Chapter 1178 Step into the King Stage


A glittering, crystal-clear cauldron formed from the tribulation lightning descended, emitting a destructive aura.

“No—!” Mu Heng roared and spun around to flee.

However, under the heavenly tribulation, only by facing the difficulties and not shrinking back would one have the chance to overcome it. Running away would only lead to a more tragic death.


Mu Heng exploded into ashes and vanished from the world.

In ordinary times, given the foundation, talent and strength of the eighteen disciples of the Earth Treasury Temple, even the great king stage tribulation posed no problem to them.

Unfortunately, today’s situation was special.

Eighteen king tribulations and a supreme king tribulation had fallen upon the same area. Let alone them, any other supreme genius in the world would struggle to survive!

Mu Zheng was already filled with grief and fury. He threw his head back and roared skywards. All sorts of emotions, regret, anger, bitterness and resentment pounded his heart.

“Is this retribution?” His voice echoed like the roar of a beast on the brink of ruin.

All the cultivators in the city felt a little unsettled, thinking that it never ended well for anyone who went against Demon God Lin!

For example, the Golden Crow Clan, Mysterious Metropolis Sect, Sea Soul Clan and Thousand Beast Spirit Mountain.

Now, it was also over for the eighteen disciples of Earth Treasury Temple!

On the other hand, Lin Xun was still fighting fiercely like a demon god, exuding an air of superiority as though proclaiming only he in the world could go against the will of heaven.

His power chilled many people to the heart. How could the spectators not sigh emotionally when comparing the two sides?

Very quickly, seventeen of the eighteen Earth Treasury Temple disciples had been killed, leaving only Mu Zheng!

But he was already on his last breath.

He had given up resisting and lay limp like a twitching corpse. As he raised his eyes to look at Lin Xun at the high altitude, a sentence surfaced in his mind.

“As long as I, Lin Xun, live, one day there will be no Earth Treasury Temple in the world!”


At the same time, a thunderbolt crashed in his heart and everything went dark as he lost consciousness.

Before he died, he had only one thought in his heart: As long as that kid lives, Earth Treasury Temple will no longer be able to enjoy peace…

All eighteen disciples of Earth Treasury Temple had been wiped out by the great tribulation, their bodies and spirits all destroyed and dissipated!

This was distressing for anyone, especially the descendants of the major forces, who were all chilled to the bone.

Under such a deathtrap, not only did Lin Xun survive but he also buried the eighteen disciples of Earth Treasury Temple. How would that not strike everyone with terror?

What would the Earth Treasury Temple think if they knew that all eighteen disciples had died at the same time?


In the sky, lightning tribulations continue to erupt, dazzling and beautiful.

Vaguely, Lin Xun could be seen flickering back and forth between the lightning like an invincible god of war.

Following the death of the eighteen disciples, the eighteen lightning tribulations did not disappear with them but seemed to change their target to Lin Xun.

This was the consequence of being contaminated with their tribulations.

Previously, the reason that Lin Xun chose not to break out of the encirclement or even approach the eighteen disciples was precisely for fear of being contaminated by their tribulations.

But now, he had nowhere to run.

Win and he would become king!

Lose and he would die!

There were no other options.


Lin Xun was struck once again. A jet of black smoke burst from his scorched and battered body.

But his eyes became much brighter. He could feel his foundation, energy, spirit and qi undergoing astonishing transformations after every strike.

He consumed another elixir and looked up to see the tribulation clouds scud frantically across the sky, much more oppressive than those before.

The real danger was coming!

Lin Xun inhaled deeply. He sensed the aura within the tribulation clouds changing.


Suddenly, a thousand arrows of blinding tribulation lightning erupted and lashed down from the sky and transformed into thousands of creatures.

Celestial birds danced wildly in the lightning and ferocious beasts as huge as hills wielded bolts of lightning. They roared down like an army, crowding the entire sky.


Inside and outside the city, everyone’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Is there even a chance to survive that?


Without thinking too much, Lin Xun let out a long roar and charged forward to meet them, unreservedly unleashing all his powers like never before.

His dao path was unlike anyone else in the world, unique through all ages, which meant that the great tribulation he was about to face would also be completely different.

Even if Lin Xun had exhausted his strength, he soon found his body cracked, skin peeling off, and hair burnt.

Eventually, his muscles ruptured, bones were broken and his internal organs were badly damaged. He was faced with a huge crisis.

His supreme king tribulation was unprecedented!

Too terrifying!

But at the same time, he also sensed that the tribulation lightning contained incomparably rich great dao essence. If he was able to overcome the tribulation, he would fully absorb that essence.


He had no choice but to desperately fight at the risk of his life.

Ever since he embarked on the cultivation path, he had encountered countless near-death experiences and disasters, but he managed to rise again and again. All this was because of himself.

The heavenly tribulation might be unprecedented and terrifying, but he was unafraid.

His injuries grew increasingly worse, but his energy, spirit and qi were being condensed at an astonishing rate and his body brewed incredible great dao essence, spewing tremendous lifeforce outwards.

He resembled a furnace melting iron and removing the impurities to forge the sharpest and most powerful sword in the world.

This was a test of life and death!

He was fighting a crucial battle, and only by transcending the barrier of life and death would he ascend to the king stage!

His spirit in his mind-sea suddenly shone as bright as a lantern, seeming to light the path through the fog ahead.


In the end, Lin Xun withstood the lightning tribulation.

His flesh shriveled, his blood dried up, and his skin was charred and peeling. He was horribly wounded and on his dying breath.

But as he absorbed the rain of defeated tribulation lightning, his entire body underwent unbelievable changes. His flesh and skin healed, and his muscles and bones regenerated.

Incredible great dao essence surged throughout him, cleansing his limbs and bones. He was akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes, radiating powerful vitality all over his body.

In the end, he was glowing a magnificent color as sacred light flowed around him, as though he had become immortal!

This was an amazing transformation, a sign that he was entering the realms of kings!

The silence across the world was deafening under the dense, oppressive clouds of tribulation that refused to disperse.

Everyone in the city was dumbfounded. Is it not over yet?

What level of supreme lightning tribulation is this?


Suddenly, a gust of wind came.

As it neared Lin Xun, blinding lighting erupted from it with indestructible killing intent.

The tribulation of wind and lightning was bizarre. In a flash, Lin Xun was swept upwards, coughing up blood and about to tear apart.

Just after he had arduously dispelled the tribulation lightning, waves of flames poured down like a sea. They were also transformed by the lightning tribulation and had the power to incinerate everything.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Xun was submerged in the sea of flames, but strangely, he was uninjured, though his spirit was subjected to unbearable pain like it was being burned.

Lin Xun swiftly activated the Little Divine Meditation Art and mobilized his primordial spirit that had reached the Spirit Flower Convergence level to its full power, hoping that would be enough to withstand the terrifying power.

Every time he countered an attack, his primordial spirit brightened up a notch.

Once all attacks were defeated, the little primordial spirit’s body looked like it was bathed in divine flames, shining as brightly as the blazing sun in his mind-sea and illuminating his body.

The tribulation of flames and lightning was over.

But then, endless currents of ice and snow rushed out...


The supreme king tribulation first formed weapons and ancient treasures and then created visions of mountains, rivers, palaces and cities.

After that, it turned into lifelike ferocious birds and beasts.

Then, it transformed into scenes of natural disasters!

Let alone Lin Xun, even all the cultivators in the city had never seen such a unique and unbelievable spectacle.

Gradually, Lin Xun fell into a disadvantaged position, staggering side to side as he suffered unimaginable mighty blows.

So tragic!

Many cultivators couldn’t bear to watch.

This was the great terror of life and death. The slightest carelessness could lead to his spirit being destroyed and dissipated!


Lin Xun roared in fury as he desperately did everything he could to maintain consciousness, even unleashing all his cultivation.

His resolute attitude moved many people.

What was a true heaven pride?

He was!

He was unyielding, determined, and never admitted defeat!

In the battle, Lin Xun was pushed to the brink of despair, teetering between life and death, and faced unprecedented hardships and dangers.

But every time he destroyed a tribulation lightning, he gained vitality, raised his strength, and underwent transformations both inside and outside of his body.

A lease of life existed among crises, and new life emerged from destruction!


No matter what happened, Lin Xun’s eyes were still bright and his fighting spirit was unabated, and he never once thought to give up.

There was frozen silence both inside and outside of the city. Faintly, shock and awe filled the eyes of everyone as they stared dazedly at the lone figure still maintaining a fighting stance in the sky.


Everyone had lost count of the number of times he had fought, but all the tribulation lightning had crumbled into a shower of light in the sky.

Lin Xun had almost depleted his life force. He survived the arduous ordeal of the battle after fighting with everything he had, fighting until he forgot everything!

He was mangled, blackened and withered; not an inch of his body was unscathed.

But he was still standing tall and straight like a mountain that would never bow!

“Did I succeed?”

He forced his head up with much difficulty to see the clouds receding in the sky. He was taken aback at first, but then he gradually woke up from the numb, trance-like state.

Everything in the world was quiet and still.

He was the only one standing proudly under the sky.

I succeeded!

A rush of indescribable emotions poured out from his heart, and then he suddenly threw his head back and roared to the sky.

The heavens, earth, mountains and rivers all resonated with the roar as though a new king was announcing his arrival.

Inside and outside of the city, countless cultivators were in stunned silence, their hearts uncontrollably filled with awe and astonishment.


A giant abyss took shape beside Lin Xun, as though to engulf everything in the universe. Countless sparks of defeated tribulation lightning were swept inside before being instilled into Lin Xun's mangled and blackened body.

Then, his aura drastically changed!

His injuries miraculously healed, his blood and qi surged like the sea, and his muscles and bones became as spotless as jade. Bright dao light flowed through his internal organs, producing powerful vitality...

His spirit illuminated his body like a lantern that burned day and night for eternity.

And inside him, the Derivation Wheel had been replaced by a Dao Seed emitting bright, beautiful light!