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LUO REN frowned when he read the message sent to him by Luo Jin.

[Brother, Shen Ji Yun is here. So, don't get too surprised if you saw him.]

[What's he doing there?] – Luo Ren sent.

[Dunno. Yan said that it's because Shen Ji Yun wanted to celebrate his birthday. But I guess that guy would give a different reason if you and Dad asked him. No, maybe Yan would even be the one to give excuse for him. Knowing Dad, he would definitely eat that up and won't even be suspicious.]

Luo Ren read this message and he could feel Luo Jin's irritation across the screen. After that promise they made with Luo Yan, their younger brother was no longer that vocal when it came to his dislike of Shen Ji Yun. So, why was Luo Jin suddenly being so antagonistic? What happened exactly?

He was about to reply back and ask when he heard his father said;

"Stop playing with your phone. We're here."

Luo Ren glanced out of the car window and saw that they had already parked in front of the restaurant. He put his phone in his suit jacket and followed his father out of the car.

"Have you messaged your brothers? Are they already there?" Luo Wei Tian asked as they walked towards the restaurant. Seeing as how Luo Ren was busy with his phone earlier, he assumed that the other was probably exchanging messages with his brothers.

"Yes, Dad. They're already there," Luo Ren responded.

He wondered if he should tell his father about Shen Ji Yun being there as well. But at the end, he decided not to mention it. If he told his father about it, the other would definitely ask him more question as to why Shen Ji Yun was here.

He wasn't confident enough that he could stop himself from saying some things that he shouldn't. Maybe he might even be tempted to tell his father about Shen Ji Yun's not so pure thoughts about Luo Yan.

Entering the restaurant and telling the receptionist about their reservation, the manager of the restaurant appeared and led them to the private room himself.

"President Luo, we're very honored that you chose our restaurant to have dinner today," the manager said with a flattering smile.

Luo Wei Tian nodded coldly and simply told the other to lead them to the private room. The manager was not a man who didn't know how to read a room. Seeing as how the other simply wanted to get to private room, he honestly led the two there.

Arriving in front of the private room, the manager opened the door for them and said, "Your dishes will arrive soon. Please, enjoy your dinner."

Luo Ren was not too surprised that their dishes would arrive quickly without them ordering. His father probably already arranged that beforehand. The other walked inside the private room first and he followed.

Since he already knew that Shen Ji Yun would be here, a cold expression appeared on his face. But the moment he stepped into the room, it was not Shen Ji Yun he first saw, not even his brothers, but the only girl inside.

Yu Jiao.

The coldness on his face immediately melted like snow under the sun. It slowly brightened until a smile appeared on his face. Yu Jiao also looked at his direction and a shy smile crossed her lips.

Luo Ren couldn't wait to sit beside the other. But he stopped himself. He shouldn't appear too enthusiastic. In the first place, why didn't Luo Jin tell him that Yu Jiao was also here? He should have told him that before telling him about Shen Ji Yun. Then, he would have prepared his heart before coming here.

If not for his great self-control, he might have already run forward and sat beside Yu Jiao. The other then might get suspicious because of his overly enthusiastic response after seeing her. He didn't want to be thought of as a weird older brother by Yu Jiao. More than that, he didn't want for the other to have clues about his feelings for her.

Because it's not yet time.

"Oh, Jiao Jiao and Xiao Yun are both here," Luo Wei Tian said, pleasantly surprised.

Hearing what his father said, Luo Ren finally turned to look at their other 'guest'. He was then surprised to see that Shen Ji Yun was actually not sitting beside Luo Yan. He thought that the other would have already hogged at least one of the two seats on both sides of his brother. It shouldn't be because he learned how to be shy, right?

Both Shen Ji Yun and Yu Jiao stood up and greeted Luo Wei Tian.

"Don't be so formal. Sit down, sit down," Luo Wei Tian said.

He walked towards the table and was planning to sit on the chair between Luo Yan and Yu Jiao when he noticed that Luo Ren had already sat there. He felt the corner of his lips twitching at the sight. He didn't even notice when his eldest passed by him and sat there. He almost wondered if the other teleported there.

Was this kid actually making sure that he wouldn't 'steal' his seat like he did last time they watched that tournament? He remembered that he sat down beside Yu Jiao just so he could tease Luo Ren. He almost couldn't stop himself from chuckling because of that possibility.

Really, who would have thought that his mature eldest would actually act like a child someday because of the girl he liked? He just shook his head and sat down on the other free seat beside Luo Yan.

"By the way, what are you doing here at S City, Xiao Yun?" he asked the young man sitting at the opposite. "Is your uncle also with you?"

"No, Uncle Tian, I came alone. I was in the area for a research project and remembered that it's Yan Yan's birthday. So, I thought of dropping by and personally greet him. I didn't expect that I will intrude in your family dinner."

Luo Yan raised an eyebrow hearing such a perfect response. Especially coming from Shen Ji Yun.