Chapter 1176 Ultimate Lightning Tribulation

If one wanted to set foot into the king stage, one had to survive a heavenly tribulation.

This was common knowledge among cultivators.

Once one passed the tribulation, one could transcend the five great cultivation stages and ascend to the higher king stage.

If one failed, one would either die and disappear from the world or be reduced to a half-step king!

It could not be a whim for Mu Zheng and the other eighteen Earth Treasury Temple disciples to trigger a king stage tribulation at the same time.

They had to have been planning it for a long time!

In the sky, the tribulation clouds were rapidly thickening, far unlike the usual.

Such a spectacular tribulation was rarely seen in the world. Who could imagine that eighteen experts would be able to challenge the heavenly tribulation at the same time?


In the stifling oppressive and dark world, the wind suddenly picked up, roaring between the sky and earth like a demon of chaos bringing terror upon the world.

Mu Zheng and the others stood silent and still, solemn and determined expressions on their faces. They were each waiting for their own tribulation, but also waiting to eliminate the heretic Lin Xun.

“So crazy…” Lin Xun murmured.Those baldies are too crazy and ruthless. They would not even hesitate to risk their lives to deal with me.”

He looked up at the sky.

The tribulation clouds were thick and dense. Although the lightning tribulations had yet to come, Lin Xun knew that once they did, the eighteen great tribulations would erupt together and drown the entire area.

He had nowhere to run!

But would he just sit and wait for death to come?

Staring at the thickening tribulation clouds in the sky, he thought about how he had been helplessly waiting for the opportunity to ascend to the king stage.

On the contrary, the eighteen Earth Treasury Temple disciples, in order to take him down, fearlessly triggered the king stage lightning tribulation.

It was unquestionably a crazy move, but it inspired Lin Xun and struck his mind with an even crazier idea.

In Burning Immortal Ancient City, countless cultivators felt unsettled as they stared at the sky, revealing horrified expressions on their faces.

They had a feeling that Lin Xun, who was encircled by the eighteen disciples, would have nowhere to escape when the heavenly tribulations struck.

Before this, they all believed that if Demon God Lin were to meet with misfortune, it would happen in the Upper Ninth Realm!

This caught them off guard.

“The monks from the Earth Treasury Temple are crazy...”

“Is it over for Demon God Lin?”

“How can he win in this situation?”

Many cultivators sighed melancholically, thinking that even if Demon God Lin was unrivaled and heaven-defyingly strong, he still could not avoid being plotted against!

But the descendants of major forces all became high-spirited and gloated, Demon God Lin, Demon God Lin, you finally got what you deserved!


The ashen tribulation clouds growled with thunder, sending the earth rocking and everyone trembling inwardly.

Thick bolts of silver lightning were visibly raging under the thick cover of clouds like multiple dragons somersaulting in the sky, flashes of light blinding any observer. A destructive aura filled the air.

Many cultivators shuddered from the oppressive and terrifying power.

This was a heavenly tribulation, a tribulation sent from the heavens!

Under the tribulation, all living beings were like ants!

“It’s coming!” Mu Zheng suddenly raised his head and bore a determined expression.

At the same moment, the other seventeen disciples also solemnly looked up at the sky, fearless and dauntless even if they were to sacrifice their lives.

Lin Xun’s long hair billowed wildly around his angular face, and his cold, unfathomable black eyes shone with terrifying light. He looked unusually calm and aloof as his robe rattled in the wind.

Suddenly, he asked, “Mu Zheng, is it true that as long as I am alive, your Earth Treasury Temple will not rest?”


Mu Zheng’s eyes flashed a flicker of pity. Does this guy really think he could survive?

“That’s correct.” Mu Zheng replied firmly. “You should give up hope.”

A cold smile curved the corners of Lin Xun’s lips. “Give up? You’re wrong. I just want to tell you something before you guys die.”

“What?” Mu Zheng’s eyebrows pulled down in a compassionate expression like he was listening to Lin Xun’s last words.

“As long as I am alive, one day there will be no more Earth Treasury Temple in the world!” Lin Xun spoke aloud, his words directly reaching the hearts of the people!

Mu Zheng and the others narrowed their eyes imperceptibly and immediately restored their composure.

They only regarded Lin Xun’s words as his final vent before death and thought little of it.

In the Burning Immortal Ancient City, all cultivators were astonished by Lin Xun’s fierce announcement.

He clearly hates the Earth Treasury Temple to the core!


Can he survive?

The chance of that happening is slim!


In the sky, the rolling tribulation clouds and the silver flicker and crackle behind them were announcing that the tribulation lightning was about to break out.

Mu Zheng and others did not utter a word. No one dared to be careless.

Of course, they didn’t want to die just like that. If they were able to successfully overcome the tribulation and become kings and kill Lin Xun at the same time, then that would be the best outcome.


A rumble resounded, shocking all living beings like the arrival of the heavenly tribulation.

Mu Zheng and others felt their hearts leapt to their throats and were about to meet the heavenly tribulations.

But to everyone’s surprise, the loud noise did not come from the sky, but from Lin Xun instead!

He was staring up at the sky, his jet-black hair dancing wildly around his face and his back was spear-straight. It was unknown when dazzling dao light had enveloped him completely.

He looked like a giant abyss extending across the world, seemingly about to swallow up everything in his way.

The rumble was the sound of the surrounding space exploding and collapsing as the abyss rotated!


All cultivators in the city were dumbstruck.

“That kid is also overcoming a tribulation!”

Mu Zheng and the others were stricken to the core.

Did this mean that, on the brink of death, he had decided to give up on the opportunity to become a supreme king and plan to take the tribulation now?

However, if that was the case then, even if he survived, he would become just an ordinary king and have nothing to do with being a supreme king anymore!

This was tantamount to giving up the path he was pursuing! The sacrifice was not small at all!


The raging tribulation lightning unexpectedly came to a still in the sky, returning to silence like they were suppressed!

At the same time, an aura much more terrifying and oppressive than that before spread outwards from the depths of the sky.

Then, the entire Burning Immortal Ancient City was plunged into a state of shock and terror. Countless cultivators were so horrified that their blood froze and their bodies went limp.

The weaker ones simply collapsed to the ground, cowering and trembling!


An even more unbelievable scene followed. The five elements restriction power surrounding the city was silently activated.

It was as though it detected danger and triggered its defense mechanism.

Outside the city, the winds escalated and caused a scene of extreme chaos.

In the boundless mountain ranges, the mountains trembled, rocks rolled down, ancient trees swayed violently and countless ferocious beasts living in the forests howled and fled in panic.

Rivers, waterfalls, and lakes all seemed to be stirring, rumbling, and bubbling.

The cultivators exploring different areas of the Burning Immortal World for opportunities and fortunes also became pale and discomposed, feeling a great terror lingering around their hearts.

They looked up at the sky and saw magnificent and beautiful tribulation clouds generating in the depths.

Their beauty was as breathtaking as streamers traveling through the atmosphere of the universe!

Those were tribulation clouds.

Yet they were visually spectacular, glowing all sorts of brilliant hues as they accumulated in the sky!


“What sort of grand tribulation is that?”

Astonished gasps rang from all over Burning Immortal World

In other words, the entire Burning Immortal World had been alarmed!

For the cultivators in the city, it was as though the world was changing before their eyes.

First, the heavenly tribulations triggered by the eighteen disciples of Earth Treasury Temple at the same time were already unparalleled and unheard of.

Then, before the eighteen lightning tribulations had come, they fell into silence like they were surrendering.

This was because in the depths of the sky brewed more terrifying, more blazing, and more world-shaking tribulation clouds!

What could describe them?

They were magnificent and gorgeous to the extreme, illuminating the originally bleak and dark world and dyeing the entire void with brilliant and blazing lights!

Faintly, crystal clear tribulation lighting peeked through the strange and beautiful tribulation clouds, flashing like divine chains of order.

They looked illusory and sacred, but every cultivator who caught a glimpse of them felt fear gripping them. They went stiff like they had fallen into an ice cave, struggling to breathe!

Mu Zheng and the others were also stunned, hearts churning violently in their chests. A look of horror had displaced the solemn and calm expressions on their faces.

They were about to take their tribulations, but who would have thought that their tribulations would be suppressed?!

Worst of all, the appearance of the magnificent tribulation clouds brought a sense of helplessness and despair to them.

So terrifying!

It was impossible to describe it!


Could that be the supreme king tribulation of Demon God Lin?


Mu Zheng and the others refused to believe it. Without the help of heaven-defying fortunes and earthshaking opportunities, how could Demon God Lin have the chance to reach the supreme?

If one could so easily trigger the supreme king tribulation then countless cultivators in the world would have attempted to ascend the Supreme King Stage.

That absolutely could not be the supreme king tribulation!


Why was it so terrifying?

Mu Zheng and the others were chilled to the core. Everything they saw turned their knowledge of the supreme king stage on its head. They were unable to judge what was happening and could only watch Lin Xun.

Lin Xun was surrounded by flowing, illusory dao light, giving him a dreamlike appearance. But the aura he exuded was as tremendous and boundless as a great abyss!

Just one glance was enough to make Mu Zheng and the others feel an unshakable feeling of insignificance and powerlessness. He’s so strong! Is this the entire foundation of Demon God Lin?

Mu Zheng and the others seethed.

Before this, they fearlessly planned to kill Lin Xun with a heavenly tribulation even if it cost their lives

The effect of that was very obvious. Lin Xun was trapped, unable to break out or get close. He was like a prisoner waiting to be killed.

However, this was reversed in an instant!

Lin Xun disregarded everything and triggered earth-shattering tribulation clouds to descend, thereby suppressing the heavenly tribulation power of the eighteen Earth Treasury Temple disciples and pushing them into a passive situation!

They did not dare to retreat, get close or attack Lin Xun, for fear of being drawn into the terrifying tribulation.

Was this karma?

However, what made them feel the most disturbed was the fact that if they had gone through the tribulation at the same time as Lin Xun, then they would have had to endure their own tribulation, as well as Lin Xun’s.

This was the most terrifying!

The thought of that was so aggravating and depressing that Mu Zheng and the others almost coughed up blood. How would they have thought that their sure victory would be reversed all of a sudden?