs today, the entire Burning Immortal Ancient City was stirred up, and an unknown number of cultivators had gathered at the Supreme Tower.

Therefore, the first thing Lin Xun saw upon stepping out was a sea of cultivators crowding in the area.

It was such a spectacular scene that he was caught off guard.

Only then did he realize that his every move had somehow become the focus of attention for many cultivators.

For the time being, this could be considered a kind of prestige. Lin Xun pondered.

“Master Lin, I hope it’s not intruding of me to ask, but how did you do in the challenge?” asked someone bravely and carefully.

Everyone immediately pricked up their ears.

“I’m looking forward to someone being able to kick me down from my ranking. If anyone can do it, then I will buy them a drink!” replied Lin Xun with a smile.

The entire area clamored!

He had said it in a casual manner, but this undoubtedly proved that Demon God Lin had already reached the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Staircase and could no longer go beyond.

The first rank could only wait to be surpassed!

“Congratulations, Master Lin!”

“From today, you will be honored amongst the millions in the Burning Immortal World!”

The sounds of congratulations came in waves, resounding through the sky as Lin Xun walked out.

Wherever he passed, the crowd retreated and made way with admiration and respect in their expressions.

“This person’s prestige is like the sun that shines upon this city. Who among his peers can compare?”

Luo Chuan’s group watched from a distance. They were awed by the scene, but their faces were exceptionally gloomy.

Previously, they had been at odds with Lin Xun before he had ascended the stairs.

But now, they had extinguished the thoughts of retaliating, and all of their growing resentment was directed toward the major forces in the city!

If it wasn’t for those major forces deliberately concealing information and encouraging them to take control of the Supreme Tower, then how could they have clashed with Demon God Lin?

“Let’s go. We find those bastards who used us with evil intentions and demand justice!” said an aggrieved Luo Chuan through gritted teeth.

He found it intolerable that his group had unknowingly been a borrowed knife and unintentionally offended a great enemy because of that.

However, when they arrived at where those major powers were stationed for an explanation, they realized that none of the leading figures were present!

Soon, they heard the news that those experts had actually gathered and gone to find Demon God Lin to apologize, and were most likely waiting in front of the place where he resided.

Luo Chuan’s group was dumbfounded. What is this situation?

“Let’s see it for ourselves.” Luo Chuan instantly made a decision and led his group to leave.


In front of an ancient palace.

Over ten cultivators were waiting, each of them a dragon and phoenix among people, possessing extraordinary and majestic bearing despite their young appearances.

They were the leaders of the young generation of the major clans, and were either apex giants or ancient-era eccentric geniuses!

In the past, any of them alone would be enough to start a sensation with their appearance.

But at this moment, they had all collected their egos and were waiting in front of the palace quietly, with occasional flashes of worry on their faces.

Before entering the Tower of the Supreme, Lin Xun had said that he wouldn’t mind paying the major clans a visit if they didn’t give him a satisfactory explanation!

Obviously, Lin Xun had realized their plan of using him and the Underworld Ancient Sect to wear out each other’s power while they would watch the conflict from afar and benefit!

The major clans immediately were unable to sit still.

They couldn’t forget that just a while ago, Lin Xun had conducted a bloody operation that had wiped out the Golden Crow Lineage, the Mysterious Metropolis Sect, and the Sea Soul Clan in one fell swoop. The members of those forces had either died or fled in a miserable manner.

Taking that into consideration, how could they not panic when he declared that he wanted to ‘pay them a visit?’

They didn’t want to share the same fate and get expelled from Burning Immortal Ancient City!

Therefore, before Lin Xun came out of the Supreme Tower, the leaders of these major clans had gathered in order to offer their apologies and receive their punishment.

While this move seemed quite humiliating for people of their status and was detrimental to their dignity, there was no other choice as they had offended a ruthless person.

In fact, they felt aggrieved.

They had done nothing more than watch the conflict between the foreign forces and Demon God Lin, wanting to see how it would turn out. And then calamity just befell them from the sky.

Was not warning those foreign forces about Demon God Lin also a sin?

But of course, they had no choice but to endure this resentment.

In Burning Immortal Ancient City, it was better to offend the king of hell than to offend Demon God Lin!

Before long, Lin Xun returned and was surprised to see them. He immediately understood the situation, and his lips curled up into a cold smile.

Without a word, he walked straight into the palace.

His action caused the other parties to panic. They all rushed toward him.

“Fellow Daoist Lin, I am Zhou Qingyun from Starry Grotto Heavens. Due to some misunderstandings, I offended you, so I’ve come to make amends and apologize. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Senior Lin, I represent Five Elements Heavenly Land…”

“Master Lin, please wait…”

Lin Xun was quickly surrounded.

The conceited heaven prides who were revered wherever they went were all lowering their eyes at the moment, wearing embarrassment and remorse on their faces as they offered their apologies.

This kind of scene was so rare that once it got out, it was bound to become a hot topic in every corner of the world.

When Luo Chuan’s group arrived and saw this, their eyes widened in shock.

It was not difficult to make ordinary people admire and fear you.

But it was extremely difficult to make this crowd of leaders from various major powers apologize, and in such a meek manner at that!

“Was it fun to kill with a borrowed knife?” Lin Xun indifferently swept his gaze over the crowd.

The other parties all stammered awkwardly. They felt extremely unpleasant inside, but they could only…continue to endure it.

“If you see me as an enemy, then come at me openly. Using petty tricks in the shadows only makes me look down on you,” Lin Xun coldly said.

It was easy to dodge an open attack, but difficult to escape from a clandestine one

Now that there was only less than half a year left until the Upper Ninth Realm appeared, he didn’t want to waste his energy on being constantly wary.

His words made the other parties stiffen and break into a cold sweat. They hurriedly promised that there would definitely not be a next time.

And so, the farce came to an end.

But while the major powers might be bowing their heads now, Lin Xun knew that when the Upper Ninth Realm opened and the real struggle for supremacy kicked off, they would find any opportunity to bite a large chunk of him!

He knew too well how the minds of these major power descendants worked.

They were only bowing their heads due to their apprehension of the notoriety established from his killing spree in Burning Immortal Ancient City.

Once the times changed, they would view their action today as a disgrace and would definitely find an opportunity to make trouble for him.

Unless he was able to suppress them like this all the time!

From this day onwards, Lin Xun once again entered closed-door training, intending to bring his Immortality Grand Dao to another height before the passageway to the Upper Ninth Realm appeared.

The only thing he lacked was an opportunity to advance to the Supreme King stage!


A month quickly flew by.

Burning Immortal Ancient City had become more and more lively. Every day came cultivators from other worlds, planning to use the city’s Supreme Tower to enter the Upper Ninth Realm.

This was understandable.

While each of the three thousand worlds had a Supreme Tower and allowed a thousand slots to the Upper Ninth Realm, the competition was still extremely brutal as each world hosted millions of cultivators.

Moreover, some worlds had too many major powers, just like a small pond having to accommodate many flood-dragons. In order to survive, some self-confessed weak dragons could only go to other ponds to seek opportunities.

However, when the foreign forces entering the Burning Immortal World learned of Lin Xun’s existence and all the savage things he had done, they didn’t dare to act recklessly.

At the very least, events similar to the Underworld Ancient Sect blocking the Supreme Tower never happened again.

There were also foreign cultivators who refused to yield to this, but when they learned that Lin Xun had ascended at the top of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs in this world and remained unshakable since, they also quickly put an end to the thoughts of finding him to cause trouble.

The changes in the outside world did not concern Lin Xun.

During the past one month, he had relied on the Mind of Cultivator to successfully bring his understanding of the Immortality Grand Dao to the peak.

It was only one step away from breaking through to the Dao Truth stage!


Another month passed.

Just as Lin Xun smoothly brought the Immortality Grand Dao to the Dao Truth stage, a group of foreign cultivators walked out of the Supreme Tower.

The leader was a young man in black armor and covered in black thunder lights with arcs of black lightning coiling around every strand of his hair. His might was extremely intimidating.

A group of men and women surrounded him like stars surrounding the moon.

Upon appearing, the young man in black armor grabbed a distant cultivator through the air and pulled them to him.

“Tell me where that bastard Lin Xun is!” he asked in an emotionless voice.

“He’s…in…” The cultivator was scared witless and tremblingly told the place where Lin Xun was inhabiting.


The black-clad youth threw the cultivator like throwing garbage before his scarlet eyes swiftly locked onto a distant building.

“Let’s go and meet the little scumbag!”


While his voice echoed, he had turned into a black thunderbolt, blasting away through the air.

His group immediately followed closely, creating a raging momentum!

Quite a few cultivators saw this scene from afar, and their expressions all changed drastically. What is the situation, there are still people who dare to cross the border to trouble Demon God Lin?

This group obviously came with ill intent.

Their manner was overbearing, and as soon as they arrived, they jumped straight to taking action with their enmity pointing at Demon God Lin, which was very alarming.

“They’re experts from Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan!” shouted someone in a cracked voice upon recognizing the group.