Koohng! Koo-goo-goohng!

The earthquake once again shook the central region of the Divine world. The civil servants within the Primordial temple reacted in fright as they looked toward Olympus’s territory.

“Olympus has been crushed…!”

“The snake god seems to be responsible…”

Every one of them let out a cold sweat.

The Divine World was a collection of dimensions that had been colonized, and those with money ruled them.

As civil servants directly under the Divine world, these officials claimed neutrality when it came to problems of the residents of the Divine world. However, this situation was different. As if to make matters worse, a monarch had invaded the Divine world!

“Will we be able to restore it?”

“I’m not sure. The snake god called in one of the Cluders, so I’m not sure it is possible.”

“Approaching that place is impossible right now.”

Those words made the high-ranking civil servants groan.

“Shit! That means that the law of cause and effect will have a problem…!”

“In fact, the equilibrium within the Divine world is faltering.”

“It’s to be expected since one of the eight great forces is facing this difficulty…”

“What should we do about the refugees from Olympus? There are tens of millions of them. The other territories will have a hard time taking them in…”

“Should we register their pillar gods as refugees too?”

“Moreover, it was said that the power of Cycle was used. This is a weighty problem for the Divine world…!”

The civil servants sighed as reports came in from various sources.

One of the high-ranking civil servants, who had been listening to a report, groaned when he saw a man double over in front of him.

“You’re laughing too much.”

“Ke ke ke…!!”

“You’re the commander of Eden. You should keep your dignity…”

“Ah ha ha ha! But this is hilarious! Pillar gods are refugees!” A being laughed as he clutched at his stomach.

The civil servants glared at him as if they found him detestable.

“This is a serious matter, leader of the Heavenly army, Michael. The power that was observed in Olympus is surely…”

The red eyes of the angel who had been flippantly laughing flashed. His mirth was nowhere to be seen as his eyes twinkled. “The power of Cycle is unexpected. I can see why Olympus fell.”

“Yes. It’s the worst power that Olympus can face.”

Various abilities existed in the Divine world, but most of them had general characteristics in common.

Most of the gods from Olympus possessed emission-type power, and they pushed their powers out externally.

Moreover, Olympus’s Great Spirit, the Lord of Heaven, had the ability to extract the maximum power of his Constructs, called “Limitless.”

The upside was that he could continuously attack since his power was like an endless spring. The problem arose because he was facing off against the power of Cycle.

“Cycle uses external energy as its power source. It circulates the existing power. That’s why the Great Spirit’s power becomes the power of Cycle.”

That was why the Great Spirit of Olympus was purposefully refraining from using his abilities. If he used his power, Lee Gun would tap into a limitless power source.

The angel unexpectedly smirked. “Is it really the highest-ranked Divine status Cycle?”

“It’s probably an imitation. We’ve had a god that reached that territory before.”

“Ah! You’re saying the forces of Olympus lost to an imitation?”

“That is…”

The civil servant didn’t have an answer. Instead, he gulped. “Still, it can’t be the highest-ranked Divine status, which went extinct in the past.”

“Really? Pillar gods turned into humans because of a fake power? They all went broke?”

The civil servant was at a loss for words. “Ughh… Anyway, they are the gods of one of the eight great forces. I doubt they’ll be all destroyed.”

“That’s not a certainty. The other gods heard that the snake god turned Olympus’s gods into humans. They are going there to PK them.”

“What?! PK?”

“Yes. If one kills a god that was able to enter one of the eight great forces, they’ll be able to record Achievements. They all went there with that purpose.“

The gods of Olympus had lost their homes, wealth, and Divine statuses. As if their humiliation wasn’t enough, they were in danger of being murdered by the other gods.

‘A ball of chaos came in.’

When the civil servant groaned, the angel snorted as he lay down on the sofa. “They deserve what they get. Zeus is being punished since he stole the seat of the Great Spirit.”


“I heard some of the gods went to the earth. I bet they’re regretting being unable to see this funny development.”

“Well, the earth did turn into a dimension safe from the monarchs. We think they’ll make a great colony.”

“Did the snake god really kill those monarchs? I heard he killed Time.”

The civil servant blanched as he looked at Michael. “There is no way. Even the Great Spirits have trouble facing the monarchs. Monarchs are troublesome foes that did great damage to the Divine world.”

“However, Abyss said it. The snake god killed Time.”

“Maybe. We’ll have to investigate… For now, we believe that the monarch killed himself.”

The angel snorted as if that made sense. “Anyway, it’s too bad Hades and Hermes died. Those two were trying to find the survivor of the Creator tribe. I wanted to exchange some information with them.”

The look in the civil servant’s eyes changed when he heard that. “Are you interested in the god of blessing?”

“Of course. Creators are the strongest slaves that possessed the best affluent abilities. It was why those two were hellbent on finding the survivor.”

“However, Hades and Hermes had been a bit shady in their dealings.”


“Yes. Those two tried to use the soul of Pushover.”

“I was wondering what you were referring to. It’s understandable since Pushover was able to instantly refill 150% of the snake god’s Divine power. There is no way they’d have let a high-speed charger of Divine power get away.”

It took months to years for gods to fill 1% of their Divine power. The fact that 150% of it could be filled in an instant was ridiculous.

“That’s why everyone coveted him…”

“No. It wasn’t for that reason. They showed interest in Pushover’s Achievements.”

The angel was surprised. “Achievements? Was it from his previous life?”

A serious expression appeared on the civil servant’s face, and he quietly nodded. It was a very important topic. “From what we’ve gathered, Pushover has a serious number of Achievements. Moreover, these are SSS-rank Achievements.”


“Of course, a protection exists over his soul, so we couldn’t look into his previous life. Anyway, why did Hermes and Hades try to work with that vicious criminal? He’s a criminal that gods shouldn’t approach.”

Olympus had already been trying all kinds of methods to become the strongest force out there. Their actions had been usual.

On the other hand, the angel smirked.

“SSS-rank Achievements…” He seemed to have a hunch. “Pushover might be useful as a charger, but he’ll definitely be useful in awakening our god. Where is he right now?”

Realizing what those words meant, the civil servant started to sweat. “Stealing him away won’t be easy.”

“It’s fine. Eden has a cheat key when it comes to humans.” The angel let out a sharp laugh as he looked at the civil servant. “What happened to Abyss, whom the snake god called in? Did it leave Olympus? If it’s still there, I won’t be able to move around freely. This is my chance to hunt down those bastards of Olympus, since they are humans now.”

For some reason, the civil servant flinched. “That is… You should refrain from going out for the near future…”

“What? Why?”

Conscious of the angel’s harsh glare, the civil servant answered, “We think Abyss disguised itself as a god and is hiding within the Divine world…”

What the hell did he just say?!

* * *

Around that time…

“Why are you guys still here?”

On the eighteenth floor of Olympus’s territory, Lee Gun furrowed his brows as he looked at Hugo. “I sent you to a close friend so that you guys could sneak out of here.”

Pan, who had been with Hugo, looked shocked when he heard Lee Gun’s words. His mouth fell open. “You’re their master?!”

Pan looked on in shock as he saw both Meeny and Miny take a knee in front of Lee Gun. “I never expected you to be someone with such exalted beings under you…!”

Dumbfounded at those words, Lee Gun looked at Meeny and Miny. “What the hell? You guys are considered amazing here?”

“We are!!”

Well, it didn’t matter.

“Anyway, the low-rank gods no longer have to pay taxes to the higher-ups. I did something good.”

“That’s not the problem!! You destroyed Olympus!! You did something an evil god would do!” Pan was speechless when he learned what had happened on the upper floor.

The seventeenth floor and the ones below it were considered the lowest floors. This was why the aftershock here hadn’t been severe, but all the gods under Olympus had basically become refugees.

This was especially true of the pillar gods, who had lost all their wealth. Even the war between different factions didn’t devolve this far.

Hugo looked at Lee Gun with worry. “Aren’t Sagittarius and Virgo affiliated with them? Are they ok?”

Weren’t they comrades of his as the twelve Zodiacs?

Lee Gun picked at his ear. “I don’t know what happened to Sagittarius. Virgo was fine with it. She said to destroy it.”


Virgo lived in a different place, so she wasn’t present in Olympus. This was why Lee Gun had not been worried about her. He used a copious amount of his power.

Moreover, these gods had lived a good life by exploiting the resources of their colonies.

“Who cares if they become refugees? That’s what they get for messing with you.”

Since it was his first time seeing them, Lee Gun had gone easy on them as a common courtesy.

He snorted. “I got rid of the main culprits. I don’t care about the rest. They have nothing to do with me. They are humans now. I’m sure they’ll find a way to have a good life.”

At that moment…

“It does have everything to do with you, you bastard!”


Hugo’s and Lee Gun’s eyes turned round when they heard the familiar voice.


Covered in dust, Sagittarius coughed as if he were hacking up a lung. Thankfully, he wasn’t eaten by Abyss. “Why the hell did you make me human too?” He had also been swept up in the power of Cycle.

Lee Gun snorted when he saw Sagittarius’s Divine status having been reverted. “What? You couldn’t dodge it? I even revealed my identity so that you could run away.”

“There is no way you did that to help me!!”

“I did. I didn’t want you to struggle, trying to choose between me or them. I cut them off so that you could join our side.”

Bastard! Sagittarius was at a loss for words as he pounded his chest. Of course, he had tried to run away when the power of Cycle was activated, but he had been a little late. “Do you know this? The prisoners that you released are looking for the pillar gods of Olympus!”

“Pillar gods? Who cares? They are humans now.”

“Damn it!” Sagittarius became desperate. “You might not know this, but they aren’t normal humans! They’ll all be slaughtered by those wanting Achievements! At this rate, I’ll be hunted down too!”

“Oh wow! You guys must have done a lot of bad things.”

“#$*&$*!” Sagittarius was about to lose his mind. “Please use Cycle once more for me, Nephew! Return my Divine status!”

Lee Gun laughed at those words. “I’m sorry! I can’t.”

“What?!” Sagittarius grabbed Lee Gun as if to ask for mercy.

Lee Gun clicked his tongue. This was why he had tried to give Sagittarius the opportunity to run away. “If I want to use Cycle, I have to regain EXP for both Life and Death. Each of them has to reach 100% if I want to release the power of Cycle.”

Sagittarius looked at Lee Gun in shock. “Wait a moment! What do I do during that time?”

“Or you can let me hit you so that I can gain EXP.”

“What?!” Sagittarius shook.

Because of the power of Cycle, his body was human now. He still possessed his Divine status, but it was effectively sealed. So this meant…!

‘I’ll get murdered.’

Olympus’s pillar gods were worth that much.

Lee Gun merely laughed. “Don’t worry! I know a method through which you’ll be able to use your power. It’ll be enough to protect yourself.”

“What? What is it?”

“It’s a method that you’re already familiar with.”


When Sagittarius looked at him with a questioning look in his eyes, Lee Gun smirked like a fox. “Taeksoo recovered his Divine status.”


“You can work under Taeksoo for now. You can become his Zodiac Saint.”

What the hell did he just say?!

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