Don’t seek external help!

As Lin Xun watched the bright tribulation clouds emerge and accumulate in the sky, those words frequently surfaced in his mind.

A flash of realization struck him. He had made a mistake.

He had always pinned his hope of achieving the supreme king stage on an illusory opportunity, which made him fall into a state of passive waiting and unable to actively fight for it himself!

This conflicted with the dao path he sought!

His dao path aimed to not rely on external help, opportunities, and fortunes. He sought only his own dao.

If that was the case, why did he have to wait for that glimmer of opportunity?

Don’t seek external help!

Only when Lin Xun was caught in that troubling situation and witnessed Mu Zheng and the others stir upon heavenly tribulations did he come back to his senses and wake up from the wrong path.

If the opportunity did not come, then why not take the initiative to fight for it?

It was precisely this realization that dispelled the haze that clouded Lin Xun’s heart and turned his passivity into initiative. He resolutely chose to release everything at that moment!

He released all his skills, cultivation, energy, spirit and qi to pursue and seize that opportunity!

He did not disappoint and he succeeded!

In the depths of the sky, tremendous tribulation clouds sprang up, all extremely gorgeous and flawless, unlike anything else in the world.

Lin Xun knew that this was his tribulation coming.

As long as he overcame it, the king stage would be within reach!


The tribulation clouds were resplendent and endless, shaking all worlds in the ten directions and wrapping the entire Burning Immortal World in an oppressive atmosphere.

It was a doomsday-like scene.

Inside and outside the city, all cultivators were gripped by fear, feeling extremely small and helpless and trembling all over.

The faces of Mu Zheng and the other disciples of the Earth Treasury Temple were contorted with shock and anger, and their mental state was shaken. They also felt a deadly threat!

Only Lin Xun was laughing, his voice stirring the nine heavens like the roar of a dragon.

He had been trapped in the Cyclic Derivation Stage for far too long, and he had been waiting for this moment for far too long. All his painstaking and arduous years of training and cultivation were just for today.

One should enjoy life every chance they get. Even if a terrifying tribulation was approaching Lin Xun, that was the happiest moment in his life in the pursuit of the dao!

Once one obtained the meaning of the great dao, one could easily forget oneself!

In other words, one would be so elated to the degree of losing one’s form and bearings.

Looking at the youngster who was leaning back and laughing wildly, seeing his disdainful attitude towards the great heavenly tribulation, everyone was filled with complicated emotions.

A situation of absolute death was reversed in the blink of an eye. His ability was akin to being able to produce clouds and rain with a turn of his hand!

“Demon God Lin is undefeatable!” someone murmured.

As for Mu Zheng and the others, their expressions were particularly bad.

They had regarded Lin Xun as a heretic and did everything they could to have him eradicated, including sacrificing their lives. But now, everything was uncertain. How would their mood not be bad?

“Everyone, why don’t you all take the tribulation with me?” Lin Xun’s eyes shone as bright as lightning as he swept a glance over Mu Zheng and the others with a smile, radiating matchless charm.

Mu Zheng and the others’ hearts sank!

But the situation was no longer under their control. As soon as they finished speaking, Lin Xun rose into the sky like an abyss, facing the tribulation clouds head-on in the sky!


From the depths of the magnificent and blazing tribulation clouds, tribulation lightning shot out like chains of order, each one crystal-clear, dazzling and sacred.

As though aggravated by Lin Xun’s provocative behavior, following an earth-shaking roar, a blinding lightning struck down.

As if to lash the world like a chain of heavenly punishment!


Lin Xun did not try to evade or block it but instead jumped forward to meet it. His grand dao power erupted from him with a rumble, transforming into an abyss and facing the lightning tribulation.


Sparks of lightning splashed out. Lin Xun staggered from the blow. His shoulder had been pierced, and his skin was scorched black.

But as he activated the Immortality Grand Dao, the injury healed right away.

He was bathed in the collapsed tribulation lightning like a demon god fighting against the sky.

Many cultivators’ mouths gaped open, astonished by his mighty and superior stance.

How can he block the supreme lightning tribulation like it was nothing?!


Meanwhile, the eighteen suppressed heavenly tribulations also lashed down.

A savage thunderstorm struck right over the city like a river of heavenly tribulation sweeping downwards.


Even watching from afar was enough to scare many cultivators out of their wits. Many collapsed to the ground with impacted spirits.


“That damn heretic!”

Mu Zheng and the others cursed as they tried to ward off the lightning.

But how could they try to stay out of the lightning tribulations?

This was their tribulation, though set off by Lin Xun!

Eighteen fierce lightning tribulations had gathered in the same area, which meant that the eighteen of them had to bear such a blow together. How would it be easy to defend against?

In their haste to overcome the tribulation, Mu Zheng and the others wailed and screamed one after one and fought with all their might.

Their expressions had turned the worst since they began, and they all felt like breaking down in tears.

They tried to harm someone else, but ended up harming themselves. To Buddhist practitioners, this could be called karma…

In the high altitude, Lin Xun laughed with great satisfaction. Those dignified-looking but hypocritical baldies must have never imagined suffering such a blow, right?

That vented my anger!

Such a good blow!

With a boom, a blinding, crystal-clear lightning tribulation chain lashed down and directly struck Lin Xun who was unguarded, splitting his skin and almost breaking his bones.

I celebrated too soon!

The corners of Lin Xun’s lips twitched and then he snorted coldly. He ignored Mu Zheng and the others and rushed upwards, focussing all his attention on dealing with the lightning tribulation.

Soon, he was submerged by a waterfall of lightning.

How would a heavenly tribulation be ordinary?

Moreover, in addition to the heavenly tribulation that Lin Xun set off himself, there were also the eighteen king tribulations. The combined power of them all was more than abnormal!

Even if Lin Xun had a tremendous foundation, he convulsed from the pain, his skin cracked and became scorched, and his limbs almost ruptured.

From afar, he looked like blackened charcoal.

Mu Zheng and the others, who were desperately fighting against the heavenly tribulation, were overjoyed to see that, hoping to see Lin Xun struck dead and eradicated!

The cultivators in the city inhaled deeply to calm themselves. As expected, the unprecedented tribulation lightning was not easy to deal with. Even a heaven-defying person like Demon God Lin had become surrounded by perils.

But soon, the thunderstorm receded, revealing Lin Xun’s slender figure.

He crunched on a Ten Thousand Tribulations Divine Bamboo and let the Lightning Yuan Aeth Liquid flow down his throat.

Instantly, his charred and badly wounded body was restored to its original condition.

“Come again!”

Without any hesitation, Lin Xun soared into the sky, his aura growing stronger and stronger.

In his hands, in addition to the Ten Thousand Tribulations Divine Bamboo were also the Golden Wind Jade Dew, Spirit Condensation Powder, Star Aperture Great Restoration Pill, Ageless Spring Water, Glistening Chalcedony and other precious treasures.

These were all the elixirs that the mysterious woman had obtained from the six major ancient sects in preparation for Lin Xin to overcome the tribulation.

They finally came in handy, and their effect was obvious.


The extremely destructive and dazzling lightning tribulations only became more and more terrifying. Every time they struck, it seemed as if the world was about to end. Millions of arrows of lightning poured down and drowned everything.

Moreover, the tribulation lightning continuously evolved, turning into blades, spears, swords and halberds, and occasionally into shapes such as ancient cauldrons, furnaces, stamps and bottles.

Later, they even turned into lightning palaces, mountains, valleys and cities!

The cultivators in the city were all stupefied by the sight.

The unparalleled lightning tribulation was far more unbelievable and terrifying than anything they knew.

It was hard to believe that such a tribulation would happen in the world!

In the process, Lin Xun was struck again and again and sustained serious injuries. His body cracked, and blood dripped from him like a stream.

In severe cases, he almost exploded to death.

Everyone’s hearts jumped to their throats, and they were so nervous that they almost forgot to breathe.

Lin Xun had been consuming his precious elixirs at an alarming rate to treat his injuries.

This was not because he wasn’t strong enough, but instead this was an abnormal tribulation that combined eighteen king tribulations and his own supreme king tribulation.

Other supreme figures would have long been killed!


Mu Zheng and the others were originally full of excitement, hoping to see Lin Xun killed, but every time, Lin Xun managed to avert disaster and recover to his original state like he was invincible.

They almost went crazy from watching him survive again and again.

But soon, they no longer cared.

The tribulation belonging to Lin Xun began to spread toward them!


A crystal-like lightning shaped like a halberd shot towards them. Mu Jing’s expression dramatically changed. Already dealing with his own heavenly tribulation, he was unable to dodge and could only fight back.

Then, a scene that horrified everyone happened.

Despite the fact that Mu Jing fought with all his strength, he still exploded into smithereens like paper!


Mu Zheng and the others’ eyes were about to burst with anger, blood trickling down from the corners.

Although they had long planned to sacrifice their lives to take down Lin Xun, when death actually came, they still struggled to accept it.

The cultivators in the city finally realized how abnormally strong Lin Xun was. Mu Jing was crushed like paper, but Lin Xun was still withstanding and conquering the lightning tribulation. Is this not abnormal?


With an ear-piercing shriek, another monk in black lost his life, both his body and spirit destroyed into smithereens!

It was not that they were not strong enough, but instead that the lightning tribulation was the same for them and Lin Xun. It was an integration of the eighteenth lightning tribulations and the supreme king tribulation!

How could they survive?

It was a situation of absolute death. They could not escape and could only fight for their lives!

Even though Mu Zheng and the others were unafraid of death, their hearts were still filled with gloom, feeling endless despair and regret.

If they had known this would happen, then they would never have chosen to do this!

Unfortunately, any regret was useless now.

They had reaped what they sowed. This perfectly described their situation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Next, Earth Treasury Temple disciples were killed one after another, their spirits destroyed and scattered, and they lost even their chance to become half-step kings!

Everyone in the city couldn’t help but sigh. They brought it upon themselves!