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WHEN Yang Lanfen said that she was going to bake some snacks for the kids and the guests as well. The young man, Shen Ji Yun, volunteered to do it himself. And President Luo, seemingly interested, said that he would also be helping.

She was a bit skeptical at first. After all, it's not everyday one could see a young master baking. But when she saw how expertly Shen Ji Yun handled all the baking tools, she no longer worried. So, she left the two here on their own devices and just watched over the three brothers while they were playing with the kids.

Looking at this, aside from the scattered flour on President Luo's face and apron, the delicious smell wafting in the air proved that the snacks they baked were good.

As further proof, the young man was attaching two sides of a macaron together after expertly piping the cream at the middle. Even from where she was standing, she could see how perfect those macarons looked. Just by the smell, Yang Lanfen knew that it would be as good as its appearance.

"Do you need help?" she asked walking towards the two.

"Ahm, if the director could get me some plates, please," the young man said.

Yang Lanfen took out colorful plates from the cupboard and placed it on the table. "You seem like an expert in this," she said as she watched the other worked.

"No, it's just a hobby."

"No need to be humble, Xiao Yun," Luo Wei Tian said. He turned to Yang Lanfen. "Although I said that I would help him, frankly speaking, I really didn't do much. It even felt like I only got in his way."

Which was the truth. He only helped in measuring the ingredients. Even then, he almost messed up. Watching the process of him baking was pretty amazing. It's almost like watching a scientist doing an experiment. His impression of the other became even better because of this little activity.

"No, Uncle, you were a great help," Shen Ji Yun quickly said. "We managed to bake these macarons this quickly because of you."

Luo Wei Tian chuckled. "Then, I'm glad."

As Shen Ji Yun was plating the macarons, Yang Lanfen started cleaning up. Luo Wei Tian helped her. The clean up became faster because of that. Yang Lanfen had extra time to brew tea.

Once they're done, they took out the plates of macarons, as well as the tea set, to the break room.

"I will call the kids and the young masters," Yang Lanfen said.

She walked out of the break room, leaving the two inside. It didn't take long for them to hear the laughter and giggles from outside. And soon, the door opened and kids of all ages flocked inside.

"It smells so good!" one of the kids exclaimed. Then she saw the macarons on the table. "Are those macarons?" She ran towards the table, picked one, and ate it. Her eyes went wide the moment she did. "This is shooo good!" she said with her mouth full of the macaron she just ate.

That seemed to be the trigger. Almost all the younger kids ran towards the table and ate a macaron. And all of them had the same exact reaction.

"Okay, kids, there's plenty more for everyone. There's no need to crowd around," the director said. "And you have to thank this big brother first because he made all those for you," she added gesturing towards Shen Ji Yun.

All the kids turned to the blue-eyed big brother. The younger kids appeared to be confused. Probably because they didn't think that the scary-looking big brother would actually bake them delicious macarons. But the bigger kids quickly said their thanks.

Luo Yan took one macaron and ate it. Then he turned to Shen Ji Yun. "This is delicious, Brother Ji Yun!"

Seeing as how the pretty big brother spoke to the scary big brother with ease, the latter seemed to not be so scary anymore. They all looked at Shen Ji Yun and said, "Thank you, Big Brother!"

The tips of Shen Ji Yun's ears turned red because of the kids' attention. He coughed to hide his shyness. "Uhm."

Luo Jin picked one macaron and ate it. His eyes widened. He tsked after eating it. How could this guy bake something this delicious?

Luo Ren was also quite surprised. He heard this morning that the other knew how to cook. He didn't expect that it would be at this level. Well, at least now there's a guarantee that Luo Yan would be fed good food if there ever came a time when they had to love together.

While everyone was eating snacks, Yang Lanfen sat down beside Luo Yan. Unbeknownst to her, the moment she did, Luo Yan felt nervous.

Although he had been acting normal since they arrived here, there's still a part of him that felt jumpy around her. Of course, not because he's worried that she might suspect that he was that 'Luo Yan'. The director was not superstitious. She's more of a science-person more than anything. There's no way that her thoughts would ever go in that direction.

He simply… didn't know how to act around her. At least not in a way that wouldn't make him look weird. Because every time she's near, he had this urge to admit who he was.

"Thank you, young master, for choosing to sponsor our orphanage," the director started.

"It's nothing. I did my research, you see. And a lot of people said that this is a good place. Spending the afternoon here, I completely agree with them," Luo Yan said as natural as possible. "And please, just call me 'Xiao Yan'."

Yang Lanfen was surprised hearing that. Then, she smiled. "I didn't know we're on the Internet."

"Oh, everything is in the Internet nowadays," Luo Yan said with a smile.

"Still, thank you, Xiao Yan."

Luo Yan felt like he was hit by that 'Xiao Yan'. It's like he was back to his childhood again.

At that moment, he truly wanted to tell the other that he was that 'Xiao Yan'.