After suffering a heavy blow, Gou Yandong was still able to think of escaping straightaway. This kind of instantaneous reaction astonished many cultivators.

He was undoubtedly strong!

Unfortunately, his opponent was Lin Xun.

“Third strike!”

The Broken Blade chopped down once again the moment Gou Yandong started to flee. The slash flickered like the variables of the great dao.

Impermanence Slash!

No one could capture its trajectory.

It was too fast, and the mysteries it contained were too obscure and mystical, making it difficult to depict like the mysteries of the great dao!


A head fell down.

And then, blood gushed out.

Finally, Gou Yandong’s headless body hit the ground with a heavy thud.

The area went dead quiet.

A chilling air permeated the silence.

A long-famous apex giant of the current generations died just like that?

The spectators were in a trance, still shocked by this bloody scene.

What was even more horrifying was that from start to end, none of them had been able to see how the third strike had operated!

The remaining Black Nightmare Sky Dog Clan experts also gawked with their eyes wide open, their hearts trembled, and their minds blown away.

Gou Yandong had only been one step away from achieving the Supreme King stage! He had been a peerless figure that was unanimously favored by their clan!

But he had been beheaded before he could enter the Upper Ninth Realm…

Similarly, some ancient freaks and supreme figures of the major forces watching from the dark were so shocked that their hairs stood on end!

What kind of slash was that?

Even they felt a suffocating and deadly threat. There was no doubt that if it had been them facing the slash, they might not be able to block it either!

“Noooo!” screamed the silver-robed man and his companions madly after waking from their shock, breaking the silence.

The onlookers all jolted awake and exhaled a long breath. The scene just now had felt so unreal that it was like a nightmare.

It also affirmed how horrifying Lin Xun was!

Everyone now looked at the Black Nightmare Sky Dog clan group with not just pity, but also a kind of compassion.

It’s hard to escape the karma you brought upon yourselves. Why did you have to come and seek your own death?

Meanwhile, the silver-robed man and his companions were panicking and helpless. Without any surprises, they chose to flee.

But with the flashing of the Broken Blade, dull sounds resounded as they fell one after another.

All of them were executed, soaking the ground red!

It was also at this moment that Lin Xun walked out from the palace. He raised his hand, and with a clang, the Broken Blade transformed into a streak of light and disappeared in-between his brows.

“Everyone, if such idiots come for me in the future, then I hope that you won’t persuade them otherwise. I’m quite curious to know who else can’t wait to stand up against me.” Lin Xun scanned the surroundings and cupped his fist.

The hearts of the onlookers trembled. All that killing can’t satisfy Demon God Lin yet?

Despite this thought, they weren’t slow to respond, either nodding or patting their chests in promise.

Seeing this, Lin Xun cupped his fist again in appreciation. Then, he swiftly put away the corpses of Gou Yandong and his group before walking back into the palace.

It didn’t take long for a unique and tantalizing aroma of roasted meat to drift out from the palace, making people salivate.

“Demon God Lin…really has no scruples!”

Many cultivators gasped, especially beings of the spirit bird and beast clans. The thought of ending up in Lin Xun’s hands was simply hair-raising because not only would they die an ugly death, but their corpses might also be eaten!

In the palace, Lin Xun was roasting a black dog leg dripping golden oil as he pondered over the previous three strikes.

After a while, he shook his head.

Gou Yandong might be the top of the current apex giant generation, but he was no longer enough to pose a threat to Lin Xun.

Fighting someone like him was uninspiring.

If Lin Xun had wanted to kill him quickly, just a single slash would suffice!


Water, fire, Immortality, True Dragon, Star Annihilation Heaven Devourer.

All the five grand daos had reached Dao Truth, which was what Lin Xun could master at the Cyclic Derivation stage.

The higher realm ‘Dao Law’ could only be attained when one reached the King stage.

Dao Law was the law of the great dao.

When one advanced to the King stage, what they sought to understand was the law of the King path, which was also called the Longevity Law because it involved the quest on the path of longevity!

However, those were not what Lin Xun needed to care about at the moment.

In the next few days, he began to meditate on the Impermanence Slash.

This slash was extremely esoteric and obscure as it involved the variables of the great dao. While it was only a mere attack, the thousands of mysteries contained within coupled with Lin Xun’s comprehension and the assistance of the Mind of Cultivator made it very difficult to understand.

Every time he studied its mysteries, he greatly benefited from it.

This gave him the idea that if he could thoroughly understand the Impermanence Slash and all the mysteries of the Heavenly Yuan Six Slashes, the power of this inheritance might be truly utilized.

When Lin Xun put his mind to cultivating in seclusion, the outside world was in a state of flux.

As the time for the arrival of the passage to the Upper Ninth Realm drew nearer and nearer, the competition in the Supreme Tower became more and more intense.

There were people breaking into the top one thousand every single day.

Similarly, there were also experts originally ranked within the top one thousand who were pushed out.

Under such frequent eliminations, the strongest experts who made it into the top one thousand in the end were bound to be the cream of the crop!

However, no matter how the rankings changed, the top ten were rarely shaken, and Lin Xun on his top position had never been touched at all.

This caused people to marvel and let them reaffirm how terrifying Lin Xun was.

The competition in the Supreme Tower was in full swing in not only the Burning Immortal World but also the entire three thousand worlds.

“We can already tell that in the end, only two kinds of people will be able to travel to the Upper Ninth Realm.

“One are those who have become Kings, and the second are those ranked among the top one thousand of the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs!

“And the competition in the Upper Ninth Realm is destined to be a battle for supremacy between the supreme characters from all three thousand worlds. Whoever steps into the Supreme King stage will have the advantage!”

“On the contrary, those who are stuck in the Cyclic Derivation stage will be in an unprecedented crisis!”

Many cultivators reached a unanimous conclusion.

“The situation is not optimistic for Demon God Lin!”

Some were surprised to realize that while Lin Xun was invincible among his peers in the Burning Immortal World, his situation would become precarious once he entered the Upper Ninth Realm!

The dao lineage heirs would be protected by their fellow disciples who had advanced to the King stage, so their situation wouldn’t be too threatening.

But the unsupported Demon God Lin had no protection and on top of that had made many enemies. In the Upper Ninth Realm, his situation would inevitably be much more dangerous!

“Don’t worry, a person like Demon God Lin can’t be killed easily. If you think about it, he has encountered more than just a few menaces over the years, but they all turned into blessings for him, right?” There were also people who were confident in Lin Xun.

Some pondered, “Rising through tribulations of blood and fire and transforming through trials of life and death are, perhaps, the path that Demon God Lin has to take, and this is also the reason why he’s been able to constantly become stronger!”


The following days after Gou Yandong’s group had been executed, there were many external forces that crossed the world borders to kill Lin Xun.

However, upon hearing about Lin Xun’s various deeds, these powerful people who had come in a rage ended up leaving with their tails tucked between their legs.

Most of these forces had grudges with Lin Xun, like Heaven Axis Holy Land, Azure Sea Sect, Longevity Land, Blue Luan Clan, Ocean Shark Clan, and so on.

Upon hearing that Lin Xun was in the Burning Immortal World, they had rushed over in big numbers to find an opportunity to kill him.

Only until they arrived at the Burning Immortal World and learned about his performances over the course of nearly a year did they become alert. Knowing that something was off about him, they retreated.

After all, Lin Xun had proved himself to be invincible among his peers. No one would want to risk their lives fighting him at a time like this, when it was much more crucial to seize the opportunity to advance to the King stage!

It would be a huge misfortune if they risked it with Lin Xun and something happened to make them miss the opportunity to become Kings.

Anyone with a brain knew what was the right decision to make.

“Big news! The ancient freak Bai Longting from White Flood-Dragon Clan triggered the Supreme King’s tribulation in the Green Illusion World and successfully stepped into the Supreme King stage!”

On the day Lin Xun came out from his meditation, he heard a big news that was spreading rapidly through the streets and causing a sensation. It was hard not to pay attention to it.

“So it’s Bai Longting…”

Lin Xun still remembered that Mi Hengzhen had accepted this person’s challenge during the Thousand Streams Gathering.

He just hadn’t expected that this ancient-era eccentric genius from White Flood-Dragon Clan would also step into the Supreme King stage in the three thousand worlds!

“This is already the thirteenth,” Lin Xun pondered.

For some time now, news of supreme characters becoming Supreme Kings had arrived one after another.

Starting from Chi Lingxiao breaking into the Supreme King stage to Bai Longting, thirteen Supreme Kings had been born in the three thousand worlds.

This was what that had gotten out. It was hard to tell whether or not someone had achieved this but kept it a secret!

These news naturally couldn’t affect Lin Xun. However, what surprised him was that most of these thirteen Supreme Kings were ancient freaks!

This showed how deep the underpinnings of the major forces were!

Lin Xun had to admit that compared to these ancient freaks, the current generation of geniuses lacked heritages!

Because during the ancient era, most of these ancient freaks had entered the Supreme Realm and wandered through the three thousand worlds, and had even entered the Upper Ninth Realm.

Their knowledge on the Supreme Realm was simply beyond what any current figure had.

Taking Toady for example, he had already set his sights on the great fortunes in the Burning Sky Valley before entering the Supreme Realm. Therefore, he never had to engage in painstaking exploration like the other cultivators.

This was an absolute advantage!

The other ancient freaks were bound to have this same advantage.

“No hurry. My dao is not about luck and fortunes. I only miss one opportunity, and it’s already on its way…” Lin Xun murmured.

In his recent meditation, he had often had a strong premonition that his opportunity to become a King was arriving!

This was an extremely wonderful, transcendental feeling that originated from the heart.