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"BROTHER Yan Yan, are you really leaving? Can't you just stay?" one of the kids said while hugging Luo Yan's arm.

"Yes, just spend the night here! We have lots of rooms!" another kid added.

"Yes, stay," said by the other kids surrounding Luo Yan.

He chuckled at the cute reaction of the kids. They were currently in front of the farmhouse and was ready to return to the hotel.

They just finished a sumptuous dinner, dishes that were mostly made of the vegetables grown here in the farm, as well as local produced. Most of the dishes were cooked by Shen Ji Yun.

The other almost seemed like he was on steroids while he was doing all that cooking. It's like his energy was endless. In fact, Luo Yan had a feeling that if there were more ingredients in the pantry, the other would probably cook a hundred dishes.

Luo Yan felt that the reason for that was because Shen Ji Yun finally had the chance to show-off his cooking skills to him. That's definitely a bit self-centered to admit, but knowing Shen Ji Yun, it's certainly not improbable.

But showed-off he did.

All the dishes were over the top delicious. If Luo Yan didn't see Shen Ji Yun cooking it himself, he might think that the dishes were made by a professional chef. He had long known that the other knew how to cook. He just didn't expect that it would be that good.

Luo Yan could already imagine how heavenly his future life would be once they decided to live together. Eating Shen Ji Yun's cooked food, he might end up like a cute pig.

"Okay, okay, don't hound your Brother Yan," the director said.

But it's not only Luo Yan being surrounded by the kids, the rest – Luo Ren, Luo Jin, and Shen Ji Yun were also quite popular with the kids. Especially Shen Ji Yun. At the beginning, the younger kids were afraid of him because of his expressionless face. But after eating his food, he became a favorite.

It seemed that food was not only the way to a man's stomach but to a child as well.

"But director, can't they stay for a night?" one kid said. "Please? Please? Please?"

Even the older kids asked the same.

"Don't worry, we'll come back again tomorrow," Luo Yan said, appeasing them. "We'll bring breakfast."

"Will brother ice prince make it?" asked one of the kids.

Shen Ji Yun felt his cheeks heating up. He didn't expect that he would suddenly be given a moniker.

Luo Jin, on the other hand, enjoyed seeing the discomfort on Shen Ji Yun's face. At least he's called 'Brother Jin'. That's infinitely better than being called an 'ice prince'.

Luo Yan pinched the cheek of the child who asked that question. "No, brother ice prince needs to rest too."

After they appeased the kids, Luo Yan turned to the director. "Thank you for today, director. I really had fun."

"Yes, all the kids are great," Luo Wei Tian added. "You did a good job raising them."

Especially since the other was the only one solely taking care of the children here. Although, according to her, part-time helpers came during the weekdays, that's still a lot of work for one person. It just showed how much she cared for these kids. And the kids' good personality was also a proof of that. After all, it's evidence of how much she cared and loved them.

That's truly admirable in his opinion.

"No, I hardly did anything," Yang Lanfen said. Then, she looked at the kids, her gaze infinitely gentle. "It's all of them."

After a couple of thank yous, they said their goodbyes one last time. Halfway to the van, Luo Yan turned around and ran back to the director who was still there waiting for them to leave.

"Can I give you a hug?" he asked.

Yang Lanfen was startled by the sudden request. But she smiled at the end and hugged the other instead. "You're a good kid, Xiao Yan."

Luo Yan was surprised at first, then he didn't hesitate to hug the other back. She was much thinner compared to what he remembered. But still as warm as ever. After a few seconds, he let go of her, a huge smile hanging on his face.

"This day made me really happy," he said honestly.

After one last goodbye, he turned around and ran to the van. He went inside and sat down. His older brother then started the van.

"Xiao Yan seems to really like the director," Luo Wei Tian said.

Luo Yan smiled. "Yes. I think she's amazing."

"I think so too," Luo Wei Tian agreed.

Luo Yan glanced outside the window. Happiness was bubbling inside him. To the point that he almost wanted to confess to the other that he was 'Luo Yan'. But he held himself back. Because he didn't want to open the wound that his death might have caused her.

It had been more than seven years since then. She had clearly moved on and closed that chapter. Reopening it again obviously wouldn't do the both of them good. There would only be confusion and hundreds of questions.

One of the reasons he chose to come here was because he wanted to put his last life at rest. It's kind of a weird notion, saying goodbye to his last life. But it felt like if he didn't, he would remain standing at the crossroad between the past and the present. For his future, that couldn't continue.

He needed this closure.

That's why he's planning to visit the cemetery where his last life's body was buried. To say his final goodbye.

Arriving at the hotel, they directly went to their suites. It had been a long day and all of them frankly needed the rest.

"I'll go ahead and sleep," Luo Wei Tian said. "Good night, kids."

"Good night, Dad."

"Good night, Uncle."

Luo Yan and Shen Ji Yun said almost at the same time.

Seeing his father enter his room, Luo Yan was about to do the same but Shen Ji Yun stopped him.