Experts of the Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan had come with hostility directed at Demon God Lin!

The news instantly threw the Burning Immortal City into an uproar.

“It’s Gou Yandong, their apex giant!”

Soon, the identity of that one young man clad in black armor and lightning was recognized and caused a stir.

This was a ruthless person!

He was an apex giant from the same generation as Yun Qingbai, Ye Mohe, Wang Xuanyu, and Mi Hengzhen.

However, this was still out of everyone’s expectation. What is giving Gou Yandong the courage to cause a ruckus in Burning Immortal World? Does he really think that Demon God Lin is easy to bully?

“Let’s go and watch!”

“There are really people who aren’t afraid of death, wanting to challenge Demon God Lin. This is going to be a good show.”

Amidst the sound of discussions, many cultivators had rushed towards the palace where Lin Xun was residing.


In front of the ancient palace.

Gou Yandong and his party stood here without hiding their killing intent, causing the area to be steeply filled with a murderous atmosphere.

At the same time, many cultivators appeared and looked at them from afar with strange gazes.

In the Burning Immortal Ancient City nowadays, not to mention the ordinary cultivators, even the supreme figures and ancient freaks from the major powers didn’t dare to mess with Demon God Lin in fear of drawing fire to themselves.

But this group of Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan experts did just the opposite, throwing all care out the window and marching directly over to Lin Xun’s place upon appearing!

While this looked mighty, it was also an arrogant and cocky act.

In the eyes of many cultivators, Gou Yandong’s group was simply and actively seeking death.

“You here, little scumbag Lin Xun? Why don’t you come out and accept your death?!” shouted a silver-robed man next to Gou Yandong with great vigor, his thundering voice rumbling through the heavens and earth.

However, he frowned upon noticing that the expressions of the nearby cultivators all became weird, with no reactions of agitation or shock at all.

“Boss, did we scare those idiots witless?” asked the silver-clad young man in bewilderment.

Gou Yandong also noticed the strange atmosphere, but he didn’t take it seriously. “Demon God Lin slaughtered many major clan descendants in this city, so perhaps, they all subconsciously think that our move is a bit reckless.”

“If you know this, then why do you still come and seek your own death?” a confused voice rang out from the crowd in the distance.

“Outrageous!” The silver-robed man’s face instantly turned gloomy, and his eyes glowed with a fierce light.

Gou Yandong stopped him and said nonchalantly, “A summer insect knows nothing about ice. What’s the point of arguing with these mediocre people? It will only lower your status.”

Then, his scarlet eyes surveyed the great palace in front. “When we were in the outside world, we sadly did not have the opportunity to deal with this person, but now that we know that he is hiding in this Burning Immortal World, we naturally have to exterminate him!”

These words were said lightly, but they exuded incomparable self-conceit and arrogance.

But the gazes of the distant crowd only became more and more strange as if they were looking at an idiot, and there was no lack of pity, sympathy, and schadenfreude.

Even Gou Yandong frowned upon noticing it, then his face grew indifferent and cold.

These idiots are this scared by Demon God Lin’s killing spree?

“So you guys heard that Demon God Lin was in this world and hurried here to take revenge. But are you really sure about this?” asked someone in the crowd.

“Why can’t we?” Gou Yandong’s expression sank. The reactions of the spectators were too strange, as if they were taking pity on them.

But when have I, Gou Yandong, ever needed to be pitied?

It’s fine if these stupid frogs at the bottom of the well feared Demon God Lin, but how dare they measure me by their own values and show pity? Simply abhorrent!

“Friends, I advise you to think twice,” sighed an onlooker, genuinely wanting to help.

Gou Yandong could no longer bear it. As an apex giant of the Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan who had only been feared wherever he went, when had he ever been looked down upon like this?

“You all think that I, Gou Yandong, am not a match for Demon God Lin?” Gou Yandong laughed out of fury, his expression icy cold. Terrifying black lightning surged around him, overbearing and intimidating.

But to his shock, the spectators nodded in unison!

He froze, and the clansmen around him also froze.

Such a scene was really close to driving them insane!

Being looked down upon wasn’t a problem, but being looked down upon by a whole bunch of people who thought they weren’t a match for Lin Xun was infuriating.

If it wasn’t for Gou Yandong trying his hardest to hold down the killing intent in his heart, he would have wiped out the onlookers for spoiling his momentum.

“Boss, don’t bother with these vulgar idiots, it’ll only dishonor our status,” the silver-robed man hurriedly mediated.

Gou Yandong’s face twitched. He had just used these words to advise the silver-robed man, but now they came back right at him.

But…these idiots are really so infuriating!

Gou Yandong took a deep breath, his scarlet eyes surging with horrifying killing intent as he said, “Today, I will decapitate Lin Xun and show it to all of you blind bats!”

When the crowd heard this, there was neither shock nor fear on their faces, and their pitying looks only deepened.

As the saying goes, good advice can’t persuade a bullheaded person, and compassion can’t save a self-defeating person!

These people have no one else to blame for seeking their own deaths and not listening to advice.

Gou Yandong completely couldn’t stand this atmosphere anymore. He threw his head back and let out a long roar, “Lin Xun, I know you’re in there! Get out here right now, and I can let you die with some decency!”

The words echoed like ocean waves, shaking the entire area.

Many cultivators felt their eardrums almost burst, their qi and blood churning as their faces twitched.

Many cursed in fury, “Hope you enjoy your death!”

Truthfully, Gou Yandong was really about to explode in rage. When had he ever suffered this kind of treatment?


The expressions of his group were all incredibly ugly, their eyes were bursting with fire.

Just at this moment, Lin Xun’s voice resounded from the palace, “I’ve been a vegetarian lately. I really don’t want to see meat, yet you send yourselves to my door, how truly surprising.”


Many onlookers couldn’t hold back their laughs.

Meanwhile, Gou Yandong’s group was already so furious that if they endured any longer, they would die of fury.

“You’re not coming out? Then I’ll go in!” shouted Gou Yandong.

With the rumbling sounds of a thunderstorm, the dark lightning around him erupted, and his aura climbed to an appalling level.

One had to admit that Gou Yandong was extremely powerful. He could be considered top-notch amongst apex giants!

Before he could make a move, however, a snow-white broken blade streaked out from the palace before floating high in the sky, its illusory sharp edge glistening.

“If you block three strikes from me, I will forgive your actions today. If you can’t…then you all shall stay forever!”

As the indifferent voice echoed, the Broken Blade chopped down.


It was like a silver river of stars descending from the heavens, majestic and swift. Just the killing intent alone ripped the void to pieces.

At first, Gou Yandong’s face was gloomy, infuriated that Lin Xun looked down on him thinking he couldn’t even block three strikes.

But once the Broken Blade cut down, his expression drastically changed as he felt the horrifying power of the strike. His anger subsided, and he became solemn.

As one of the apex giants with the most battle experiences, he instantly realized that Demon God Lin was indeed a formidable enemy that couldn’t be underestimated.

Despite all the thoughts running through his mind, Gou Yandong’s movements were not slow. With a clear hum, a black spear wrapped in piercing black lightning rose up intimidatingly.


The two weapons collided. Sparks flew, and the noise alone nearly made the distant crowd cough up blood. Everyone was shocked.

Gou Yandong was even more shocked!

Only upon the clash had he realized how terrifyingly powerful Lin Xun’s strike was. It was like an earth-shaking flood, simple and direct with an indestructible momentum.

In that instant, he felt his skin and flesh almost rupturing, and his qi and blood surged backwards. He trembled uncontrollably and nearly dropped to his knees.

The black spear in his hand bent like a fully drawn bow, emitting a piercing wail as if it was unable to withstand any longer.

That feeling was like being suppressed by an ancient divine mountain!

“Second strike!”

Lin Xun didn’t seem surprised that his first strike was blocked. The Broken Blade swept up, its aura abruptly changed as its surface started showing dense, obscure runes.

Not good!

Gou Yandong’s scalp tingled, sensing a deadly danger that made him choose to dodge without hesitation.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t strong enough.

On the contrary, it was precisely because he was in the ranks of apex giants with abundant experiences in battles that he was able to detect the danger in the first place.

If it were any other cultivator, they wouldn’t have been able to even react!


Despite his timely reaction, Gou Yandong had still underestimated the horror of the second strike. A bloody crack appeared on his back, and his internal organs suffered heavy damage. Nearly his entire upper body had been sliced open!

Blood gushed down, scarlet and hot.

Gou Yandong screamed miserably as his face turned deathly pale.

The onlookers had known that Gou Yandong was not likely a match for Lin Xun, but upon seeing the second chop heavily injuring one of the few apex giants of the current generation and nearly cutting him in half, their blood still ran cold.

Demon God Lin…is too savage!

The men and women around Gou Yandong were also staring with wide eyes, looking incredulous as if they couldn’t accept reality.

When Gou Yandong had been injured, they hadn’t even been able to react in time, let alone go to his rescue!


Gou Yandong roared when he realized that the fiendish Lin Xun had already climbed to another height and was so much stronger than before.

And he had severely underestimated the opponent from the very beginning!

He also finally understood why the crowd had pitied and hadn’t looked favorably on his group…

They hadn’t done that intentionally to belittle him, they were just too well aware of Demon God Lin’s power!

Thinking of this, Gou Yandong just wanted to slap his own mouth. Had he known this, he wouldn’t have rushed over in a hurry, and instead would have investigated Demon God Lin’s strengths and weaknesses before making a move.

Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets!

He only had one choice – to escape!