The Supreme Tower became deserted.

All Great Dao Heavenly Stairs had turned into passageways to the Upper Ninth Realm, and those unqualified for it were unable to enter the tower.

Half a month had passed since the opening of the Upper Ninth Realm, and most of the experts qualified to enter the Upper Ninth Realm had left.

The same applied in Burning Immortal World.

Every second was precious and had to be seized when competing on the path of great dao.

Therefore, there were very few people like Lin Xun, who was ranked first on the Great Dao Heavenly Stairs very early but had yet to enter the Upper Ninth Realm.

The cultivators in the city all felt incredibly strange. What exactly was Demon God Lin waiting for?

Meanwhile, the major powers in the city were upset. They wouldn’t have peace of mind for a day until he left.

Lin Xun naturally couldn’t care less about what others felt.

He was merely waiting for an opportunity, so whether he was in the three thousand worlds or the Upper Ninth Realm didn’t make much of a difference.

But of course, it was impossible for him to give up the opportunity to enter the Upper Ninth Realm!

That was where heaven-defying treasures had been sealed for ages and ages, as well as unimaginable opportunistic fortunes, all of which were attractive even in the eyes of Supreme Kings.

Moreover, many enemies were waiting for Lin Xun in the Upper Ninth Realm. If he didn’t go there, not only would he not be able to kill them but he would also be viewed as a coward!

“A’lu has not returned so far, looks like he has already traveled to the Upper Ninth Realm… What about Toady, when will he come out of Burning Sky Valley?”

In the palace, Lin Xun was sitting, quietly pondering.

In the end, he decided that if Toady didn’t show up before the passageway to the Upper Ninth Realm closed, he would go on his way alone.

Lin Xun sighed softly. He had been waiting for days, but that ray of opportunity to advance had never come.

“Could it be that I really have to enter the Upper Ninth Realm for this opportunity to come?” Lin Xun frowned.

Waiting meant being passive.

He disliked this feeling of passivity.

Especially when the wait was related to whether or not he would be able to advance to the Supreme King stage!

Time passed, and there were only three days left until the time when the passageway to the Upper Ninth Realm would close.

Lin Xun could no longer endure the passive waiting. He stood up and did a long stretch, then left the palace and wandered aimlessly through the streets.

Burning Immortal City was still prosperous and lively.

But the bustle had nothing to do with Lin Xun. He was pacing the streets alone while pondering if he should leave the city and head to Burning Sky Valley to have a look.


He suddenly stopped and turned around.

Behind him, a large black bird that looked like a phoenix with a large iron pot in its claws was furtively coming up from behind.

Upon Lin Xun’ sudden movement, the black bird swiftly put the black pot away unashamedly and calmly greeted, “Hey brother, we meet again.”

Lin Xun sneered, “Yeah, and every time in such a special way.”

The big bird laughed awkwardly. “Eyy, some old habits die hard. As long as you don’t take offense, brother.”

With that, the bird flew up with a whoosh. His wings were flapping at an unbelievably fast speed as he headed toward the distant Supreme Tower.

“Blackie, why did you wait until now to leave?” shouted Lin Xun.

This big black bird was too strange. It acted like a sneaky thief every time they met before bolting away at the drop of a hat.

“You’d better care about yourself. You don’t even know when calamity is upon you!” replied the bird with a hint of schadenfreude.

Lin Xun’s eyes constricted. Right when he was about to inquire further, the cunning bird had rushed to the Supreme Tower and disappeared.

Obviously, he had gone to the Upper Ninth Realm.

Calamity is upon me?

Lin Xun frowned as he quickly realized that something was wrong.

At some point, the nearby streets had become empty and cold without a single figure.

His spirit sense spread out and encountered isolation when reaching a range of just ten thousand feet.

I’m in a formation?

Lin Xun’s eyes grew icy. From him, brilliant dao lights evaporated along with an invisible momentum.

“Fellow Daoist Lin, we’ve been waiting for you for quite a while.”

A black-clad monk appeared in the distant sky.

He had a fair complexion and a high forehead. His hand held a rosary of eighteen black beads. His expression was still, and his figure was as straight as a green pine. However, there was a bone-chilling indifference in his demeanor.

Mu Zheng – one of the eighteen sons of the Earth Treasury Temple!

Lin Xun immediately identified the monk from just a look.

He had clashed with Mu Zheng in the dilapidated ancient temple below the Boundary River. He had also heard Miss Le of the Skyless Sect talk about the origins of the eighteen sons of the Earth Treasury Temple.

“Waiting for me?” Lin Xun smiled. This was probably what the bird had meant by calamity. “I’ve heard that your Earth Treasury Temple regards me as the number one heretic and seeks to help me find peace in death. So, are you here to do just that?”

Mu Zheng clasped his hands and chanted Buddha’s name before saying, “You have a discerning eye, Fellow Daoist Lin.”

Lin Xun laughed, “In that case, tell your companions to come out.”

Mu Zheng’s eyes glinted; it seemed he didn’t expect that Lin Xun would be able to detect the others. He nodded and said in a low tone, “Fellow Daoist Lin has the power of a Demon God with overwhelming battle prowess. I have no certainty of defeating him on my own, so senior brothers and sisters, please come to my aid.”

Almost immediately, seventeen figures emerged one after another around Lin Xun.

They were dressed in black monk’s garb. Holding rosary beads, they stood solemnly and quietly but gave off a momentum as vast and majestic as the sea.

With Mu Zheng, they were the eighteen arhats who had attained the proof of dao, standing on a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood!

These were the eighteen sons of the Earth Treasury Temple, divided into three groups called the Six Mind, Six Root, and Six Dust. They represented the eighteen supreme figures who had forged the Arhat Golden Body, each grasping a world-conquering inheritance.

Lin Xun looked as calm as ever, but his eyes flashed with a cold gleam. “Your Earth Treasury Temple regards me too highly, sending all eighteen sons at once. Aren’t you worried that you will all bleed out here today?”

Mu Zheng’s indifferent expression was unperturbed as he said, “As the Buddha says, ‘If I don’t go to hell, who will?’ By deciding to show up here, we’ve already discarded all worries of death.”

The remaining seventeen monks also remained indifferent.

They obviously came fully prepared!

The atmosphere suddenly became austere.

In the empty and silent streets, Lin Xun was all alone as he was surrounded by the eighteen sons of the Earth Hidden Temple, painting a depressing picture.

“Why did you guys choose this time to strike?” Lin Xun frowned, somewhat puzzled.

“If we let you enter the Upper Ninth Realm, then I’m afraid that we may never find a chance to send you to your eternal sleep.” Mu Zheng was frank.

But it was the kind of frankness that sent chills down one’s spine.

Lin Xun narrowed his eyes. “I’ve asked myself and confirmed there aren’t any deep grudges between us, so why are you targeting me?”

In fact, he had already gotten the answer from the big black bird. He just wanted to confirm it.

Mu Zheng indifferently said, “You really don’t know? You have robbed our Earth Treasury Temple of a scripture and a piece of bodhi wood left by Ancestor Duji, so in order to keep our inheritance from leaking, we can only come up with this plan.”

“I see,” Lin Xun muttered before revealing a disdainful expression. “Mu Zheng, no one knows better than you about what really happened. The scripture and bodhi wood were my fated fortune, what do you mean by ‘robbed?’ If that’s the case, then none of the fortunes in the Supreme Realm belong to your Earth Treasury Temple, so why do you all want to fight for them?”

Saying all this, Lin Xun sneered. Scanning all the eighteen monks, he lightly uttered, “Are you not ashamed?”

The question struck like lightning.

Mu Zheng’s expression changed slightly, but he quickly recovered and said indifferently, “Fellow Daoist, sophistry is useless at a time like this. But of course, we don’t want to make it hard for you. If you hand over the scripture and the bodhi wood, and abolish your own cultivation, we will abide by our compassionate practice and let you live.”

Lin Xun was stunned by the twist in his speech before bursting out laughing. “What a sly baldy, I didn’t think that you were capable of such shameless words.”

“This young monk is serious. Please think twice, fellow daoist,” said Mu Zheng calmly, his expression still and unperturbed, and his bearing like that of someone who had already won.

“Please think twice, fellow daoist!” chanted the other seventeen monks in unison with dignified expressions, their voices echoing loudly.

Lin Xun’s eyes swirled with cold killing intent as he was completely enraged.

These bald coots all appeared stately, and their mouths spoke of nothing but compassion, but this kind of hypocritical manner was simply disgusting. Even a pure villain was better than them!

“While I’m not so talented, I’ve studied a bit of Buddhist secret techniques. Let’s see who is sending whom to eternal peace today!” declared Lin Xun in a deep tone. And then, his aura suddenly exuded a dignified and peaceful breath.

This was the power of the Great Treasury Silent Scripture!

The other party all narrowed their eyes as they finally lost their calm. They keenly sensed that Lin Xun was emitting an aura similar to theirs, but with a hint of a different flavor.

“He really is a heretic!”

Their eyes flashed like lightning. They looked like enraged Buddha statues as their robes fluttered in a surge of terrifying killing intent.

“Let’s send him on his way!”

A thick-boned, stalwart monk stepped forward, emitting a magnificent black Buddhist aura.

His Dharma name was Mu Jing. As he put his palms together before his chest, an illusory figure of the Vedic dharma emerged above him. With a mighty momentum, the figure leaped out and struck his first down at Lin Xun.

This was the Earth Treasury Temple’s core inheritance – Wei Tuo’s Wrath!

The Vedic Dharma figure bloomed with infinite Buddha light as its fist power condensed into a lotus flower, holy and powerful as if it could purify and transcend all things.

Seeing this, Lin Xun sneered. He also put his palms together, and an illusory Vedic dharma also appeared above him.

The difference was that this illusory figure was shrouded in black phoenix flames and exuded a domineering, destructive aura.

The figure also deployed a punch that manifested into a lotus flower, but at the center of the lotus, black phoenix fire danced like it wanted to burn the sky!


As the two punches collided, it was as if two gods were clashing as the infinite light erupting roared and stirred the nine heavens.

However, the Vedic dharma image condensed by Mu Jing was shattered and incinerated by the endless black phoenix fire!